Monday, September 29, 2008

She lied!!!

I don't want to talk with you mom!

My mom said that this past weekend we were going to to NOTHING. She lied. Saturday morning she and my grandma went out... without me. My mom said that she NEEDED to buy something and that I was not allowed into stores sooooo.....

This is what she needed (?)

And these too....
She was very happy because the cost of the 5 pairs was only $ 500 pesos
($50 usd)

These fabrics are the only thing I liked. They are for winter coats! For me!

At least I got a reward.... my kong filled with peanut butter!

At the end it was not a bad weekend!

Now, I am going to visit your blogs. Yesterday I did not have internet during almost all day and then Bloglines was not working either!

Have a good night

Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday walkie

Reading pee-mails....

Leaving a pee-mail....


Saying hello properly...


Saying bye-bye...

Friday.... friday.... friday.....! Finally!

Today, while I was walking I met Lloron. As you can see in the pictures, he was not wearing a collar with his tag ID. I was about to give him a lecture when I saw his mom coming. She says he does not like to wear his collar but she does not let him go out alone. Well, maybe she does not let him go out alone but once he ran away and got lost. We found him and she was crying... I think she does not have a very good memory!
We don't have special plans for this weekend. My mom wants to do nothing and I am going to join her!

I hope you all have a great weekend

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dear Gizmo....

You will be in our hearts forever remembering your wonderful life.


I went out for a walkie....

I took some time to admire beautiful flowers...

A funny tree....

A sad palm....

To smell the flowers.... and pee mails!

I am sorry I have not been able to comment on your posts. As you can imagine, my mom is not the fastest typist right now, but she is trying.


Have a good night

Monday, September 22, 2008


I am going to tell you a story.....
( I had to use old pictures to ilustrate it)

I was here on the bed playing with my ball....

My mom was sitting there working on the computer....

Then, she heard a "crash" and went to to balcony to see what had happened....

Of course I had to come too... Then she shouted to me....

I jumped to the balcony. There was a gust of wind and she saw the door closing.....

She tried to stop the door....

But her finger was there!

I know this is hard to believe but the bad luck is having a feast with my mom's body!


Have a good night

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Thanks Ruby!

Thanks BWTH!
Thanks China andMadie!

Thanks Copito!
The Proximity Award

"We all like blogs. Their objectives are to show the wonders and to make friendships; there are people who are not interested when we give an award, and in this way contribute to cut those bows; we want that they are cut or they propagate? Then we will try to pay more attention to them! We must give it to other bloggers that must do the same and put this text".

I want to combine these Awards and pass them on to:


Running errands!

My mom's tooth is like new! Thanks to everyone for your good wishes!
I guess my Santos dress is losing its powers! They played today and they were tied in the reposition time!

I hope you all are having a great weekend!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Thanks Charlie Daniels!


This morning my mom woke up with a toothache. She called her dentist to get an appointment. She was so lucky. Tomorrow morning he is going to Europe for his vacation. He was very nice telling my mom to go to his clinic and get it fixed. Her molar was broken. Now, her mouth is sleeping, she is drooling and her wallet is empty!


We live in Torreon and my mom works in Gomez Palacio. The two cities are divided by a river that has been dry for 40 years. The water is contained in a ditch. The ditch was "more than full" due to all the rain we have had these days. So, the government decided to open the canal locks.

This is the road my mom uses to go to her office.

Now, she has to use that bridge you can see in this picture. Everyone has to use it too. Now, it takes 1 hour to my mom to go from our house to her office and viceversa. Today was a nightmare. The dentist's clinic is in Torreon so she had to cross the bridge 4 times! Twice going, twice coming!


Saying Hello to Verne!


Have a good night

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September 16th

Today was a holiday here in Mexico. It was Independence Day. It started last night. At 11:30 everyone screams.... VIVA MEXICO! and then.... fireworks. For more than an hour. I barked and barked until they finished.

This is what my mom ate today...

Pozole! Very mexican


My mom had the day off from work sooooooo.....

This is my closet a year ago....

This is my closet these days....

And more out of the closet....

My mom got this....

This is my new "no closet". It contains my 68 dresses and leashes.

Here I am looking at my mom working and telling my grandma that there is enough space there for more dresses and she told me she is going to make some more for me!


Have a good night