Thursday, August 30, 2007

Windy walkie

Beautiful little flowers to match with my dress!!

Today, the day was good enough to have a long walkie. I really love my one hour walkie. More to see, more to sniff! We were happily walking and suddenly the air started blowing really hard. My grandma says that this means we will have cold weather, which I really hope so!! Well, I like the air because it refreshes me! But as you can see from the pictures, the air was lifting my dress and I felt half naked!! It was embarrassing, even more because two boys started to whistle at me! My mom tried to cover me but it was noneffective! So we decided to let the air to do whatever it wanted!! Later when we were at home and uploading the pictures to the computer I thought that I was performing there "A lo Marilyn Monroe"!

Have a good night

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another meme

Today I was left alone for some time because my grandparents went to pay a visit to a friend who is at the hopital. So I had time to think about this game I saw on Jackson and Tadpole's blog and I thought that I wanted to play it!

Here are the rules:
Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the questions. They must be real places, names, things ... If you can't think of anything, skip it. You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question.

You take the first letter of your first name, and then answer the questions using only that letter.

What is your name? Lorenza
4 letter word: Loft
Vehicle: Land Rover
TV Show: Lost
City: Long Beach
Boy Name: Luis
Girl Name: Linda
Alcoholic Drink: Lager
Occupation: Lawyer
Something you wear: Lid (my dictionary says its a hat!)
Celebrity: Lance Armstrong
Food: Lentils
Something found in a bathroom: Liquid soap
Reason for being late: Laziness
Cartoon Character: Looney Toons
Something You Shout: Lets go out now!!!

I don't know if all my answers are correct, but I had fun doing it!

Have a good night

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Today my mom came later than normal to our house. She had to go to say Happy Birthday to a friend of hers. So, I had to wait for her. When she finally came it was almost 8 o'clock!! And then she went to the kitchen with my grandma and they were talking, and talking and talking! And I was thinking.... at what time they will finish that and will give me my dinner?? So I sit beside my dish, then I went close to the stove, back to my dish, back to the stove until they noticed that and started laughing! I didn't see the funny part of that, I was starving!!! Finally I got my food and ate it in less than a minute! When I finished I left them there and went with my grandpa to play with my ball until it was time to go to sleep!!
I really hope my mom doesn't forget that my dinner time is at 6:45 pm and I want it at that time!!
Have a good night

Monday, August 27, 2007

Middle name game

I've been tagged by Blue, The Airechicks and MayaMarie to play the middle name game. As many of you know this consists of giving a word that describes you from each letter of your middle name. I have a problem with this.... I don't have a middle name. So, I decided to use one of my nicknames.... actually the most used in my house, which is Cochi, that like I've told you means "pig".

C = Crazy girl

O = Open hearted

C = Clever

H = Hilarious

I = Independent

Since I am a little bit late with my tag, I really don't know how many of you have done this, but if you haven't and want to play it, feel free to do it and tag yourselves!

Have a good night



Saturday, August 25, 2007

Santos Laguna

The Santos Laguna is our professional soccer team. The last season they almost went to a lower division, with this, you can imagine how bad they were. To be a fan of Santos is like a religion for many people here. They light candles and pray a lot everytime the team plays. This season the team has had a great start, winning the first four games!!! becoming the leaders of the tournament! According to the statistics people work better during the week if the team wins!! Can you believe that??

So, my grandama made me a dress to cheer the team up!! She bought a handkerchief and thought it was a good idea to make the dress from it. Is she good or what?? Now I wear it once a week, the day the team plays! When I am out for my walkie wearing it, the people ask my mom where she got it, because they'd like to have one for their doggies. I told my grandma. She needs to make some to sell!! She is not too sure. She says that they are exclusive designs for Lorenza!!

Have a good night

Friday, August 24, 2007

Thanks Holly!

Attn: Lorenza.... it is for me!!

I need to open it!

Marley & Me!!!

Holly's beautiful card!

Be good??

Please mom, start reading now!!

Today morgning the mailman came to deliver a package. It says "Attn. Lorenza"... so I knew it was for me! Its the book "Marley & Me" that Holly and her mom were so kind to send to us! When we played the game of our favourite books, we letf a comment on Holly's blog that we had heard a lot of that book but we couldn't get it here in Mexico and she was so nice offering to send it to us! We are really excited about it and I can't wait for my mom to start reading it to me! Holly also sent me a beautiful card that says "not to get ideas from it" and I wonder what does she mean???
Thanks Holly and mom for your present. My mom promises to keep it forever!
Have a good night

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Favourite food

Goofy tagged me and my mom to talk about our favourite food. The following are the things that we always have in our kitchen.


