Monday, November 29, 2010

I have been thinking... (haaa!)

I have been thinking on all the work happening in my house...
And I guess I know what is going on...
My mom has been watching this tv program every monday...

And I am sure she is afraid of...

Our house looking like this!

Picture # 1

Picture # 2

Picture # 3

Can you see something in common among those 3 pictures?
Almost all the boxes are empty!
She got rid of all the things we did not need

Another proof...

Well... as long as she does not touch my clothes and my toys... I guess I can sleep without worries!

Have a good night

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another cleaning saturday...

Last night... or early this morning my mom was working on the computer until 3AM. Of course we slept until 9AM. We went to my grandparents house, I had my breakfast and then my mom said she was going to our house to clean it. She thought I was going to stay with my grandparents while she was working but I wanted to go back hom with her. Big mistake!

As soon as we came, she took out of the closet the orange vaccum monster which scares me a lot. I don't have many places to hide myself here so, I went where I thought it was safe... but the scary monster found me! Hmmm...

Please mom... take it away...

She said no... and I went to a safe place...

Not so safe place since the monster found me.
I never thought it could come here under the bed!

When I heard my mom placing the monster again into the closet, I came out... and went up to the bed and...

Finally enjoyed a long, nice and relaxing nap!

Have a good night

Thursday, November 25, 2010

My "Adoption" Story...

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8 weeks old... (I came with 2 bows... I got rid of one of them!)

9 weeks old... (I got rid of the other one!)


I did this post one year ago so many of you know my story.
I am re-posting it with one or two additions.

December 23th, 2005 was the day my mom brought me to live with her and my grandparents.
She had been wanting a girl dog for a long time.
She wanted a Jack Russell or a Fox Terrier. She never found one here.
My auntie came from Saltillo to spend Christmas with my mom and my grandparents. They were talking about "that dog". My mom was sad and she said that if she could not find a JR or a FT she would like a Dachshund! And my grandpa told her he had seen an ad in the newspaper offering a Dachshund! She called to that place. They told her I was a girl and there she went with my auntie to see me. As soon as she saw me she fell in love with me!
She paid and we went home. In our way to home, my auntie asked to my mom what was going to be my name. My mom said "Lorenza" and my auntie looked at my mom thinking she was "lorenza".
We came home and one hour later, I started puking and puking. Then liquid poop. My mom was in panic. She call that Vet (the man who had me was a Vet!) and he said it was the change of environment (?) and to give me some time.
My mom could not sleep that night. She bought a doggie bed for me… but since the first day, I decided that my bed was going to be her bed and as I was so sick she let me sleep there… (and I have slept there all these years).
Ok. More puking more pooping. Next day she took me to the Vet and I got an injection. And then another one. No changes.
Next day, Christmas day, I was there at the Vet again. My mom cried and cried a lot. She knew I was very sick. She thought I was going to die because I did not want to eat or drink water and I was very weak. My auntie asked to that Vet if I had Parvo.
He said NO.
More shots.
To make it short... I was full of worms and he did not know!!! Can you believe that? A Vet who does not know you have worms that are making you very sick??

My mom is very stubborn and thanks to that I am alive now!
I had another health episodes treated by that Vet until my mom got tired of him.

Thankfully my mom found a wonderful Vet who has been taking very good care of me!
At 9 months old I was spayed and one month later I had another surgery because I had a mammary tumor.
Our bedroom is on a second level and our stair is little and scary.
My mom has to carry me on her arms to go up there.
She was afraid to hurt me doing that soooo, she slept on the floor with me for almost 2 months.

There is another story about my mom. And we won a pawesome present due to it. You can read it here.

Some time later I was gaining weight. Several tests and my Vet found I had a bad thyroid. Since then I take a pill everyday and I am doing very well.

I have to say I came here to change my mom's life. She used to be very lonely. She spent all her free time at home in her bedroom watching tv. But... here comes Lorenza who loves to be with her grandparents and with her mom at the same time!
Sooo... when my mom needs to do something at our home, she takes me with her and a few minutes later I want to go with my grandparents soooo she takes me back with them, then I want to go back with her… and that goes again and again.

I almost never be alone at home. They take turns to go out so there is always someone with me.

Forget about them.
Pets are not allowed at any place here so it is better to stay at home all together.
People who know my family think they are crazy because they put me always first.
My mom says "Yes, we are happily crazy.... and we don't care about your opinion"
Soooo, I was my mom's own Christmas present and she says I am the best gift she has ever had!

Thanks for reading my story!

The bed I never used to sleep on… it was more like a box toy. And those were my toys. Plastic bottles and my mom’s slippers!

Here you can see I have always been very helpful!

As you know, here in Mexico we don't celebrate Thanksgiving Day... but we give thanks everyday for our family, our friends, our life.

Best wishes to all of you today and always.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Christmas Tree...

Today it was time again to put up our Christmas tree. The ornaments are the same ones from the last year. My mom was very lazy and she did not make new ones....

As you can see... I am always where the action is... even if I was not very active!

I suspect I will be here for a looooong time...


Have a good night

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunny morning...

This morning, while my mom was "assembling" her christmas ornament, I decided to enjoy a nice time in my balcony...

I love the sun...

I changed my position...

Is it ready mom??

No? Let me know when you finishes ok?

All that time for that??

I can't show my face, mom!

I told her the ornament looked sooo simple. Maybe some ribbon could make it look better. But she had a lazy sunday and she did not want to go to the store to buy it!


I hope you all had a nice and relaxing weekend!

Friday, November 19, 2010


My mom likes to make our Christmas ornaments. And all the ones she makes are to decorate my grandparents house. Not a single one in our own house! Her argument is that nobody comes to our house soooo... what is the case... But... this year will be different... almost. Not that somebody will come to visit us but that she wants to have something to decorate a window.

Last month, when she was cleaning the closet, she found a box full of old magazines. She threw away all of them but one that she really likes a lot. This is a Christmas magazine that contains several cross-stitch ornaments. She gave it a look to them and decided to make one of those.

The figures are finished...

Here I am wondering if they have squeakie things inside...
I mean... they look like squeakie toys!

Nope. She told me these are not toys...

Now, she is assembling them...

And of course I am helping her (????)

I hope I can show it to you next time!

Have a good night

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Walkie... kitty edition

My mom did not have classes today afternoon so we could go out for a walkie before it got dark.

My mom made me walk down the sidewalk...

Because there were broken bulbs on it. We think, the owners of that house changed them and left the old ones on the floor!
Fortunately my grandma found a plastic bag and picked them up.

We found a big trash can and we throw them there!

Then... when we were coming back to home I saw...

2 kitties!

But... they did not want to come close to have a nice talk!

Maybe next time...

Have a good night

Monday, November 15, 2010

My "closet"...

Yesterday we did not have internet all day long. But at 5pm we joined all of you in the WWM. We prayed for all our friends wishing them happiness and health.

After that, it was time for my clothes to be arranged.

Are you sure mom??

This is my closet before the re-arrangement...

Big dress-leash-mess

My summer dresses...

My Christmas dresses... I am afraid my mom is having ideas...

This is how it looks now.
The summer dresses on the top and my coats and some sweaters more accesible.
We still need to take out of my mom's closet the other sweaters.
And it was funny that today we had hot weather again!

Have a good night

Friday, November 12, 2010


Finally friday! My mom has had a headache all week and she really wants to have a relaxing weekend.

Walkie... walkie... walkie....

Aaaaand... a yummy treat to end the week!

My mom says she is tired.... and I will let her to go to sleep early. I promise we will visit your blogs tomorrow.

Have a good night