Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The mean bird did it again...

Oh-noes! My pool!

A close inspection of the damage...

Looking for the bird... (on the ground??)

A new one!

Hmmm... and the water??

Now... I am happy again!


Thanks a lot for you good vibes. My Grandpa came home yesterday. He was feeling much better. Problem is... today he did not eat again. My Grandma has been doing everything in her hands to help him but he refuses to cooperate!
I hope the meds he is taking do the work and he gets better soon!
I do my part staying close to him all the time.

Have a good night

Monday, June 27, 2011

Good vibes, please...

My Grandpa is in the hospital.
He is diabetic. He takes lots of pills to control the disease and all those meds have damaged his stomach and he does not eat very well. But the last 3 days he did not eat at all and of course he got very weak. My grandma and my mom decided to take him to the hospital so they could give him IV nutrients.
My mom say he could come home tomorrow.
Paws crossed!
I will be back as soon as I can.

Have a good night

Friday, June 24, 2011

A visitor...

A friend of my mom told her if my grandma could make a Santos vest for her doggie. My grandma said yes and she came today to visit us...


And here comes Duke!

Duke is 8 months old... At first he was very nervous.... soooo nervous that he pee and poo in the living room! Can you see the stain on the carpet?? Sure he deserves the Joe Stains Award!

And then... as soon as he felt more comfy... he started sniffing my butt...
And I really don't like that!

I was not feeling happy...

Is he going away??

Now I can relax!

I love to meet new friends but... if those friends insist on sniffing my butt... I start feeling nervous and I don't want to stay close to them!

Tomorrow is my mom's birthday... and I don't have moneys to buy her a present.
But I am thinking of giving her a "priceless" present.
I want her to do nothing this weekend.
No renovations, no repairs, no cleaning, no laundry, no computer... nothing....
Just to be lazy and relaxed... spending all the time with me!
Do you think she'd like that??

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Finished?.... Almost... part II

Last october, it looked like this...

Then.... it looked like this...

Then.... last weekend...

It had 3 main problems.
It was very high,
Was higher on one side and,
When my mom changed the door of the shower, the sink was no longer centered.

Now that is shorter, there are less drawers... but it is ok.
My mom got rid of things she really does not use!

Hmmm... I guess it is ok! Good job, mom!
Just two more details... a new mirror to hide the now not centered detail around the old one and the painting!

The old toilet is gone...
No more banging...
I can relax now!

Have a good night

Monday, June 20, 2011

Finished?.... Almost

I told my mom that I would share my bathroom with her if she wanted. For some reason she did not like the idea... hmmm

Ta-Da! A new toilet and no more ouchie in the wall!

I like to spend a good time outside in my balcony...

But... there is a "dirty" not so secret issue...

The old toilet! Haaa!
Someone is coming tomorrow to take it down from the roof.

I wll keep an eye on it just in case someone intends to use it!

It is not finished yet. The walls need paint aaand....
In my next post I will show you the other part of the bathroom!

Have a good night

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My mom is not funny...

This weekend all I wanted was to enjoy all the Picnic events. But my mom had another plans. And those plans did not include what I wanted...

Do you remember this picture?
Where I showed to you what my mom did with the socks she got for Christmas??
Well.... I showed only half of the toilet...

This is the other half... Do you see a problem??

This is the problem!
The men who built the house made a mistake with the discharge pipe.
And the toilet did not fit there... but ... they made it to fit!!

The problem is solved.... because there is no toilet now!!

All I want is to play...

There are 52 weekends in a year...
And she had to choose this one for her things...
Please forgive me if I could not visit your blogs this weekend...
I will try.... promise....



Thursday, June 16, 2011

My clean pool... and the mean bird...

Today we had 46°C (115°F)... Sandals or not my mom said I would not go out... period
Then I told her that at least she should wash my pool and set it in the patio. And she did it...

Hmmm.... I see some dirt here...

It looks better...

Clean and fresh water...


What the....
This is the mean bird that likes to bring its lunch to my pool to make it softy with the water...
Go away.... and don't come back, ok??

OK! The bird is away and it is time to refresh myself!

Thanks a lot for you comments on my sandals. It takes me just a couple of minutes to get used to them and then I am ready for my walkies. I know the color of the sandals don't match with the harness but... it is the only one I have and it is soooo hot for wearing dresses! But... my mom is now looking for pinky sandals... and I am sure she will find them... sooner or later...

Have a good night


Tuesday, June 14, 2011



Please not....
Tell me this is not what I am thinking....

It is what I was thinking!!!!

The nerve of those two making fun of me

Much better!

Well, well, well.... You know my mom, right?? And she knows how much I love to go out for my walkies. Problem is the heat. And the ground being sooooo hot! Then she got this idea in her mind and was thinking... and thinking.... and thinking....

Then 2 weeks ago, my grandma was on the phone talking with her sister who lives in Mexico City and she told her about me not being able to go out. My grandauntie told my grandma about some sandals she saw in a store there. My mom took the measure of my paws, she called back my grandauntie and I got the sandals today.

My mom took 4 videos. Something happened to the first and the third videos. I guess I have to be thankful about the first one being lost. My grandma and my mom were LOL... and I mean LOL... that combined with my was embarrasing!

It was not so bad at the end. It was nice to go out not feeling my paws burning!

There is just one issue with the sandals. Like almost everything made in Mexico... it looks like the 4 sandals are for right paws! Hmmm....

Have a good night



Sunday, June 12, 2011

They are soooo sloooow...

The men working in my grandma's house have not finished yet... but at least I got my bathroom back!

And that makes me super duper happy!

Have a good night