1.- Tortillas (what is a mexican home without them!)

2.- Beans (she can have them with almost everything)

3.- Chicken (mostly breast)

4.- Hot sauce (homemade of course!)

5.- Pop corn (her favourite snack)


1.- Kibbles (since its my main meal, this is a must)

2.- Cheese (3 little pieces after lunch)

3.- Frosties (for these hot days)

4.- Fruits (wallymelon the first, of course!)

5.- Chicken soup (with veggies and rice)

Now I want to know the favourite food of Randi, Rocky, Ricky-Pepper and River and their mom's or dad's. I didn't want to have conflicts so I chose the ones whose names start with "R". I hope you all want to play this game!

Have a good night



Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rawhide treat

Today I got two treats!!! It came as a surprise for me because my mom never gives me more than one over a day. First I got my usual cookie and then she gave me this rawhide treat! I don't know if I've told you but here we can't find a big variety of treats. Most of them are made by the producers of dog food (kibbles) and of course they are not the most yummy treats in the world, but being the only ones we can find, I eat them to please my mom.
Many months ago I liked a lot these rawhide treats but someday I stopped eating them. I don't know why. When my mom gave me one I grabbed it with my mouth and walked around the house looking for a place to bury it! The best place to do that was my toy boxes! Today my mom tried again and I liked it!! I hope I can have one everyday!!
Before I wish you good night, I want to thank to my friends who have expressed concern about our safety here with the hurricane Dean. We are not in danger because we don't live in a hurricane zone. Most of the times when a hurricane hits we only get lots of rain. And it is supposed to happen tomorrow. My mom's brother who lives near Cancun is safe. He said it was awful but now things are a little bit better for him and his family. Thanks again.
Have a good night

Monday, August 20, 2007


OK! I don't know how many more wrong things can happen to my mom. Now, is the computer! Since yesterday our computer has been doing strange things. Even we could not see some of your blogs. She even was thinking about a new computer! But the guy who is in charge of the systems at her office told her that the problem was the Internet Explorer. He told her to uninstall and install it again. She tried and the computer (?) refused to uninstall it!! She did something else (she doesn't remember what) and it worked. Then when she tried to access my blog to post something she couldn't access it! Then she tried using Mozilla and it worked but she didn't like it! Then she looked for help and found something (she doesn't remember what) that made it work! I hope you can see this entry because if you can't she is going to cry again!!!
My human cousins went to Italy to spend their summer vacations. They came back yesterday and brought me this hat. I have to say that if I had had the chance to chose something... this hat wouldn't be my choice!! But, a gift is a gift and I had to wear it to please them!! But as you can see I am not so happy. I really hope that the next time they find a pet store and bring me something really useful, like a squeakie toy or a delicious treat!!
Have a good night

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I am tired!

After our trip to Saltillo, this is what I've been doing for two days. Almost nothing! I never thought I could be so tired. I had fun there but it was a long trip and maybe I felt stressed because it wasn't my house and the excitment to see my cousins was too much! I told my mom we need to travel more often to get used to it!
I hope tomorrow I can go back to normal and feel myself more active.
I hope you all had a great weekend with your families!
Have a good night

Friday, August 17, 2007


Almost there



My Auntie Liliana, Natasha and Spike


Today I went on my first trip! We went to Saltillo, the capital of the State of Coahuila to visit my Auntie Liliana who is my mom's sister. It took us 3 hours to get there. It was funny because when we were on our way we had rain and then sun then rain then sun!! My mom was nervous because this was my first trip and she didn't know how I was going to react, but I had a very good behavior.
As soon as we got there I met my cousins Natasha and Spike. I felt like I was in my own house. We were playing and running around the house like crazys. Natasha is a little bit grumpy. My mom says that is because she is old. And Spike is hyperactive, never stops! I like that and we had lots of fun. My family had lunch and then we left to go back to our home. When we were coming back I saw cowdogs! And I barked at them. Then we had to stop because a train was coming and it made a lot of noise and of course I had to bark at it too! I had a great day but very tiring! and now I just want to sleep.
Have a good night