Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thinking on my friends

I had been thinking on all my friends today. Those who are healthy. Those who are sick. Those who were called to the Rainbow Bridge.
When my mom came home, my grandma told her about it. My mom talked to me. She said there are things we can not understand. Things that are not fair, but we have to be possitive. Being sad does not help them. She told me to pray for the ones who are having health problems and to keep the good memories of the ones who are no longer with us. I guess she is right.
Then, she invited me to play bitey hands with her..... and I had fun hearing her "ooouchies"


Now is time to sleep. Good vibes to all my friends. I am praying for you all.

Have a good night

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thanks Moco and Grammie!

I am ready to go.... Where?
To the Postal Service Office!

No dogs allowed....

I got it!

Checking.... checking....

OMD! Chicken Jerky!

Yummy treats. Chicken Jerky, Pup-Peroni, Lick'n Crunch coockies. And a nice and noisy squeakie burger!

This coockie is delicious!

Yes, it is!

Thanks Moco and Grammie!

Yesterday morning, the mean mailman came to my house. He gave my grandma a paper that said there was a package for me at the Postal Office. My grandma called my mom to her work and she said she had time to go and pick it up. My surprise was that she came home first and she took me and my grandma with her. There we went and of course I had to wait at the office door. My mom asked for the package and one lady gave it to her. The lady asked to her if she was Lorenza. My mom said "No, Lorenza is right there at the door". The lady saw me and started yelling. She called her co-workers to see me. They said that they knew me because nobody got more Christmas Cards the last year (and this one too!) than me. We said "bye-bye" and went home.
My mom checked the package before open it and she told me that it was from Moco and Grammie! I was so excited! The box was opened and I saw a big big bag of Chicken Jerky, Pup-Peroni, delicious cookies and a squeakie hamburger! My mom was good enough and gave me a cookie. Then she put everything back in the box and told me that I had to wait until night to get another treat. I was not so happy with that but I still had the taste of the cookie in my mouth so I told her it was ok.
I sent an email to Moco and Grammie to say thanks for all the great things they sent to me and told them that I had the squeakie burger on the bed to play with it at midnight... and I did it! Ha-ha!
Thanks again Moco and Grammie. I am very happy with your presents... and my mom too!
Have a good night

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Paws crossed

Paws crossed.
I have my paws crossed for Snickers, Jackson, Dakota, Noah and Tess, Verdi, and all our friends who are having health problems.

Also my paws are crossed for Sherman, Penny and Lola. They are having a hard time too.




Car ride. Destination... Pollo Loco..... Yummy!


Today I wore this dress.... instead of....

this one.....
RESULT: America 3 - Santos 2
Today was the begining of the soccer season. My mom forgot about it. I did not wear my lucky Santos dress. They lost. I hope this is not a bad signal.
I was tagged by Deefor to think of something my mom could do to make me a happy dog.
Like Deefor, I am a happy dog but.......
I'd be happier if my mom would stay at home with me 24/7.
Getting more than one treat a day would be nice too.
Having a big yard to run free
Having at least one pet shop here where I live
Having a dog park
(All of the above are just dreams... but maybe one day....)
Hershey and Kaci.... what could make you happier?
Have a good night

Friday, July 25, 2008


I sniff something new here....

Hey! Who are you?

Nice to meet you!

Can we be friends?

I have to go. I hope I can see you again!

I went out for my walkie and I saw a pretty girl there at Ramona's house. I think she was visiting her. No human was there so I could not know her name. She was very friendly which was very rare because all the girl dogs bark at me.

Baylee tagged me to play the name game.

What is your name?
My name is Lorenza
If you could change your name, what would it be?
Princess Lorenza
What is your pet's name (it can be a webkinz or a real pet)?
Veronica (ha!) She is my mom and I do with her whatever I want.
If you could change your pet's name what would it be?
Silly mom. Because she really is!
What is your brother or sister's name?
I don't have brothers or sisters
If you could change their name, what would it be?

Gorda tagged me for the Unspectacular Quirks Meme.
These are the rules:
Link to the one who tagged you. List the rules on your blog.
Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
Tag some blogger friends with links.
Leave a comment on their blog to let them know they've been tagged.
Here I go with some of my unspectacular quirks:
1. I love baths. If I could get more than one bath a day, I'd be very happy.
2. I like to sleep under the covers and pillows. Even if we are at 112 degrees.
3. I've never made my poo business outside my house. Pee? Just a few times.
4. I love all my dresses but if we talk about sweaters.... I hate them.
5. I like to sleep in my pool.
6. I love my vet... until he tries to cut my nails.

I tag Abby, Pedro, Rambo, Happy, Petra and Deefor!

Have a great weekend

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

DWB Mission!

We were reading your blogs and then we saw the DWB news. There is an important mission for all of us! Click here, read it and participate if you can. Thanks!



Looking at...

Sniffing it.....

Tasting it....


"Mom, that was not funny. I will not talk to you until you give me

Have a good night

Monday, July 21, 2008


"Princess on board"... means "Lorenza on board"

Going for sunday lunch.....

"Mister..... 4 lonches please"

"With pork, avocado, tomatoe, onion and lots of chile, please"


This is a Lonche... Yummilicious!

Have a good night

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Be patient... until you get it!



I was tagged by Baylee and Gorda for some games too. I promise I will do it as soon as my mom feels better. This morning she woke up with a horrible headache and has been sleeping almost all day. Shes says it is not fun to feel sick on weekends!
I love to be in the kitchen when my grandma is there because I know what it means.... food!
This is a good place to be right now....

I know something is happening up there.....

I knew it!....

Just waiting.... being patient....

Healthy and delicious!

You can't see it but I am drooling....


Looking at my eyes you could think that I am choking! But not, those are my "yummy delicious sandwich" eyes!

I told you... be patient until you get it! Always works!

I hope you all are having a great weekend!