Friday, February 29, 2008


I can't come in!

Sad me waiting for my mom...

Happy to see her again!

Someone was here before...

Now, waiting for my grandpa

Leash malfunction!

The only exciting thing about today its that.... ITS FRIDAY!!!

I hope you all will have a great weekend with your families!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Do you remember my old lady?

Here she is now.... hat-less

And arm-less

There is always a first time for everything. And this is the first time that I do this to a toy! But I have to say that it was not all my fault. My mom is guilty too. I was playing with her. Shaking, shaking, shaking and then my mom came and tried to grab her by one leg, I had her arm in my mouth, I refused to give her up... and the rest is history!


Maybe if I practice enough I can ask to the Santos team for a job!

Have a good night

Monday, February 25, 2008


They gave me this award because they say I make them smile! I want to pass it on The Zoo Crew, Maya and Kena and Behr.


Today a met another friend while I was walking. His name is Maromas (means something like acrobat). He lives in the church of our neighborhood. He is very funny. He cries when he sees me! I think he needs a bath and a haircut even if my mom says that he looks cute.

My vet called my mom to tell her about the results of the test. He said everything looks good. My thyroid is working almost normally. So, he told my mom to give me only one pill instead of two everyday. This is going to be for 6 months and then... another test.

Have a good night

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Do I look better?

Today morning I went to the vet. He took my again my blood for a test. He wants to know how my thyroid is doing. I hope everything is ok. I've lost another pound! He said that I need to lose only one more. When we came home I was starving! I use to have my breakfast at 7 am and it was 11:30 when I got it!
After that we were watching golf. Almost all day! Finally, when it was over we when out for a walkie. This time I wore a pretty dress but I did not meet any dog face to face. I saw lots but all of them were behind doors! And barking a lot!
When we came home we got a phone call from my Grandma. She is now visiting my uncle in Chetumal and she said she will be back until the end of the next week! We all miss her but I think my Grandpa more than anyone!
Have a good night

Thursday, February 21, 2008


I got another Christmas card today! Thanks Max!
What was that??

Something funny happened today while I was walking with my mom and my grandpa.
I was happily walking. Sniffing everything. Pees, poos, flowers, you name it. Then, I saw a little dog far away. I started running toward him. It makes me so happy to meet friends on the street! We were face to face and... guess what he did?? He sniff my butt, turned his back, left his leg, peed on the wall and walked away! My mom and my grandpa were laughing like crazies! I blame my mom! I was dressed like a boy once again! Maybe thats why he did not notice that I was a pretty girl! When we came home I had a serious talk with my mom and she promised it was the last time I'd wear that sweater to go out for a walkie!
Have a good night

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Somebody knows??

Thanks Ripley!
I love your award!


This is me yesterday. Naked because the day was very hot.

This is me today.
I need an answer!

Could someone please tell me what is wrong with the weather?? I thought the cold days were over. Yesterday I spent all day without clothes because it was very hot and today.... its cold again! My grandpa was worried because I did not want to move at all. He called my mom to her work to tell her about it. She told him to put my sweater on and I felt better. Later we went out for my walkie. It was a very short walkie because the wind was blowing really hard. I had my dinner and went directly under my blankies. I hope tomorrow will be a better (hot) day!

Have a good night

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Santos won!!!

The skiing party is over! Sure we all had great time. We had lots of activities inside and outside. Some of our friends had minor accidents but everyone is ok!
I came back home in time for the Santos game. The last season they were super leaders but they lost the play-offs. This season they are not doing so good. I think this is because of my lucky dress. They tied three times and lost once. But, today..... they won! This day was the first time I could wear my Santos dress. So, I know it was due to my dress.
Here the weather is hot now, so.... no more sweaters! I can wear my dresses but I have a problem with them. They are big now. Since I lost some weight, they don't fit very well on me as you can see in the last picture. I am waiting for my grandma to come back to ask her to fix them. Well, she has two options. To fix them or to make new ones! I think she can do both things. Lets hope she agrees with me!
I hope you all enjoyed your weekend with your families!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's party!

Pictures from the Valentine's party! We are having great time!
Pictures courtesy of Asta and Koobie

Copper asked to us to show our bloopers

My mom has taken tons of bad pictures of me. She is not a pro with the camera! These are some of the ones that remain on the computer.
Have a wonderful weekend!