Thursday, May 31, 2007


Tonight my mom brought this gossips magazine that looked interesting to me

I tought to give it a look. I took my mom's eyeglasses and started reading it.

When I finished I decided that I didn't like all those gossips soooo.... I destroyed it.

The only problem with that its that I did it before my mom had the chance to read it!

Have a good night!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My blanket

The rain hasn't stopped. I went out for my walkie but it was shortened from one hour to 10 minutes. My mom decided to use that time to organize some things in our bedrom, so I had to entertain myself while my mom finished her things. What can I do?, What can I do?... Yes! I am going to play with my blanket!

Pulling it down from the bed...

Looking for a good side to start...


Can you see me?....


Hi, mom.... I am playing hide and seek!....

Looking for something else to do...

The weather here its pretty crazy. When I got up we were at 68 degress, later the rain begun, later the sun came out and we were at 104 degress, later once again rain, now we are at 61 degress! How can we have a normal life with this weather?? But, being honest, I am a happy girl and I can enjoy being inside or outside of my home. I feel so sorry for the humans because they complain a lot about the weather! I talked with my mom and I said: "No complains, take a blanket and play like I do!!
Have a good night!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Today has been a pretty normal and boring day for me. It's been raining and I couldn't go out for my walkie so nothing interesting happened. Thats why I want to tell you about something in my city.

People say that if you come to Torreon and don't visit El Cristo de las Noas, its like you hadn't been here.

We don't have many turistic places here, but this is a very important one:

The must visit "Cristo de las Noas" is the 2nd biggest Christ Sanctuary in Latin America, is the image of Jesus with extended arms, symbolising protection for the inhabitants of Torreon, it is situated on the top of a hill. In this hill named "Las Noas" (means cactus plant) there is a Catholic church over the top and where you can see the entire city in eagle view.

This is a view of Torreon from the hill. As you can see we don't have many green areas (its a desertic zone) and don't have tall buildings.

Have a nice day!


Sunday, May 27, 2007

8 Facts or Habits

I've been tagged by Ruby and Precious

I have to talk about 8 facts or habits about myself.

Here they are:

1.- I like to drink my water pretty fast so I tend to choke myself.
2.- I scrape the carpets like crazy, I love that!
3.- When someone comes to my house I pee pee with excitment.
4.- I love my pool. Everytime I came home from my walkie I run directly to my pool and lie down there for at least 15 minutes to cool me off.
5.- I howl pretty loud when my mom comes home from work and our neighbors think I am a little bit crazy and laugh.
6.- I don't like to pee or poo outside. I have my own bathroom and I never had an accident.
7.- I never growl to people or other dogs but when it came to play with my balls I do it a lot.
8.- If I find threads at my grandma's shop, I eat them and you know how and from where they come out!

I know almost everyone has been tagged, but I have to do it so, I tag Tadpole, Frasier, Peanuts, Sparky, Oscar, Girasol, Cooper and the Dachsies.

Here are the rules:
1- Each person tagged starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.
2- The person tagged blogs about each of these facts and posts the rules.
3- At the end of the blog entry, list eight people to get tagged.
4- Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged, and to read your

Have a nice day!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Who?.... Me?

My mom found this sign somewhere and now its in a wall in my house. She says it reflects exactly what happens in our house. Can you believe her? Well, well, well.... I have to admit it..... its soooooo right! My mom doesn't do anything without first think about me. Before I came to live with mom, she and my grandparents used to travel, go out for dinner or shopping, walk long distances and many other things. Now, they don't travel because there are not hotels here that accept pets. Shopping? No pets allowed. Walking long distances?... with my short legs?? I get tired very soon. Our walkies take time not because of the distance but for the time I take sniffing everything and if my mom tries to hurry me, I refuse to move faster. We walk an average of 15 blocks everyday and that take us like an hour!
I know when its time for everything:
7:00 - Breakfast time
9:00 - Play time
10:00 - Nap time
1:00 - Lunch time
3:00 - Play time
6:00 - My mom coming home time
6:30 - Walking time
7:30 - Dinner time
8:00 - Go home time
9:00 - Go to sleep time
And this schedule must be accomplished in time.
Do you think the sign is right?
Have a nice weekend!
Kisses and hugs

Friday, May 25, 2007


What am I seeing?

Yes! A little bird... and mom didn't let me chase him!

O.K. "This way mom"...

Then I see...


Sniff... sniff...

And this...

And this...

And this...!

Anybody there?

Well, let me explain you. Today I went out for my walkie. I was walking happily and then I saw a little bird that I wanted to chase but my mom didn't let me. Then we started to see garbage, garbage and more garbage.... everywhere. This is not a very pleasant view of my neighborhood. I asked my mom why this happens and she said that she doesn't understend why... people must take proper care of their own garbage and they don't do that, much more considering that the truck that pick it up won't come until next monday! So, the garbage will be there all the weekend!
Maybe I souldn't be talking about this but, I mean... its the place where I live, you know? And things like this make me feel sad!
Anyway... its friday and I want to wish you all a very happy weekend with your families!!


