Sunday, November 29, 2009

After the rain... a walkie!

UPDATE. Would you please keep in your prayers Rocky's Mom??
I guess we need to go that way...
Trash!! It smells good!...

Did you hear them?? I know they are jelous of me!

Sorry you have to be inside..... ppfffrrrr!

Look! I found all these treasures while walking!
My mom says the screwdriver and the money is for her! Hmmmm....


We had a rare weekend. Rain, hot, wind, cold...

We were waiting to know what really happened to Tiger Woods. At this point I think that is one of the million things we will never know! But the rumors are funny.... Ooops!

Then, we watched Santos losing in the playoffs.

Better go to sleep early and wait for what the new week brings to us!

I hope you all had a nice weekend!

Friday, November 27, 2009

My Christmas tree is finished...

Giving it a look...

I like it!

The front door ornament...

Making sure they did it well...

What do you think??

My mom had two "interesting" days.
Our new internet service is provided by a phone company. Knowing that this one works pretty good, my mom went to cancell the "old" one that we get through a cable company.
She had paid for a year of service. When she told them she wanted to cancell it and to transfer the amount paid to our cable tv service, they told her it was not possible. Why? Because the payment had been applied to the internet service. "It is no longer in use..." "It does not matter..." She asked to talk with their supervisor... He was not there... "Someone else to talk about that..." "Nobody..." End of the story??? "You will not get your money back..." "You are robbers".... "Maybe we are".... "I am going to sue you"... "Do it... those things don't work here". Then they asked my mom why she wanted to cancell the service... "Because it is the worst".... Oh, yes we have heard that"
She left that place bitting her tongue to not say HBO words!
Then, she went to the postal office to buy the stamps for my Christmas Cards.
A fact: Torreon has a population of 1 million of persons and there is only one postal office. "I need stamps for 120 cards that are going to different countries." "Which countries?" "These, these and these". "We don't have that many stamps" "Whaaat?" "We will have them in 2 weeks" "Whaaat?"
She went to the next town... No luck. She went to the next next town.... a very small one... where finally she found the soooo wanted stamps!
Last night, my cards were ready to be sent!
Today morning... my mom went to work. At 9am my grandpa called her to say that the phone was not working. My mom thought.... "This must be a joke!"
She does not care about phone at home. She never uses it. But... the internet works with a phone line... My mom did not know if she wanted to laugh or to cry! She made the report thinking how many days it could take for them to check it. 10 minutes later she called my grandpa (to his cell phone) to tell him that it was reported and... guess what?? The "phoneman" was already here to fix it! My mom could not believe it.... Here you can get used to bad services and this one is really good!
I am so glad everything is in order here and now we can have a nice weekend!
I hope yours is very nice too!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! myspace graphic comments
December 23th, 2005 was the day my mom got me.
She had been wanting a girl dog for a long time.
She wanted a Jack Russell or a Fox Terrier. She never found one here.
My auntie came from Saltillo to spend Christmas with my mom and my grandparents. They were talking about "that dog". My mom was sad and she said that if she could not find a JR or a FT she would like a Dachshund! And my grandpa told her he had seen an ad in the newspaper offering a Dachshund! She called to that place. They told her I was a girl and there she went with my auntie to see me. As soon as she saw me she fall in love with me!
She paid and we went home. In our way to home, my auntie asked to my mom what was going to be my name. My mom said "Lorenza" and my auntie looked at my mom thinking she was "lorenza" (a way to call crazy people in spanish).
1 hour later, I started puking and puking. Then liquid poop. My mom was in panic. She call that Vet (the man who had me was a Vet!) and he said it was the change of environment (?) and to give me some time. My mom could not sleep that night. More puking more pooping. Next day she took me there and I got an injection. And then another one. No changes. Next day, Christmas day, I was there again. My mom cried and cried a lot. She knew I was very sick. She thought I was going to die because I did not want to eat or drink water. My auntie asked to that Vet if I had Parvo. He said NO. More shots. To make it short... I was full of worms and he did not know!!! Can you believe that?
My mom is very stubborn and thanks to that I am alive now! I had another health episodes treated by that Vet until my mom got tired of him.
Thankfully my mom found a wonderful Vet who has been taking very good care of me! At 9 months old I was spayed and one month later I had another surgery because I had a mammary tumor. My mom slept on the floor with me for almost 2 months.
Some time later I was gaining weight. Some tests and my Vet found I had a bad thyroid. Since then I take a pill everyday and I am doing very well.
I have to say I came here to change my mom's life. She used to be very lonely. She spent all her time at home in her bedroom watching tv. But... here comes Lorenza who loves to be with her grandparents and with her mom at the same time! Sooo... when she needs to do something at our home, she takes me with her and a few minutes later I want to go with my grandparents soooo she takes me back with them and that goes and goes.
I almost never be alone at home. They take turns to go out so there is always someone with me.
Vacations?? Parties?? Forget about them.
People who know my family think they are crazy because they put me always first. My mom says "Yes, we are happily crazy.... and we don't care about your opinion"
Soooo, I was my mom's own Christmas present and she says I am the best gift she has ever had!
Thanks for reading my story!

