Friday, July 31, 2009

I am a bird hunter!

And my mom and my grandparents are not happy about it! I will tell you the story...
(File picture)
My grandparents were having lunch and I decided to go out for a splash in my pool...

(File picture)
This bird was there on the wire and he came down for a splash in my pool! I thought he wanted to play and I chased him and I caught him!

This is what is left of the bird!

This is my doggie door now.... closed!

I am thinking I am in trouble...

But I just wanted to play... and have a snack!

I did not eat him (even if I wanted) because my grandma saw me with him in my mouth and she made me drop it.
I am so proud of myself! But for now I am not allowed to go outside to the patio!
Have a good night

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My new pool....

I need to take it out of this bag...

Looking for the thing to inflate it...


Water please!!

Much better!


Soooo refreshing!

Have a good night

Monday, July 27, 2009


Lets go to buy some food...

Chinese food!

I met this little girl. Her name is Baby....

Looking at a bird...

Sniffing poo bird!

The soccer season has started. Yesterday was Santos first game. Soooo, here comes the Santos dress again! I think it is not fully recharged with luck because they tied their game... well, at least they did not lose!
As you know, my grandma refuses to cook on sundays. So, we went to buy something for lunch. This time it was chinese food. My mom was nice and gave me some little pieces of spicy chicken. It was hot... but delicious!
Later we watched more soccer games. I went out for a very short walkie because we had 117 degrees! Back at home, I ate my dinner and then I parked myself in front of the fan until it was time to go to sleep!
I love weekends but they are too short!
Have a good night

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The bully stick...

Updated: I don't know what my idiot mom made to upload the video as Private! But now you can watch it! Thanks for telling me!

Working hard to get it out of the bag... and then...

My first impression of it!...

Then my mom tried again...

And I decided to give it a second chance!

Bully sticks don't taste like my favorite chicken jerky but its not bad. I have been chewing it and it is still intact. I can't do any damage on it! This is the first treat that has lasted me more than 2 minutes! I will continue working on it!


I hope you and your families are having a great weekend!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thanks Twix!

Two days ago the mean mailman came with a package for me!

I can do it by myself...

First, I saw a very nice note... from Twix!

Then I grab this one... a bag of chicken jerky!

Then, once my mom took away from me the chicken jerky, I came and saw a Bully Stick! My very first bully stick!

Thanks Twix!

I want to say thanks to Twix, her Mom and her Dad! They sent me pawesome presents! I got doxie cards, doxie post-its, two beautiful froggie and watermelon patern fabrics (they know I don't have enough dresses!), chicken jerky and a bully stick!
I love everything! And right now my grandma is making me a dress with the froggie fabric!
Thanks again my friends, you are very generous!
Have a good night

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My ball!

Out of my reach...

Thinking... thinking....
Looking at my ball...

I want my ball!

Thanks mom!


Can we play again??

I have routines that I love to follow every day. As you know I spend the day with my grandparents while my mom is at work. When she comes home, I am ready for my walkie. Then I have my dinner and then I sit in front of my mom asking her to go home.
When we come home, she gives me a treat. While I am eating it, she turns on the laptop and puts it on the bed. She opens the door in case I want to go to my balcony. She changes her work clothes to her pajamas and starts reading your blogs.
Then I look for my pink ball and I bring it to her. She throws it and I go for it. Many times. The ball can go into the closet, into the bathroom or, like last night... outside to the balcony. My mom was so entertained reading that she did not notice that I did not come back with the ball. Until she heard me crying. She started looking for me and she could not see me. She went to the closet, to the bathroom, looked under the bed.... nothing. Then she remembered the door opened. She went there and saw me sitting there all sad. She asked me what was happening and I cried again. Then she noticed why. The ball was outside the balcony. There she goes, wearing her pajamas to retrieve my ball. She gave it to me, I came inside and we started the game again!
We play for about an hour until I get tired. I leave my ball in a safe place and go to sleep.
That is my every night routine!
What is yours??
Have a good night

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Ice Cream Day!

Norwood told us about July 19th being National Ice Cream Day. Well, I made it International! I enjoyed delicious Cajeta ice cream!
I hope you all had a Happy Ice Cream Day!

Friday, July 17, 2009


My grandma is ironing my new dress...

And I am waiting for her to finish!

Done! and ready for my walkie...

Going back to home!


When we came back, I had my dinner and then we were reading your blogs and we saw about wearing a shirt for Phantom and of course I wanted to support him!
I know he is not happy wearing shirts and I hope he gets rid of them soon!

For you, Phantom!

Have a good night

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


A well deserved nap after a hard cleaning work!

Have a good night