Kisses and hugs


Thursday, May 24, 2007

My doggie door

My mom is always looking for things to make my life (and hers too) easier. So, she bought a doggie door. She was so excited about the door even she installed it herself and let me tell you that it was not easy. She didn't have the right tools so she had to do it with what she had on hand. Finally she managed to install it. Next thing, she tried to make me to go through the door to come in and out (haaaaaaaaaa-haaaaaaaaaa, haaaaaaaaaa-haaaaaaaaa!!!). Comands, treats, toys... nothing has worked. The thing is that I don't like to push with my nose, soooo its impossible!! But guess what? My grandma is very smart and she found the perfect solution... she keeps the door open with a cord!! (picture # 3) my mom calls this "the perfect grandma's mexican solution". In that way I can come in and come out freely!!
Now my question is... Am I the only one fool dog who can't use a doggie door properly? Mmmmhhh! I have to think about it!!
Besos y abrazos

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


My mom's fridge

My grandma's fridge

Can you see the difference between both fridges? My mom's fridge is new but it contains only drinks, mustard, catsup, hot sauces and a yougurt which date expired like a month ago. My grandma's fridge is veeery old (and dirty) but its well stocked. It has the veggies that my grandma gives me everyday and that I love so much. Since my mom doesn't cook there is no need for food in her fridge (thats what she says!). My grandma loves to cook and I can tell you, she is very good chef. (Don't tell my mom, but I have tasted a lot of things that my grandama cooks!).

Have a good night!

P.S. Apolo won Dancing with the Stars! My mom is happy!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Who do I look like?

I was tagged by Ruby. Which Famous Celebrity Do You Most Closely Resemble??? is the name of the game. My mom had to think a lot (?) and this is the result....

My grandma says when I have my ears up I look like Frida Kahlo (?) but happier, so she calls me Frida. I am not so sure, I know she liked dogs but nothing else. Sorry, this is the best my mom could do.
Now I have to tag 3 friends and they are... Peanuts, Bruin and Hana.

Have a good night!

Monday, May 21, 2007

I got a bad cuz

A friend of my mom went to Florida on vacations. Talking with my mom she asked her if she wanted something from there. My so smart mom told her that she wanted a Cuz for me. My mom's friend doesn't have a dog so she didn't know what a Cuz is. My mom showed her a picture to give her an idea.
Yesterday, my mom's friend came back and.... I got my Bad Cuz. I know many of you have had your cuz for a long time and that you enjoy them a lot. I liked mine.... for 3 minutes! I mean, this bad cuz is not the most exciting toy I ever had, maybe is because is too big for my mouth. I played with it because my mom threw it away and I went to pick it up like 2 or 3 times, no more. My mom is a little bit frustrated. She has read your blogs for a long time, has seen you playing and even destroying your cuz and she thought it would be great to get one for me. Well mom, I feel sorry for you but it wasn't this time. I promise to play with it from time to time to make you happy.

Have a nice day
Tengan un bonito dia!)

Besos y abrazos

Sunday, May 20, 2007


This was then

This is now

In fact is the opposite. The second picture is of the doll my mom gave me like a year ago. She got it at a store that was closing its doors. It cost like .50 cts. I liked it a lot since the first moment, I played with her all day long. When I started to tear it up, my mom sew it, and sew it, and sew it until the doll ended with no face as you can see. My mom looked for a new one for many months and she couldn't find another. She bought me one pretty similiar but I didn't like it. And then, the last week she found it. The same!! Just one difference.... the price for this one is like 25 dollars! My mom thought it was a lot of money but... c'mon! I am a good girl and I deserve it!

Now, my technique to get to the point of the second picture is.....

Put yourself in position

Grab it by the nose

And start shaking it

And shake it harder

A little bit of tug of war

Bite the nose to finish.

And thats it! I know you know this technique and many others but this is the one I use an believe me... it works!
Besos y abrazos

Friday, May 18, 2007

Just a quick post

Just a couple of Doofus faces (sorry Tanner I had to say that!) to tell you....
Besos y abrazos
Edit: This is for Jackson. He asked me how to say "Happy Weekend" in spanish... so you say

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Visit to the vet and something else

Last tuesday I went to the vet. I needed my rabies vaccine and my mom needed my food and my heartworm preventive medicine. So there we went. The vet checked me up from nose to tail (and you know what I mean, ah?) I was a little bit stressed, I don't know why. But the vet said I am perfect (he's right! ha-ha!). He also clipped my nails and I was a good girl and let him work. He praised me a lot and gave me a big hug! No pictures, my mom forgot the camera!. It was late when we came back home so, no walkie, just my dinner, a little of watchdog in my railing and that was all.

Yesterday, my mom had a new experience. When she got to her office, she saw 2 little dogs playing in the garden, she smiled and came into her office. Like 2 hours later she heard them crying. She went out and gave them some milk. She continued her work and didn't heard them again. When she left her office to go home she didn't see them, so she thought that maybe someone had taken them. She couldn't sleep very well thinking about the little dogs. Today when she got to her office she saw them there. So she started thinking what she could do for them. She called my grandpa and asked him to go to ask our neighbor (she has 9 adopted dogs) if she knew where my mom could take them to be safe. Our neighbor told my grandpa to take the dogs to a vet she knows. This vet vaccines and deworms (is that a word?) stray dogs for her and later they are sent to a place where they can be adopted. The best thing is the vet she named, is my vet! So my mom put them in a box and went to his clinic. He wasn't there at the moment, so my mom talked with his assistant about the situacion and she said it was ok. They had done that for our neighbor several times. My mom offered to pay the bill but the assistant said it was not necessary because they had a deal with our neighbor so, she left the clinic feeling better knowing that the dogs are in good hands in a better place and that someone is going to take good care of them. When she came home she told us about the whole thing and gave me lots of kisses and hugs telling me how much she loves me!

Just a happy face to tell you.... "Have a good night!"

Besos y abrazos

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Sequence of events

The block is mine!


Time to go to bed

A little bit of Dancing with the Stars.

I'm done!
Have a good night!
P.S. My railing and my view is not as nice as Sherman, Penny and Lola's is but it's the only one I have and I love it.