Monday, December 31, 2007

Feliz Año Nuevo 2008!

Feliz Año Nuevo

Happy New Year to all my friends and your families!
I wish you all a 2008 full of health and love.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Having fun

I went to the vet yesterday for the new tests. We had to wait for more than an hour because he had an emergency. Finally he came and took my blood. While the tests were running he checked me. Guess what? I lost almost 2 more pounds! He was very happy but told my mom that I need to lose another 2. Another good sign was that I did not drool at all and the hair is growing behind my ears. Then his assistant brought the results, he reviewed them and he said that everything was very good. My cholesterol level is normal! The thyroid test will take more time but he is feeling very optimistic about it. He told my mom to continue with the low fat food and the meds until the next week when we get the results. Looks like everything is going to be ok (we hope so!)
When we came home I had my breakfast which I had like in 15 seconds because I was really hungry. Then I had a good time playing with Spike. I am going to miss him when my auntie goes back to Saltillo next monday.
Patriots 16-0! We could not watch the game because the satellite signal was down but we watched the highlights later. We don't know what is next but sure they set a good record!
I hope you all are having a great weekend!
Have a good night

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thanks Amber!

My dear friend Amber!

Some time ago, 2 months to be precise, Amber told me that she had sent me a present for my birthday. I waited, and waited, and waited. Finally, this morning the mean mailman brought it to me. I think the mail wanted my parcel to know South America because the envelope has many stamps from some countries over there! I've told you, our postal service is not good or maybe it wants to play with me!
I told my mom to hurry up and open it! Amber sent me yummy treats (yes, I tasted them, but please don't tell to my vet, ok?) and a lovely stuffy that says "Hug Me" and believe me, I've been hugging him a lot! Thanks again Amber, I liked all your presents!
Tomorrow morning I am going to the vet for the blood test and to know if the meds have worked. Please, wish me luck!
Have a good night

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Big day!

Ready to celebrate!

The turkey is in the oven

Apple and pecans salad

Fruit and marshmallows salad

Our table

Turkey, salad, spaguetti

Checking (again) the presents

Finally playing with Spike (Natasha was bored)

Sleeping... waiting for Santa
My presents. Sweaters

A t-shirt and jackets

Balls, a leash and I guess the cutter is for my mom. BTW if you know a recipe for low fat cookies I would appreciate if you tell my mom about it!

A chicken and a foot

Chicken breast tenders. The only treat I can have right now.

I hope you all had great time with your families!
As you know our family is not big. They were 8 humans and 3 of us. My auntie and my mom started to prepare the food around 3 o'clock. Then my grandma joined them and everything was ready at 8 o'clock. Natasha, Spike and me had our dinners earlier, in separate rooms because they use to have meat bones and I only have kibbles and my grandma feared it could be a fight over our food.
The humans had they dinner at 9 o'clock and then, when everybody finished they were chatting and then we all got and opened our presents. I got lots of clothes, some toys and a bag of treats. My mom gave to Natasha and Spike a BIG bag of rawhide treats to each one.... if you ask me... not fair! but I know I can't have much treats right now, so I am happy they got them! We all went to bed at 11 o'clock. Nobody was awake to receive Christmas! Yes, we are a boring family! It was a busy day but everything went well and we were happy being together.
Have a good night

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Me, on duty! Guarding my tree and the presents!

Then, I saw something....

I am sure I saw something....

A bag with my name on it... and I want what is inside!

I got it!

An early present!

A steak squeaky toy

Here I am opening my present and then I decided that the packaging is better than the toy!

Later..... Look who is here!

My auntie Liliana with Natasha and Spike! They are here to celebrate Christmas with us! So far, they don't want to play a lot but I think this is because they don't feel to familiar with our house. I am sure tomorrow they will feel better!
Finally, I want to say THANKS to all my DWB friends. I know exactly what I want to express to you in spanish but not so sure to say it in english.
There is no better present for me and my mom than your friendship. One of the better things that have happen in our lifes is to meet you all. Every one of you is very special for us. Our lifes are richer because of you. Being part of the DWB community is wonderful. We are a big family. Families have good times and sad ones too. And like good families we share all those moments. I don't want to make a mess with this, but I hope you understand what I try to say!
Please, have a safe, healthy and happy Christmas!
God Bless you all!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Ha!, It worked!

Do you remember that I had a serious talk, well a serious bark with the mailman?? Guess what? It worked! Today he came with 26 CARDS for me!! Hurra!!! I am soooo happy now! I told him that I know there are more cards for me, so I asked to him to go to his office to look for them! I am sure I will see him soon!
Thanks to,
Have a good night

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thanks Agatha and Archie!

Trying to open one of the packages

A postal card. Agatha and Archie are in The Boston Public Gardens. And a beautiful card with an advice about no to eat all the treats at once.... I wonder if the know something about me!

Checking, checking

You can't see it... but I am drooling in this picture!

A pink bone!

A Good Cuz!


Today the mailman came to bring me 2 packages! I had to bark at him pretty loud. I told him about the time the postal service takes to deliver my presents from my friends! I asked him also about my cards and he said "I don't know where they are". Can you believe that??

Well, back to the packages. My friends Agatha and Archie (and their Mom of course!) sent me lots of treats and toys! As you know, I am on a diet, so I can't eat them right now. But the next week I have to go to the vet for another blood test and we will ask him if I can start eating some of them. But for now I can play with the toys. An orange good cuz and a pink bone!

Thank you so much Agatha and Archie, you made me very happy!!!


Thanks Precious!

Happy Howlidays to all of my friends at DWB! We wish you TONS of snow, lots of treats, and big snuggles for the new year!
Woos and chews from the crew at Marls in Charge.
Marley & Ziggy (and Beth, too!)

My Special Christmas Greetings to Fellow's
Thanks Sweets!

Have a good night