Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I got two more Christmas cards! Thanks Maggie! Thanks Amber!
I don't know why but the cards that my friends there in Malaysia sent to me are the ones that took more time to arrive!

I am hearing something....

I am sure I heard something....

Finding out....

Pee mails! Making sure I read every one of them on this tree

Finally the sun came out and I was able to enjoy my daily walkie. My mom was complaining because it was too hot and I was taking my time to sniff everything. My answer?? This is MY WALKIE and I will take as much time as I want!
Today is Children's Day in Mexico. It is mainly celebrated in schools with parties and little presents for the kids. I don't go to school but my mom promised me a treat... which BTW, I have not seen yet!
Have a good night

Monday, April 28, 2008

No walkie!

I want to go out for my walkie!

No walkie?? Why??


Rain and flooding!

I will be here until I can go out for my walkie!

The hot weather gave us a break... but it was worse. Rain, hail, thunders, flooding, no power! I know tomorrow will be a better day!
Have a good night

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Happy Birthday Stanley!

Happy Second Anniversary of DWB!

Happy Birthday Kena!
Today, we were about to go out for my walkie and we heard a big crash! This is what we saw when we came out....
Ouch! Our neighbor's car

Looking again for the cat

Then, we where in the middle of our walkie when we heard the "pastrymobile". Let me tell you. Here in Mexico the sweet bread is very popular. You go to the "panaderia" (place where the bread is made) and buy it. But here in our neighborhood, we don't have to go to the panaderia. There is a car that comes every afteroon selling the bread. It goes street by street. You know it is here because of the music. So, when we hear it today, we did not know where it was so me and my mom started to run like crazies looking for it! It was like 3 blocks ahead! Then we had to wait until my grandpa came to choose the ones he wanted. The sweet bread is delicious! I know it because my grandpa gave a little bit of it!

Then, time for dinner....


And time for a nap!

Have a good night

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Scary Eyes Contest!

(Click on them to see the full efect)

Deetz is organizing a contest. "Scary Eyes". These are my pictures. Lets have fun. Post your scary eyes pictures too!
Have a good night

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hot, hot, hot!

Happy Adoption Day Ginger!
Happy Birthday Crikit!


Many months ago I saw a cat who ran away from me and went through this gate. Now, everyday I come to the same place looking for him. I've never seen him again... but maybe one day I will be lucky!

106 degrees!

We had a record temperature of 106 degrees yesterday. It was veeeeeery hot! And this is what my mom and my grandma had to refresh themselves. Yummy "paletas" (I don't know its name in english!)

This is what I got...

The stick!
Mean mom. Well, at least she put ice cubes in my water bowl!
Have a good night

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lazy weekend

Happy Birthday Penny! I hope you had a great day!


Sniffing something good.... it was a dead bug!

Sniffing something here too.... it was nothing!

Trying to make friends

Why are you barking at me??

Dinner time

It was yummy!

End of the day!

Exactly as my mom promised, this was a lazy weekend. We did almost nothing! A little bit of cleaning but not too much. Lots of naps. Walkies. TV. 102 degress. Too hot. Other than that... nothing special.
Have a good night

Friday, April 18, 2008


While we were walking, we met Henrietta. She is Dorian's daughter! She is 2 months old and she is super cute! We saw Dorian too, but he was far away running and barking.

It took me a while to finish reading all the pee mails that were left in this truck!

Its FRIDAY! And we are very happy. For some reason this week has been very long for my mom. All she wants is to be at home. We will be taking lots of naps, going for walkies and watching tv!
I hope you all have a great weekend!