Friday, December 31, 2010


I have been thinking...

This Christmas I did not get material presents
(Hmmm... do the sweaters that my mom made for me count as presents??)
But I got the best two presents I could had asked for...
Being healthy again and
Your friendship!

My good health, my bloggiefriends and my family is all I need to start a new year full of enthusiasm!

For now, I am taking a nap before the fireworks begin!

Have a nice and safe New Year's celebration!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Interesting times in my house...

Do you remember my grandma's stove??
This is it. Well... this "was" it!
3 days before Christimas Eve the glass of the oven exploded!
My grandma, my uncle and my mom were in the kitchen when it happened. It made a very loud noise and there were little pieces of glass everywhere! I wanted to know what had happened but they did not let me in until they picked up all the broken glass.
The next day my grandma bought a new one. It was installed and ready to cook. Buuut... my mom did not like it! She says it needs to be adjusted.
Soooo.... she decided to bake our Christmas cake in her own stove.
Yes. We have a little kitchen in our house but let me tell you something. I have been here for 5 years and I had never seen my mom turning on the stove! Ooops...

I am worried...
Are you sure you know how to use it, mom??

I will be here with you mom... just in case you need me



Not ready yet??

The whole process and.... Taaaa-Daaaa!
Homemade German Cake!

She let me taste the covering...

And it was yummy!
Good job mom!

I hope... from now on... she will use more her stove!

Have a good night

Monday, December 27, 2010


Now that I am recovered... they are making fun of me!

My human cousin Alan gave me these socks as a Christmas present.

Not only they are not fun.... they are Blue!

Happy Monday!



Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

From my own experience I can say that The Power of the Paw really works!

Me and my family do not know how to say thanks for your concern, your prayers and good vibes. Ten days after my surgery I am like new! No more bloody pee. Pooping better. Not like it used to be but my Vet says it is due to the change of my kibble. And today we got the results of the biopsy. It is a benign mass. A kind of scar surrounded by hardened fat. The Pathologist and my Vet say it is better to leave it alone. They don't think it will grow bigger but my Vet will be monitoring it periodically.

We have not had much time to read your blogs all these days but we know some of our very good friends need our Power of the Paw...

Twix's Grandma...


I have my paws crossed for them hoping they will be healthy again soon!
I know you all are supporting them too!

Happy Holidays to all of you!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Opy, the Original and Only One Gruffpuppy.
17/11/1996 - 23/12/2010

Thanks to you we are here
And you will be forever in our hearts

With all our love to Brooke and Greg

Monday, December 20, 2010

Feeling better...

After 5 days, finally we will be able to sleep on the big bed. Oh-boy! How I missed it!... and my mom too!

I am eating pretty well... pooing not so well. The problem is that I tried very hard to poo and that made my wound to bleed a little. My mom or my grandma apply a spray on it 3 times a day and today looks almost sealed. And now, there is another issue. I don't want to drink simple water! Sooo.... the camomile tea is making the trick. 3 times a day they fill my bowl and I drink it.

Other than that, I guess I am almost my normal self. I want to play with my ball, I want to run around, I want to go up and down from the sofas... but as soon as I try it.... the "No, Lorenza" starts! Hmmm....

The first thing I saw when I came up to my bedroom was a couple of collars that my mom bought for me... and... if they are mine... I can chew them, right??

My mom is still nervous about the result on the mass and she has been trying to be calm. To do so, she is knitting sweaters for me. So far, I have 3 new ones and these yarns are for two more!

We have faith everything will go back to normal pretty soon so we will be blogging again and visiting your blogs too.

Thanks to all our old and new friends for your prayers and good vibes! I promise I will visit you all to say thanks "pawsonally"!

Have a good night

Friday, December 17, 2010


First of all I want to say THANKS from the bottom of my heart for all your love and support. First my mom was crying for me and then she started crying when we read all your lovely comments. Thanks for your good vibes and prayers. We have no words to express how fortunate we are to have you all in our lives.

I was able to come home on wednesday night. My mom was afraid to hurt me so my Vet was very nice and he brought me to my home in his truck.

The nerve of my mom! She took this picture while I was still sleepy.
We have been sleeping on the floor.
I am still peeing with blood but my Vet told my mom not to panic. He said it is normal while my bladder is healing.

I went to the hospital with a pink sweater and the bandage in my paw matches it!
Yesterday morning my mom opened the front door and put a blankie there so I could take some sun.

I spent around 40 hours without food. My Vet changed my kibble. Now I have Prescription Diet Renal Health but I did not want to eat. My mom was worried. Me, who enjoy everything edible not doing it?? Oh-oh... I needed to take my meds too and without food in my tummy.... hmmm... My grandma boiled chicken breast for me and I ate small pieces and I went to sleep again. Half and hour later, I went directly to my food bowl looking for something. My mom gave me a few kibbles and I ate them in a second!

My Vet called to know how I was doing and told my mom to give me camomile tea which I refused to drink. Then my mom had an idea (?)... she put 3 pieces of cooked veggies in it... and I loved it!

And now, there is another issue... I can't poo! My Vet told my mom to give me a little spoon of olive oil but it has not worked! Do you know a good remedy??

My mom is worried too about the mass but at the same time she wants to think positively and hopes it is nothing serious.

We know the Power of the Paw is working for me!

Thanks a lot!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Good vibes please!

Lorenza's mom here...
This is not the way we wanted to come back but we need you.
We are in the hospital. Lorenza had a surgery.
Last monday night, I noticed blood in her pee. I called her Vet.
Yesterday morning he took X-rays and there he saw some little stones. He programmed her surgery for today at noon.
I have had kidney stones too and I know the pain they cause. I feel so sad knowing that she was in pain.
While he was performing the surgery, he found a small mass of tissue. He took a sample to analyze it. We will know the results next week.
I am waiting for her to be awake enough to take her home, if not I will spend the night here. There is no way I would leave her here alone.
I have faith everything is going to be ok.

Have a good night

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blogging break...

This morning my mom turned on the laptop. And again the internet connection was playing games. I heard lots of HBO words.

Then, we had a talk. She told me that we need a break.

I am fine and my grandparents are fine. My mom is fine too but she is tired and wants to share more time with us these days.

I am not very happy but at the same time I understand her.
And I hope you all understand us too!

I promise we will be back soon!
Take care


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cold.... very cold....

I was wishing the cold weather would not come... but I was not so lucky...

The heater is turned on...

I don't like cold weather!!!

And this is all you can see of me today...

Even the internet connection is frozen.
It comes... and goes.... comes.... and goes...
I hope it lets me visit your blogs later during the day!

Have a great saturday!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wordless.... almost

Do you have one more??

Have a good night