Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Lorenza Halloween I

I hope you all have a Happy and Safe Halloween!
(The hat is a Blingee trick... the real one is very small!)

This is my dress for the night...

This one is for the day...

As you can see the hat is very small... I thing my grandma did not take in consideration that I am a big-head!

I had to get a treat to leave alone the hat!

This morning I went out for a walkie wearing the "for the day" dress. No problem with this one because it is a "normal" dress. My mom forgot the camera.


Then, we came home and she put me on the "for the night" dress. My grandma had to help my mom because I hate, hate, hate to have things on my head!
My mom could not get nice pictures but at least I was not eating the hat!

Now, I am going to take a nap and later go out for another walkie and maybe someone will give me treats!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Summer time...

Hi, kitty!

I saw the lazy kitty again...

This one was following me...

My neighbors. The Weimeran and a Great Dane ( I don't know what happened to the Blue Heeler!)

Good night, my friends!

Summer time is over. Last sunday we had to set our clocks one hour back. So now, as soon as my mom comes home from work we go out for my walkie before it gets very dark.
We are having a nice weather. It is still hot but not as much as 2 weeks ago.

I am waiting for my Grandma to finish my Halloween dress. She told me she is making me 2! One to wear in the morning and the other one for the night! I will show them to you in my next post!

Have a good night

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...


Have a nice day!



Monday, October 26, 2009

Waiting and waiting....

Hurray! I could upload a picture!

I have been here waiting for the internet man to come and fix the problem! It has been a 6 days since we made de report!
My mom is so desperate that today she called another company to get the service. She could not do it by phone so she did it at her office through the internet. She got a message saying that it was done... but they did not say when they could be here! Hmmm....

Have a good night

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Please don't forget me!

I am here! But you can't see me!
Thankfully Rick went away!
As a result of all the raining we got lots of flooding streets and with the power coming and going on and off, the internet modem is broken! My mom tried to re-set it. It works for a few minutes and then FREEZE! If we get signal it is veeeery slooooow. So slow that it does not let me upload one single picture!
My mom called the internet company and they said a technician is coming to check it but we have to wait at least 3 days!
I promise I will be back as soon as this is solved!
Take care

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oh, Rick!

Hurricane Rick is giving us a hard time right now!
It has been raining all day long. The power is on and off every few minutes.
The authorities from Civil Protection and National Water Commission are in alert because the ditches are at their full capacity and maybe they will have to free the water through the dry river (like it happened the last year). And that means CAOS.
I hope I can visit you all tomorrow!
Have a good night

Monday, October 19, 2009

Something smells fishy....

My mom is in the kitchen... this is my chance...

I can do it! I know I can...

Hmmm.... I can't reach it!

Yummy fried fish!

I need a better plan for the next time!

I am half happy and half sad tonight...

Santos won...
Yankees lost...

I guess you can't have everything, right??

Have a good night

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Somebody please explain me what is wrong with humans!
First my mom was worried due to my mushy poop. Vet visit. I got an injection and he changed my diet... and no veggies and treats. OK! Then.... no poop at all and then more worries. 2 days and no poop.
This morning we went out for a walkie. My mom got a poop bag with her. I have never done poop outside my house but she was hoping the excercise could move something inside me to make me do what I needed to do....

Beer! Can I have one?? No??? Hmmm....

Well maybe I can have some nachos or an ice cream! No?? Hmmm....

Sniffing a high pee mail!

We were walking for almost 2 hours... and nothing. So when we came home my mom called my Vet again. After several questions he gave my mom the remedy....

Olive oil mixed with honey bee!
He told my mom to give it to me before my dinner. So we had to wait for another 6 hours! Finally it was time and she gave me the remedy. For some reason my mom did not give it to me with the honey bee but I did not care. The oil was tasty and even I licked the spoon!
I ate my rice and chicken and then I then I told my mom... "Excuse me for a minute... I have something to do! And.... TA-DA! A perfect poop!
My mom does not know if the olive oil worked or maybe it was time for me to do it!
So, everything looks great right now!
Thanks a lot to you all for your well wishes!
Are you happy now, mom??

Have a good night

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I am not happy...

Looking at this face... do you think I am happy?? Of course not!

