Sunday, January 30, 2011

My weekend....

I want to give you some tips to make your parents weekend exciting!

Tip # 1. On a friday afternoon and when they come from work, don't greet them as you use to do it.

Tip # 2. Refuse to go out for a walkie.

Tip # 3. Next day (meaning saturday), wake up very early but stay there on the bed just like a statue.

Tip # 4. Refuse to move and when you do it, walk funny.

And the final one and not less important

Tip # 5. Refuse to eat...

If you follow all those tips I guarantee a very exciting day...

Next thing you see is, (as in my case), your mom taking a super quick shower, dressing up super fast and taking you to your Vet's place.

Problem is, the events that follow are not funny (for you).

She explains the symptoms to your Vet, then he touches your throat and you cry. Then he checks your temperature... your know how... then he introduces a torture device in your larynx and you cry more. He does not see anything and decides to take some x-rays to make sure there is nothing stuck in your throat. The x-rays show an impressive inflammation. Then you get two shots, one for the infection and one for the inflammation. Your Vet prescribes pills. Your mom pays the BILL and then you go home with an appointment for the next saturday.

As soon as you get home (around 1pm) you demand your food and after that you act like nothing happened!

Next thing you see your is your mom dyeing her hair to cover more gray hair that magically appeared in the last 18 hours!

Believe me... it works!

Well... thinking it better... nope... don't follow my tips.
I am sure there are better ways to have a really exciting weekend!

I still feel a little discomfort but I am doing much much better now.

Have a good night

Friday, January 28, 2011

Thanks Twix!

The mean mailman came today to my house to deliver a package that sweet Twix and her family sent to me with pawesome presents for my birthday!

Dates: November 19, December 22, January 28!
Yes... more than 2 months to bring it to me!
Hmmm... and then you ask why I call him "mean mailman"!

It is from Twix!

Oh, boy!

First... reading her beautiful card.

A pawesome jacket, a very nice sweater and treats!!!

I like this jacket a lot...

Twix told me she wore the sweater... and I can smell her!

She sent to me yummy treats and a bully stick to give it another try.

I am still not so sure about it... it smells yummy but I guess I am lazy and it is very hard for me. I promise I will give it a good chew again!

Thanks a lot Twix, Mom and Dad!
Your presents are pawesome!

I have my paws crossed for Grandma and I am sure her treatment will work perfectly!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Before and after...

Do you remember the other day I was looking down the stairs??

This is what I was seeing...
A big mess! Ewwww....

But... now...

Nice, clean and tidy!

Better, right?

Have a good night

Monday, January 24, 2011

We need a bigger bed...

If my mom turns her head to her left side... this is what she sees...
Me... under my blankie...

And then she starts complaining about the so small space that I leave to her on the bed...

Hmmm.... is that a small space??

Well... I guess she has the choice to put her big b...ody... on the other part of the bed!

And this is how I face this situation every day!

Have a good night

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Believe it... or not

This is a real story.

Last August, my mom saw in the newspaper that our Postal Service had increased the postage costs by more than 500%! Her jaw hit the table and after putting it again in place, she took the phone and called to the PS Office. They told her it was true. Oh-boy! I heard lots of HBO words! To give you an idea about the new costs let me say... the postage for a card that weighs 20 grams (0,705479239 oz) used to be 1 dollar. With the increase, the cost would be 5.50 dollars!
Was in that moment that my mom told me that if the Christmas Card Exchange would be organized, we would not be able to be part of it.
I was very sad. I did it for the past 3 years! Then, when it was time for the register, I sent an email to Sprinkles saying that I wanted to participate but that I would send only e-cards.

Then... it came December and I got serveral e-cards which I loved. I did not get a single card by snail mail and I thought that it was fair. If I did not send real cards, nobody was going to send to me real cards.

This was my face expression when I knew about the postage costs!

Pfffrrrrtttt.... dedicated to the Postal Service in Mexico

Today, January 22, I was with my mom while she was cleaning our house.
(And as you can see I was helping her a lot!)

Then... ding dong!

She went to open the door and she found on the floor...

48 Christmas Cards!
The mean Mailman had gone away so my mom could not ask to him
But.... he is going to hear her next time he comes!!
We know the PS in Mexico is bad... but not this BAD!

Snoopervising my mom...


Thanks a lot my friends!

Christmas is over... but I am going to have your cards displayed here for some more time!

Have a good night

PS. The last week, the Government announced that there will be a review of the ridiculous increase of the postage costs! I guess my mom was not the only one complaining about it!
I hope they keep their word!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pre-sleeping routine...

This is what I do every night when I am ready to sleep...
Well.... this is the last part. First I get my treat, then I drink some water, I go to pee, I snoopervise the closet and finally I go up to the bed, I sniff everything around and

Normally I have "in paw" something to play with...

And then.... Zzzzzzzzzz...

Have a good night

Tuesday, January 18, 2011



Open the door please...

I was enjoying good sniffs...

I felt like someone was following us... Hmmm.... Nope...
Then... I saw a kitty! But he ran away very fast and my mom could not take a picture of him. He went to hide under that bush...

I could not say hello to the kitty so... I went back to home!

Have a good night

Sunday, January 16, 2011

What was I looking at...??

Do you remember last July when I made a kitchen inspection in my grandma's house?
Well, I made a report about what I found and told my grandma that she needed to change the cabinets because they were old and not very practical.
And guess what??
She followed my advice!

Let me show you the new cabinets...

(The black stove that my mom still hates!)

What do you think??

Have a good night

Friday, January 14, 2011

My grandma's living room

My grandma's living room before Christmas...

During Christmas...

After Christmas...

And this is how it looks today!!!

She bought a new living room set!
And of course I had to inspect it...
I am not totally sure I like it but I guess I will get used to it soon!

What I am looking at??
I will tell you in my next post!

Have a good night