Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A close encounter with a cat...

Last night we were reading your blogs...

When we finished my mom told me about the mess I had with my toys...

She decided to put them in order and to change the chair to the other side to give me easier access to the door, which, btw, was opened while she was doing that and suddendly... we saw a cat rigth there in my balcony and staring at me! I saw him and I was very surprised. I did not bark at him. I came out to say hello but he ran away from me!

Here he is on the other side of the roof...

Here I am telling him to come here and play with me....

He did not do it... and jumped to the next house!

I waited... and waited but he never came back!
I hope I see him again some time to play!
Have a good night

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Here I am starting my walkie...

Teasing my doggie neighbors...

Running away!...

Then this little chihuahua came to sniff me...

And then some more....

And more...

I was saved by my mom and she put me up on this bench!

My mom told me that if you do something bad you pay for it sooner or later. I was teasing my neighbors and then I paid for it being teased for that little dog!
End of my walkie.... end of the weekend!

Have a good night

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sunny day!

Today we had a very sunny day again...


First thing I saw while walking.... a frog! And I thought of Norwood!
I don't know if it was fate or what because I have been thinking of him for the last 3 days due to the problem I have to see his blog! Google reader tells me that he has a new post then I click it to go to his blog and I only can see this...

His header! But it does not load the contents! Is it just me or some of you have the same problem??
Norwood, if you read this post please tell me if there is something I can do to fix this!!

A good sniff....

Where I go?? To the right??

To the left??

Nope! Ahead, directly to my house!

Have a good night

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another rainy day....

Scary sky...

I am bored....

Playing with my old collar... not very exciting.... soooooo

I thought it was better to go to sleep early hoping tomorrow will be a sunny day!




Have a good night

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thanks Abby!

I love my new toy... but could you please tell my mom to give me some of those Liver Treats now??


I took Abby's 200th Post Quiz and.... I won!
Today morning the mean mailman came to deliver a package and I knew it was for me (my family never gets packages.... haaa!)
I had to wait until my mom came from work. Then I had to wait until she found the camera. Then I had to wait until I tried to open the package. Then I had to wait until my mom helped me.... Waiting.... waiting... waiting.... Not easy.... but it worth it!
Abby sent me a very nice note with her picture, a pawesome toy and a bag of treats I suspect are delicious.... and I say I suspect because my mom told me I have to wait (again!) until I have my dinner and theeeen... she will give me some!

Thanks again Abby! It was awesome to celebrate with you your 200th Post!

Have a good night

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Vet visit...

Yesterday morning I was happily sleeping...

It was cold and rainy... but my mom woke me up and took me to....

The Vet....
Time flies and it was again time for a pawdicure....

My Doctor was not there but another Vet took me to a room and made my pawdicure. While I was there my mom saw my last year's Christmas Card there...

When I came out, I was wearing a bandana! Too bad they don't have sense of style. The bandana did not coordinate with my dress! Haaaa!

Asking my mom to take the bandana away from me....

She did not do it... and I was not happy...

Have a nice day

Friday, September 18, 2009


What are you going to do, mom?? What is that??

A dehydrator??


Some time ago, my grandma was talking with one of her cousins about the chicken jerky that I love to eat and about the fact that we can't get it here.
My auntie told my grandma that she had a dehydrator and that maybe it could work for chicken jerky.
Well, yesterday night my auntie came with the machine and today morning my mom went to the supermarket to buy chicken breast. As soon as she came back she wanted to start but... the machine came without instructions! Soooo.... she did what she could and how she thought it was right!
We waited for about 4 hours and it was not easy because it was smelling very good. Finally my chicken jerky was ready!
I tasted it and I liked it a lot.
Next time my mom is going to cut the chicken thicker because the treats are like "chicken chips", which I don't care... they are yummy!
Have a nice day

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Viva Mexico!

This is a China Poblana!

And this is my China Poblana dress!


I am going to the Plaza!

Today is holiday here so we went to the Plaza this morning. There were lots and lots of people. My mom did not take many pictures because she was worried about me being around all the people. It was nice that everyone told me I looked pretty and very patriotic. One lady asked my mom for permission to take a picture with her cell phone and of course I posed proudly for her!
And many others asked.... Is a boy or is a girl?? C'mon! I was wearing a DRESS!.... Boys don't wear dresses!
We were there for about an hour and then we came home to have lunch and now I am ready to enjoy my mom at home for the rest of the week! She will be back to work until next monday!
Have a nice day