Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mean pajama??

I guess these past days my mom has had lots of free time to think about certain things. Let me tell you...
My mom says she is not a superstitious person... because that gives you bad luck.... Haaa! Ok. Bad joke.
Well... 2 years ago, she bought a very nice pajama. It was very expensive (for my mom's standards) but she really wanted it sooooo.... she got it. She has wore it only 3 times (in 2 years!) and she has noticed a bad pattern when she wears it...
The first time... the pc fell on her toe... do you remember that episode?
For reasons I am not allowed to explain... that pajama did not fit anymore my mom... and it was not because it was big.... oops!
Then, it was until last november that the pajama came out again and that second time... my mom spent 2 days in the hospital due to the kidney rock!
The 3rd time... was last thursday when she injured her back...
Sooooo.... my mom made a decision and the pajama has to go... She does not want more painful days!

This is the mean pajama...

It is nice...

Are you sure, mom??

Looking it going away!

My mom wants to tell you Thanks!
Thanks for your concern and get well wishes. She feels better today.
Her back still hurts a little but not as bad as yesterday. Her cheek is less cubby now and thankfully the headache is gone!
I hope you all are having a great weekend!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh... my mom!

I have been taking care of my mom... but... something went wrong...

Yesterday, she came home with all these meds...

This morning we started to read your blogs...

And watching some tv...

Here in Mexico we have a popular saying... "Estas mas salado que un moco en medio del mar" which more or less means... "You are more salty than a mucus in the middle of the sea"... There is nothing more salty than that, right?
And salty for us means unlucky...

These two days have not been the best for my mom.
Yesterday, as you know, she had her "toofie" surgery. Her Dentist applied 10 shots to her. 6 anesthesic, 2 antibiotics and 2 painkillers. She says the shots were more painful than the surgery itself. Everything went well but she came home with the right side of her face sleepy, a chubby cheek, a bunch of meds and a big list of things she is not allowed to do!
Later in the afternoon, she had a big headache. Her Dentist called to know how she was doing and prescribed her another pill for the headache.
One of the things she has to do is to sleep almost steady... and that was hard. She is used to sleep with her face buried on the matress! Of course... she could not sleep a minute.
This morning, her headache was much worse.
We came down to have breakfast and then she said she wanted to sleep a little to feel better. But I wanted to go with her so she bent down (one of the things she is not allowed to do!) to pick me up and while we were on the stairs, she injured her back!
As she could, she reached the phone and called her other Doctor. She explained to him what had happened and he prescribed her another med! And this one is one of those you have to put under your tongue and it is so disgusting that she wants to puke everytime she has to take it!
So far, she has:
A big chubby cheek
A big headache
A big tummy revolution
A big and painful back
Salty?? Naaaah!
She planned to go back to work tomorrow but seems like that will not be possible. And I am very happy with that.... not that she is in pain but that she will be at home with me until next week!
I promise I will take good care of her!
Have a good night

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yes... Wordless Wednesday!

I did not get permission to post a picture of my mom. But she says she feels CRAPtastic...
She will be at home tomorrow and I promise that as soon as we wake up we will visiting your blogs!

Have a good night

Monday, January 25, 2010

More cards!

Congratulations Joey on your 100oth Post!
Sure this deserves a big celebration!


The mean mailman did not come last saturday like he promised to me... but he came today!

I love all your cards! Thanks a lot!


And the crazy weather continues...

Last night I went to sleep naked because it was very hot...

Today by noon, I had to wear a sweater...

And then... in the afternoon I had to wear a jacket for my walkie!
And the weatherman said tomorrow will be hot!


My mom is going to have an "interesting" week.
Tomorrow a doctor is going to steal her blood for her annual tests and on wednesday she is going to go to the Dentist... again. She thought her last visit was the last but... Oh-oh!
She needs surgery to save her molar... and she is scared!
I told her she is going to have an authentic.... Wordless Wednesday!


Have a good night

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sooo crazy weather...

Friday night we still had a cold weather. My mom was reading your blogs and I wanted to play...

Saturday morning... it was very hot. My mom decided to wash my sweaters... almost all of them...

When she finished, we turned on the computer to read your blogs...

