Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cross stitch

Before I came to live with my mom, she used to make lots of cross stitch works. 4 months ago my auntie Rosa asked her to make one for a new baby in the family. My mom said yes, but she did not say when! Well, looks like this is the time. She took out of the closet all the materials and she is decided to start it now! I will show it to you when it is finished, ok?
What can I do while she works on that?


Have a good night

Monday, January 28, 2008

I know where they are!

I know you are there inside....
Would you please open the door and give me a treat?

Let me check them....

This! I want one of these!
Since my mom changed my treats to the fridge, as soon as I come home, I no longer go to the closet where they used to be. I go directly to the fridge and wait until my mom gives me one!


Have a good night

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Something good

Reading the newspaper with my grandma

New toy

Looking for a good spot to roach!
I hope you all are having a great weekend! I haven't done too much. Just normal weekend things. Cleanning, napping, washing, napping, mopping, napping, you got the idea, right?
This afternoon while we were out walking I met Dorian. I was so happy to see him again! After sniffing each other for a while we said "bye bye". Then, I saw a mini dachshund! He was by himself. No humans with him. He did not have an ID, not even a collar. We had not seen him before so we really did not know where he lived. My mom was worried and did not know what to do, so she decided to go walking for different streets to see if he could recognize his home. After walking with him like 12 blocks finally my mom saw a sign with his picture. Yes, he was lost! His name is Lloron (means someone who cries a lot). We went to the address marked on the sign. He recognized the place and we rang the bell. A lady came out and started screaming with happiness! Looking at her face we could see she had been crying. She said he was lost since this morning. Her family went out looking for him but they could not find him. The lady offered my mom a reward which she refused. Trying not to be rude, my mom asked to the lady to put him a collar with and ID. She promised to do it! We went to our home feeling happy... and tired! I guess this has been the longest walkie I ever had!
I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend with your families!
Have a good night

Thursday, January 24, 2008

My mom and her ideas!

I have long ears. During the winter they are always cold. My mom says this is a good way to keep them warm....

Thinking about it.....

Aghh! No, I don't like her idea...

This is what she deserves for making this to me!

Have a good night

Tuesday, January 22, 2008



Would you please do me a favor?? Clive is sick. I'd like to ask you all to go to his blog and give he and his mom moral support. I am sure they will appreciate it. Thanks a lot!

I am bored!

Supervising my grandmaSupervising the patio

Supervising the dinning room

I love to run around the tables!

Today was a boring day. Besides taking lots of naps with my grandpa I tried to entertain myself. I did not find many interesting things to do. I played with my toys for a while and then my grandma joined me to play with my balls. But after an hour she said she needed to prepare their lunch. I went with her to the kitchen to supervise everything and to make sure she would not forget my veggies. Then I went to the patio to bark at the birds and to sniff around. I came inside and went room by room looking for something to do. Nothing! So, I had to take more naps until my mom came home. My happy hour began. Walkie, dinner, some play time and that was it.

I hope your day was better than mine!
Have a good night

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Nothing special

Watching..... I mean.... helping my mon.

Do you remember the little fridge that was inside the closet? Well, now it has a new purpose....

To keep my treats!!! Many of you have showed us your treat jars.... so I guess this is my new treat jar!

The clothes finally came out of the closet!!

Here I am eating my kibbles. Four legs grounded....

Here I am at noon eating my veggies. Leg lifted!


Here, we don't have snow but sure its cold. I like to take naps on my grandpa's chair. Wrapped in a blankie!

My long weekend with my mom at home its almost over. We did a lot of things together. She was cleaning like crazy, finally took out of the closet her warm clothes, unwrapped some christmas presents (can you belive that?), put in order her shoes and made room in a drawer for my new sweaters. She bought a new comforter set and we were changing the bed. Also we went to her "groomer" and she got a new haircut. The best part was that between all those activities we took a lot of naps!
Today we watched a very boring Santos game which BTW ended 1-1. Then we watched the Patriots game. We don't understand too much so we can't say if it was exciting or not. The only thing we know for sure is that they won!
Now, its almost time to go to bed and get ready for another long week!
I hope you all had a great weekend

Friday, January 18, 2008

Thanks Ume!

I got 19 more cards!

Today my mom took the day off. She said she wanted to look for her warm clothes that are in the closet. Guess what?? She did nothing!
First time in the morning when we went to my granparents house for my breakfast, there was a big water mess in their kitchen. A pipe broke and they did not notice it! My mom tried to fix it but she couldn't so she called a plumber to do it. While they were wainting for the plumber, they cut the water and started to dry the kitchen. The man came, fixed it and left. By this time my mom had a big headache! Maybe because its cold and she was all wet. She went to get a hot shower and then back to bed. As you can imagine I did not mind it! Then, after 2 hours we woke up and she felt better.
Later, she got a phone call from my vet. It was time for a vaccine. We went there. He put me on the scale and OMD! I lost another pound! He said that I am pretty close to my ideal weight. Just two more pounds! I got the vaccine and he clipped my nails. Then back to home.
When we came here, my grandma told us that the mean mailman had come with a parcel for me. So I went to the living room to see it and open it.
My dear friend Ume sent me a very nice toy that makes very funny noises and a bag of yummy treats that BTW I opened by myself! My mom took this video but the battery died when I was about to run away with the treats. Too bad my mom caught me and I only had a few pieces! Thanks Ume. Your presents made me very happy. I guess I am a lucky girl having great friends like you.
My mom's clothes?? Are still there in the closet. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day to look for them!
Have a good night

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My tongue!

Many of you have been showing us your tongues and I want to show mine. My mom had to look in all her files because there are not many pictures of me showing it. These are the ones we have!
Bentley and Niko tagged me to share 7 weird things about me. This is hard because I DON'T DO WEIRD THINGS! (Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!)
1.- I like to sleep on a pillow and with another pillow over me.
2.- When my grandma gives me my veggies at noon, I eat them with my right front leg lifted. I don't do this with my breakfast or dinner.
3.- I love my clothes. During the summer because that means walking time and during the winter because they keep me warm and I am always freezing.
4.- I don't have a problem getting my nails clipped by my vet, but if he tries to polish them I act like if he is trying to kill me!
5.- I always want my mom to carry me in her arms. As soon as I see her I ask for this. My mom says that I am a little bit heavy to go around carrying me.
6.- I love my mean mailman. I always pee pee when he comes to my house. (BTW he brought me 17 cards today!)
7.- I am not good with commands but I understand many words. If my grandma says "three" I run to the kitchen because that means "cheese" and she always gives me 3 little pieces. If my mom says "lets go" I run to my closet to choose the dress I want to wear for my walkie. If my mom says "to sleep" I run to the door ready to go to my bed.
Have a good night

Monday, January 14, 2008

Thanks Sunshade and Jaffa!

Here is the proof! All those clothes hanging there in the patio are mine. Not grandma's, not grandpa's, not mom's.... only Lorenza's!!


You will not believe what the mean mailman told us today. He said that someone there at the postal service office told him that there were several cards for me but he could not get them in time to bring them today! Hello!!! Christmas is over and they are keeping them?? Yes, these things only happen in Mexico!
Well, after a loud bark, he gave me an envelope. It is from Miss Sunshade and Jaffaman! It contanied a beautiful card and a bag of beef tripe dog treats! I've never eaten beef tripe and from the smelling I can say..... yummy!
Thank you so much Sunshade and Jaffa. I have not seen new posts on your blogs but sure I hope everything is ok with you two and your mom!
Its getting very cold here! Better go under my blankets to keep myself warm.
Have a good night