I don't have a lot of puppy pictures of me. At that time my mom did not have a digital camera and that was the last of her worries!
We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here but sure I am thankful for my family and all the love and attention they give to me everyday and I am thankful too for having you all my dear friends!
Have a great day!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Thinking about a nap while my mom and my grandma finish...

Naah... I need to check how they are doing it... with a pause to lick my back legs...

Not ready yet??? Hmmm....

Sniffing something up there on the table....

Ready??? Giving a look at it....

Almost!!! It needs a big bow on the top, the thing that covers the "legs" and maybe it will be finished!

Have a good night

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday supervising...

I woke up at 8 am today. I gave my mom one hour more to sleep.
Now I am ready to supervise my mom and my grandma...

Ornaments almost finished at 5 pm...

Telling my grandma where to place the ligths...

Another point of view...
(on my mom's lap of course!)

It is 10 pm. They have not finished yet. And I want to go to sleep...
Enough for today. I will be ready tomorrow morning for the last part of the decorations!
Have a good night

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A dark walkie...


This is how it looked when we came out for my walkie...

Later I saw....

The kitty mom!

When she saw me, she ran away.... and I ran behind her!!

But she did not want to say hello to me!!
Hmmm.... next time!

And this is how it looked when we came back..... very dark!

My mom has not finished the ornaments.
She told me the day does not have enough hours. Work, my walkie, my play time, blogging....
I am ready to help her again this weekend!
Have a good night

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas decorations... almost

It is 7am... I am ready to help you mom!

Keeping an eye on my mom...
Then... 2 hours later....

???? Is that all??
Where are the ornaments??

Is she making the ornaments or having a party with all those ballons??

My mom and her ideas!!
Have a good night

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday walkie...

I had not gone out for a walkie since last wednesday. I like that my grandma or my grandpa join us when we go out but if my mom does not come with me, I refuse to leave my house! My grandparents have tried several times to take me out in the mornings while my mom is at work but I don't like it!
My mom wants to tell you all THANKS for your good wishes. The mean "rock" is still playing games with her. It has not come out. Yesterday she was not feeling very well so we decided to stay at home.
And today... today was the day! Finally a walkie!!

I have been waiting a long time mom... Why are you taking all that time??

A very interesting pee-mail left on a tyre....

And then another one!!
I wonder why dogs love to pee on tyres!

What I see??

The kitty I had seen before is a mom!! And she was there relaxing with her "kids"!

OK! Enough... lets go home!

More pictures?? What I need is my dinner!!

Tomorrow is a holiday here in Mexico. Sooooo... my mom is going to be here with me!! And I heard something about the Cristmas tree coming out of a storage box!!

I hope Snickers is doing well.
Max, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Have a good night

Friday, November 13, 2009


Last wednesday, my mom came home earlier because we wanted to see on tv the inauguration of Santos new stadium...

I went out for my walkie then I had my dinner and we were ready for the show. My mom changed her work clothes for her pajamas and I took my place on the bed. Then... my mom started screaming... and crying. I did not know what was going on. She screamed louder. And I was very scared. My mom was calling for my grandma but my grandma could not hear her. My mom took me from the bed and we went downstairs. My mom put me on the floor and I rushed to look for my grandma. My grandma asked me what was happening. I came back where my mom was and my grandma followed me. My mom was at the door unable to walk any more. Next thing I knew, they were gone. I stayed with my grandpa while my grandma took my mom to the ER. There they gave her first a painkiller shot. Then questions, then laboratory tests, an ultrasound and finally a CT. The result... a kidney stone trying to get out!! Two days later, the stone is still there but my mom came home today at 4pm!

As you can imagine... we did not see the inauguration but everyone says it was pawesome!

Have a good night



PS... My mom went to check our Google Reader and it says we have 324 posts!!... This is going to be a long night...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Supporting Martha and Bailey...

Today afternoon I went out for my walkie. And I thougth this was a good day to join Martha and Bailey in their campaign... Not looking at you flashy box...!!

Did I do a good job??

Have a good night

Saturday, November 7, 2009

New internet service...

The internetman never came to fix our connection. The signal came by itself at the end of the last week. It means, our modem was not broken. It was a general problem but they never told us that. As I told you my mom made a contract with another company and the new "service" came in a box the same day we had back the signal from the other company. The man with the box told my grandma... "Sign here and enjoy your internet!" ???? The box was on the desk for almost a week... waiting for my mom to install it... And finally she did it yesterday!!

I like this one! Its spokesman is a dog!

It says... "Wireless kit"...


Here I am giving my mom moral support...
As you know my mom knows ZERO about all those things. But she got the courage and started following all the instructions... One cable here, another there, insert the CD, follow the steps... something went wrong... out the CD. In the CD.... some HBO words... out the CD! Finally the screen said "Congratulations!". Took away the cables... no signal... put again the cables, there it went the CD again.... more HBO words.... until she got it! Ufff!
She turn off everything and we went to have lunch. Then we came back, she turn on the laptop and it did not work. Off.... on.... off.... on.... nothing. I saw her and noticed she wanted to cry... I came close to her... she gave it another try and... Ta-Daaaa!
My mom likes the new internet. It is supposed to be the same velocity as the other but this works faster! Lets hope everything goes well from now on!

We watched again the Yankees!

And the parade too!

I hope you all are having a great weekend!