This is an example of the Word Verification we get sometimes... "Basura"...
It means "Trash"!

When we came down to have lunch, my clothes were dry. My mom left them on a pile!

In the afternoon, we went for a walkie...

A sunny walkie...

I saw my Anatolian friends!

Enjoying the sun...

And at the end of the day... my sweaters were ready to be put on my drawers...
And me... ready to sleep!


I hope you all are having a great weekend

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thanks Mona and Mommy!

Today the mean mailman came and as soon as I heard him I barked at him. I wanted to tell him about his poor performance! I asked to him about my Christmas cards and he said there are some in the Postal Office but the administrator did to give them to him to bring them to me today! Can you believe that?? But... instead of that he gave me a package! I told him thanks but also.... "I want to see you tomorrow here with my cards, ok"?
I waited until my mom came home to open the package...

Right there mom... go ahead!

A very close inspection....

Trying to reach the pawesome note to read it...

Wow! Yummy treats and two toys! and...

"You look familiar to me...."
Presents for my mom too!

Do you remember the Christmas Tree Contest that Mona and her Mommy invited us to participate in last december? Well... I won! I told Mona which tree was my favorite and that was the winner!
Milo won too! And he got his presents first... that is why I barked at the mean mailman!
Thanks Mona and Mommy. I love all your presents
The treats are yummy and the toys pawesome.
My mom wants to say Thanks too! She loves the mouse pad and the keychain too!
Have a good night

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finally a sunny day...

I love sunny days...



Then I gave a look at my street and I thought it looked perfect for a walkie...

I heard my doggie friends...

And I really enjoyed being outisde...

Today my mom came home earlier. There was a problem with the power at her office. The power company said it was a general problem and that it could take more than 2 hours to restore it sooooo... everyone went home and my mom was the first! Haaa!
This morning we woke up with temps of 40 degrees, then 50, 60...
When we went out for my walkie it was around 65 degrees. It was sunny but the wind felt a little bit cold.
And now, at 8 pm we have 82 degrees! Even my house is colder than outside!
Is the weather crazy or what??
Have a good night

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ziggy.... my friend

Ziggy, I will always remember you.
My friend Ziggy went to the Rainbow Brigde today. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jessie, Pedro and all his family.



Cold and boring...
Talk to my paw mom!


We had a very cold weather all the weekend so we had to stay inside home.
No walkies but my mom made me run around all the house so both of us had a good exercise time.

Then, we watched Mad Men like Mad Women. 13 chapters of season 2!
It was until 7 pm that we noticed we have 66 degrees.
Crazy weather!


I hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Could someone tell me when this cold weather is going to end??
My mom went to see her Dentist again. This time it was much better. All the time she spent there she was mentally saying... "I don't feel pain... I don't feel pain... I don't feel pain..." She says it worked! Hmm.... I think what made the trick were all the meds she took during the week but I don't want to disappoint her!
One more appointment and her torture will be finished!
When she left the clinic she went into a store that is next door. I guess she was in a kind of "shopping mood" and she found....

Her favorite singer's CD...

A pair of very warm socks! Made of microfiber. Green is not her favorite color but those were the only ones!

And.... of course something for me too! Pajamas! 6 of them!
Yes. They are baby t-shirts. But they fit me well and I like to think they are my special pajamas!

When she came home she showed to me the things but what I really wanted was to go out for my walkie. No luck. Outside was cold, windy and rainy!

Giving her the look for not taking me out! Hmmm... the look did not work....

Sooo... I decided to watch tv... the two of them!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thanks Angel Perry, Emma and Emmy!

Today was again very cold and then we had rain! Sooooo... no walkies for me. But I had a good time playing with my mom...

Then I told my mom about a package the mean mailman brought to me in the morning...

My friends Angel Perry, Emma and Emmy sent me a Christmas present!

Their family tradition is to ship and give away presents on Perry's birthday Dec 13th!

My mom let me open it...

It was a hard work....

Very hard....

Look! A pawesome pink jacket and a bikini!!!
I love them! I can't wait to wear them...
The bikini will be perfect to wear next summer when my pool comes out...
I will be a Topless Swimmer! Wow!

Thanks again Angel Perry, Emma and Emmy! You are pawesome!

Have a good night