Sunday, August 29, 2010

A very small break...

My mom will be on a mission the next two days. A long trip to get something.
Nope. Not a puppy.
Would you please wish her good luck??
My grandpa and my grandma will take good care of me while she is away.

See you next wednesday, ok?


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Stressful and then... relaxing saturday

Thanks McAfee for not telling us that the version we had was no longer working. It caused a mess to our laptop. And your Service Center?? Not working either. My mom came into a panic mode. It was until today at 3 pm that a very nice friend of my mom came to check it and told her what was the problem. He could not fix it here so he took it to his house and around 6 pm he brought it back. It was a relief to see everything working perfectly! Thanks a lot Hugo for giving us your time to fix it!
While we were waiting for him to come back, we went out for a walkie.

Relax mom. Lets go out for a walkie and you will feel less stressed!

Just follow me...

5 pesos! Maybe this is our lucky coin!

A good sniff. Some doggie left here a pee-mail...

More sniffing...

Time to go back home!

Have a pawesome Sunday!

Friday, August 27, 2010

How I sleep these days...

I find this way to rest my muzzle very comfy... and I can sleep in this position for hours...

Until the pupparazzi comes and wakes me up!


Have a good night

PS. My computer is acting weird... again.
I could not access my blog using IE. McAfee is not working.
I wonder if it is only me or any of you had the same issue today!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday... almost Thursday

Happy tail...

Resting tail...

Have a good night



Monday, August 23, 2010


What do you have up there mom??

I can't see it... but I can smell it...


This is life...

Have a good night

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My new collar...

Here is a picture of me last night. Can you see I am totally naked??
Not even wearing my collar!
Why? Well... the truth is... yesterday morning my grandma took off the bandage of my paw. She cleaned it and applied the spray... and I continued liking it. Around 10 am, my Vet called to know how I was doing and my grandma told him about the licking thing and 20 minutes later he came with a headcone! He was in a rush so he told my grandma to put it on me and left my house. She took away my collar and tried to make me wear it but I refused to do it. And like magic... I did not lick my paw anymore!

When my mom came in the afternoon my grandma told her all the story. And she noticed that my collar was not in very good shape.

Today morning she went to the supermarket and there she found a pair of collars for me. One black one brown. She says those two colors combine well with all my dresses.

And now I am wearing the black one!

Here my grandma was inviting me to cuddle with her...

And I accepted her invitation...

Then she went to her bedroon and I re-arranged the cushion to...

Enjoy a good and comfy nap!

My grandma is still applying the spray to my paw and so far it looks fine.

I hope you all are having a great weekend!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

What I did to deserve this??

Well.... I licked... and licked... and licked my paw.

But I am very smart because I did it when my grandparents were not looking at me so they thought the problem had disappeared.

Nope. It did not disappear. It got worse.

My grandma called my mom and when she came home today afternoon she took me to the Vet. He checked my paw and it was very irritated. He cleaned it and applied an ointment and then he put me the bandage. He gave my mom an spray to be applied 4 times a day. He says this should be enough but... if I insist on licking it.... I will have to wear a headcone! Oh-oh!

Yummy homemade chicken jerky....

I will try to be a good girl.... promise!

Have a good night

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our little pea...

These are peas... (chicharos)

And this is our Little Pea (Chicharito as his t-shirt says)
He is a soccer player and was hired by the Manchester United.

"You go as a hero, return as a legend".

And this is his new car..... Haaaa!

Good luck, Chicharito!

Have a good night

PS. My mom made a mess with the laptop. She can't find anything. She is going to try to fix it. I hope she does it quickly so I can go visit your blogs! Wish her luck, please!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Powerless saturday afternoon...

We were peacefully watching the golf and a soccer game.
And then.... we heard a very loud BOOM!... and then of course... we were without power.
My mom went to the window to see what had happened and she saw...

A scary sky... and a dust storm that caused the problem.
My mom called to the power company to report it. And they took 2 hours to come and fix it.

I was waiting for them... and then...

They finally came to fix it.

We don't know who planned the electric lines but something funny (?) happens when we have strong winds or rain because it leaves us without power but it only affects the traffic lights that are in the corner of our street, the house of the neighbors who live in front of us and our house! All the others around us always have power!

I kept an eye on the men working on the lines...

It took more time than normal to fix it... and I waited some more... and then TA-DA!
Lights on!

Thanks a lot my friends! But I hope I won't see you again soon!

This was not a happy saturday...

But now we have our power back... and the tv's.... and the internet... and the nice fan working in front of us!
Soooo.... I have to go now to visit your blogs!

Have a good night

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thanks Zelle and Mom!

Zelle and Mom.

The mean mailman ( he is mean because he takes a lot of time to bring me my mail and the gifts that you send to me... and sometimes they get lost...) came today to bring me an envelope from my good friend Zelle who lives in Singapore. She had to be in quarantine for a loooong month and while she was "in jail" her mom made beautiful Flowers of Friendship and she very kindly sent one to me!
My beautiful flower with a pawesome note...

I think it looks pawesome on my collar

I loooooove it!

Thanks a lot Zelle.
I will wear it proudly.

Have a good night

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I have a new dress...

My grandma made me another beautiful dress... and I am ready to go out to show it!

But... I still have to wear the mean "not so pink now" sock...

First, we went on a car ride to the supermarket...

And on our way back, my mom told my grandma that we two would go home walking... and finally I got rid of the sock!

Can I have a butt refreshing?

We saw some debris from a car crash... all we knew it was a Ford car.

Almost home... ready for my dinner!

Have a good night