Let me explain you. Last Monday night, my mom noticed I had made "mushy poop". She thougth I had eaten something that I should not.
Tuesday morning, we she went to work, she told my Grandma to keep an eye on "my bussiness". In the afternoon, my poop was not so liquid so my mom thought I was ok.
Wednesday my Grandma called my mom to work to tell her my poop was again mushy and that I had been like sad during the day. My mom called my Vet to make and appointment and he told her to take me there at 5 pm. There we went and... OMD! First, he checked me from nose to tail. Then, he stole my blood. Then, he went away to run the test. He came back. Everything looked normal. A light dehydration and something that indicated to him an infection. And here it came an injection.
The worst part? DIET!
First he said "Nothing tonight".... WTF??? And for the next 3 days, no kibble, no veggies, no treats! Only twice a day a special food that comes in a can and more antibiotics.

Special food and antibiotics...

When we came home I asked my mom for my dinner. No luck! Then I asked her for me treat. No luck! I was starving! I went to sleep with my tummy empty!
This morning, my mom put that "special food" in my bowl and... and... EWWWW!
I did not like the smell of it and it looked disgusting!
Fortunatelly, my Grandma had boiled rice and chicken in the fridge! My mom washed my bowl and put it there the homemade food and.... YUMMY!

Homemade food... boiled rice and chicken!

Today, my poop "looked" better and I played with with my ball again!
I hope these 3 days go away fast because I am missing my veggies and my treat!

This is what I did when my mom said "Sorry Lorenza, no treat for you tonight"!

Have a good night

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanks Mango!

The mean mailman came today to deliver a package. It has my name.... so it is all mine!

What is this??

A pawesome ducky!

Giving my ducky a shake-shake love!

A beautiful charm and beautiful fabrics!

These computer pets that I am going to share with my mom!

Beautiful fabric for dresses! Yummy treats!
Yesterday, Mango left me a comment asking me if I had gotten a package that he had sent to me. Nope. And I thought "next time I see the mean mailman I am going to bark mad at him"!
Well, today he came and I barked at him but then he showed me a package! And I was very happy, (so happy that I pee a little!).
I had to wait until my mom came home and she helped me opening it!
And then, when it was opened... Ayayay! I saw pawesome presents!
Mango sent me lots of nice things! 2 different and beautiful fabrics for dresses, a ducky toy that got my instant love! A beautiful charm for my collar, 2 little dachshunds for my mom's computer and yummy Baked Bones treats!
Thanks a lot Mango! You are a wonderful friend and I love you so much!
Have a good night

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Presidents Cup weekend...

Golf, golf, golf... My mom watched the Presidents Cup all weekend!
This time it was too much for me....
Sleeping on this side of the sofa....

Then... on the other side...

Then with my grandma...

Then I tried the other sofa...

Is it over?? Can we go out for my walkie now??

We had a very sporty weekend. Friday night... Yankees. Saturday (all day) Presidents Cup. Saturday afternoon... soccer. Mexico got its place for the World Cup! Sunday... Presidents Cup... and Yeah! USA! USA! Now... ready for the Yankees game!
Yes, it was too much for me but I have to admit I had several walkies too!
Have a good night

Friday, October 9, 2009

Eyewatch Friday...

This is our sky this afternoon.... soooo blue and not a single cloud!

I am on a mission...

I know I am close...

Aha! Norwood... this is for you!

Mission accomplished!

Lets go home to watch the baseball game!

Have a good night

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...


Have a good night



Monday, October 5, 2009

Going to the store...

Let's go to buy bread...

Looking for the doggies on the roof...

No luck. I guess it was too hot to be on the roof!

What? No dogs allowed???

No problem... I'll wait here....

This afternoon when my mom came home from work, my grandpa was watching Emeril. He was making a delicious sandwich and my grandpa said he wanted one. My grandma told him she could not make it because there was no bread, soooo... off we went to buy some! I had to wait outside the store. There were lots of people inside. My mom thought they were giving away something! We waited... and waited.... until he came out! He told us he was lucky to get the last 3 pieces of bread! We came home, my grandma made the sandwiches and THEY enjoyed them! And me?? I enjoyed my boring kibble!! Not fair!

Have a good night