Sunday, July 24, 2011


There have been serveral things happening here.
My mom is still sick. She has been taking all her meds but she does not feel better.

My grandpa needs physical therapy for his legs. He will start his sessions tomorrow afternoon. They chose doing it in the afternoon so my mom will be able to take him there when she comes from work.

My mom started another project with the help of an "expert"... and it went wrong. She wanted to modify the "scary stairs" in our house... and now they are more dangerous than before. She needs to take care of that ASAP!

Then last tuesday, one of my mom's co-workers was kidnapped right in front of the plant when he was leaving to go home. There are no news of him since then. The police says that if you don't get news within the next 3 days, you can expect the worst. My mom is in fear and very sad at the same time. She was talking to him 5 minutes before the event. He told her how precious his daughter is and now, who knows if he will be able to see her again.

As you can imagine, blogging is not one of our priorities these days.

We will be taking a break.
My mom needs time to heal her body and her mind and she thinks the best way to achieve that is spending all her free time with me and my grandparents.
Better I go now because she is soaking the keyboard with her tears.

Thanks for being my friends.
I love you all and I hope to come back someday soon.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My clueless mom...

I want to bath...
Why is so hard to make my mom understand what I want??
(Even if it is something I do every day when we come home!)


Thanks a lot for your prayers and good vibes.
I promise we do everything in our "paws" to keep ourselves safe day by day.


It is possible I will not be blogging until next sunday.
There will be some conferences and training activities at my mom's work place, so she will come home very late the next 4 days.
She is not happy... neither do I!!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Scary days...

My mom has been sick for the last 10 days. Last weekend, when we did not have internet, she helped my grandma to paint the hall in her house. The walls were very damaged due to all the time the pipe was broken. It was very hot and the partern was... scrap the wall, sweat, go to stand in front of the fan then... scrap the wall, sweat, go to stand in front of the fan... until she finished the repair.
Result?? Bronchitis. Even so she went to work all the week. It was until friday that she felt a little better but the cough-cough thing does not want to go away!

Then friday we went to sleep not too late. And then, around 3 am, we were awakened by a very loud noise. We were so scared but did not know what was going on. I barked and barked wanting to go to my balcony but my mom did not let me out! 30 seconds later again the big noise and was then when we knew... it was the sound of bullets being fired! Then patrols, soldiers, sirens. Cars and trucks going at high speed. At 3:30 am everything was in calm. It was easy for me to go to sleep again... but not for my mom.
Some of those bullets made target on the painting store which is just next to our house!
Today we knew that there was a persecution of criminals. The police and the soldiers were trying to catch them. And lots of bullets were fired during the event.

This is something that happens every day here.
And every morning you wake up wondering how many were killed yesterday...
We don't like to talk about these things but this time... it happened sooo close to us!

My mom took these picture of the damage in the lower part of the store. The top of it looked awful but she was afraid of someone watching her taking the pictures.

It was just a little walkie to get fresh air... and back to home quickly!

Have a good night

Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Weekend is almost here...
Are you ready to enjoy it??
I hope so!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wordless wednesday...


Have a good night

Friday, July 8, 2011

Wind wind.... go away....

Strong winds are a nightmare for us.
They left us without power last night.
The power came back... but not the internet.
And that is not funny...
The internet company told us they are working to fix it...
If the connection does not work this weekend...
My mom will have lots of time in her hands...
And you know what does that mean, right??

Have a great weekend!

PS I want to thank my mom's friend Paty for typing this post from her computer.
My mom called her asking for this favor.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Homemade frosties...

My mom made yummy frosties for me!
No pictures of the ingredients nor the process...
Just me helping her to clean the container...

The frosties are now in the freezer.
I will be cleaning my paws until the frosties are ready!

Have a good night

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Interesting walkie...

Today afternoon we had very nice weather. Not very hot and of couse I went out for a walkie!

I read lots of pee-mails and saw very interesting things around my neighborhood...

Our nieghbor put a tent-shade-thing in her front yard. And looks like it was made to "fit" a very dead palm!!!

This neighbor has new appliances... and she has the remains of the packing right outside her house to prove it!

Next... a new house its being built... and it has a creepy guard!!!

Enough for today.... Better go home now!!!

Have a good night

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Relaxing weekend...

My mom had planned to do some works in the house this weekend but... she got an ouchie in one of her fingers while doing the first task sooooo.... we had a very relaxing weekend...
We visited your blogs and we got some "interesting" word verification...

Too much coincidence, right?
Then my mom tought... "that means something..."

Cheese cake!
Two of them!
And they were yummilicious!
My grandma gave me a little piece to taste it!

Now... time to sleep.
We did not have a holiday weekend and tomorrow means... back to work!

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY to all of you who are celebrating it!

Have a good night

PS Thanks a lot for asking how my grandpa is doing. He has been eating "a little better" these days but not as he used to do it.
He likes my mom's desserts. That is the reason my mom has been making them more often!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Haaaa... you knew it, right?

That my mom was going to find pink sandals for me!

And I really like them!

I am getting so used to them that I want to run!
(Note: When my mom was uploading the video, she thinks she saw something strange. It is around second 44...)

Looks like the figure of a lady...
Please tell me you saw it too if not... my mom would think she is crazy!!

A last sniff and then go home...

To cool myself in my pool!
Hmmm.... mom.... the other 3 sandals out too, please!

Have a good night