Tuesday, May 31, 2011

IE9 and Blogger....

First IE9.... a pain in the..... then Blogger!

My laptop runs automathic actualizations. So, IE9 was installed. Then we discovered that now we can't make the posts as we used to. It does not let us align the lines and the pictures.
Firefox was our option and it worked "fine".
Then.... Blogger did not let me "enter" in my own blog!
Then.... we were not able to see your blogs! We don't know why!!
Then.... we decided to turn off the laptop and we went to sleep at 9pm! Hmmm....
But it was soooo hot! 114.8 degrees... at 10pm... kind of a nightmare.
Soooo... we took a shower and it felt so good!
Then... we were ready to go to sleep and I decided that I wanted another bath!

My mom said "NO"....

Well.... maybe tomorrow!

Have a good night



Sunday, May 29, 2011

Very early sunday walkie...

Yesterday we had 115 degrees almost all day. Too hot to be outside. At 9 am, my mom went to the supermarket to buy the groceries and she came back at 10 am "sweating like a pig". I don't understand that pretty well but that is what she told my grandma!
We spent the rest of the day at home just being lazy.

Since the weatherman said today was going to be the same, my mom took me out for a walkie at 8 am. 95 degrees but it did not feel that hot.

I saw a kitty on a roof...

I saw this too. Lots of bags of garbage. And the worst thing is that the
garbage truck comes until tomorrow morning. Soooo... the stray dogs and the birds have a feast all the time... leaving a mess.... of course.

All those birdies were eating from the bags but they flew up there when we pass over there. I suppose the people who live there love the doves!

Time to go home!

We spent the rest of the day again at home. My grandma made burgers and my mom made a cheesecake and a gelatin for dessert.

I am afraid my week will be the same! At home with zero walkies! Good thing I have my mini pool so I can go to the patio to refresh my butt whenever I want!

Have a good night

Friday, May 27, 2011

19:25pm - 41°C - 105°F....

W... T... F....!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


10/05/00 - 05/25-11

Katie, Ruby, Sylvester, Scuby, Hootie, Zeek, Mom and Dad
Our thoughts are with all of you

Lorenza and mom

Monday, May 23, 2011


Do you remember when I told you about our Little Pea going to play for Manchester United??

Well... Manchester United is the champion and Chicharito got an award too!


This is what I think of this hot weather that does not let me go out for walkies again!

Naps in front of the fan are my best option!

Have a good night

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Very hot day...

The weather here during the last 2 days has been almost impossible. It is very hot!
I don't want to imagine how it will be on July and August that are the hottest months!
Aaaand due to the temps I had not been able to go out for walkies and that is not funny...

But, today morning I had my breakfast and then I saw my mom choosing a dress for me!
And then... we went out for a very nice walkie!

A big tree lived here... the big hole means it will be replaced for another one...

All dead at the top.... new life at the bottom.

This is a lemon tree. It is in front of a house that was uninhabited for a long time. My grandma used to bring a bottle of water to "feed" it. And we used to take the lemons that fell to the ground. Now, there is a family in that house but they don't take care of the tree and we no longer take the lemons. We don't want to be called "thieves"!

To the right...

To the left...

Anybody there??

It is getting hotter.... time to go home!

I hope you all are having a great weekend!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I am going to check if my grandma wants to go out with us...

Nope. She feels a little bit tired...

Some ears action...

While we were walking, we noticed the trees.
95% of the trees in our neighborhood look burned due to the 2 days of cold weather we had a couple of months ago.

Do you see the black marks?
The trees are so damaged that the logs and branches are like charcoal.
But... some of them are not completely dead.

You can see little green leaves coming out from interesting spots in the logs.

I hope they will be able to recover because they are very important!

Have a good night

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nosy.... Me?... Nah!....

"Mom... you have tons of stuff in your purse... but I could not find a treat for me in there"!

Have a good night

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy and sooooo tired Sunday!

This is the best image I could find to illustrate how my mom feels right now...
And I am being very nice because she looks like cr... well.... you know how...

First of all.... once again.... please forgive us for not visiting you this weekend. But... you know my mom right? Once she gets an idea.... and that idea is related on how she is so tired today.

Remember I told you about her mother's present for my grandma? Well... she finished it yesterday night.





Yes. My idiot mom built the roof for the cars!
Our house has no garage. The space to park them is weird.
My grandma contacted 5 companies to build it. None of them wanted to do it!
And you imagine how it feels to get into your car, at 2pm, having 110 degrees??
Oh-boy! It is like an oven.
Sooooo.... my mom said.... "Why not"? And there she goes...

I heard lots of HBO words when she was using the cutting and the welding machines. It was an interesting experience.

She got help from a friend specially to hold up the poles. Then she painted the frame and then she put the acrylic sheets.
Around 10pm... it was finished!
And my grandma is super happy with her present!

And here I am today morning admiring her job!

My mom feels so proud of her work... but she promised to herself that NEVER again she will do something like this!
Every inch of her body hurts right now!
She says this is the end of her DIY era!
Hmmm.... I hope so... but I know her!

Tomorrow we will back to normal.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday, May 13, 2011

New dress.... happy walkie!

I was at my house when my grandma called me. She made me another dress, and she wanted me to wear it!

She was trying to put it on me... and I was so excited that I ran into her house...

Where she finally could adjust it!

"Pfrrrrtt... I have a new dress... and you don't mom!"

I love when my grandma comes with us for a walkie!

My Grandma feels so well that she wanted to go out with us!

Have a good night

PS. Between Blogger and my laptop acting weird.... It took me almost an hour to make this post!