Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Exciting walkie!

Today my mom came home a little bit earlier. She had a big headache. I told her that she needed a walkie to feel better. So, we went out...

A new friend??

Can you see him?? It looks like a doggie ghost!

Then I saw a cat!
I know you are there my cat friend!

I knew it!

Then.... I saw another doggie friend....
A Beagle!
Then.... I saw another cat!


I did not run fast enough to catch it! He was about to climb on that tree!
Then.... I saw two other friends!

A Weimeran and a Blue Heeler!

Normally, when I am walking, the doggie neighbors bark at me. But today, all of them were barking pretty loud. At the begining my mom, with her headache, was stressed. Then, when I saw the cats, I wanted to go and say hello to them and I ran and ran. But I could not be close to them. They ran faster than us!
In total I saw 4 new doggie neighbors and 2 cats!
I hope to see them tomorrow again!
My mom headache is almost gone. I told her. A good walkie meeting "friends" is a good medicine!
Have a good night

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mom's meme

Grandma! Open the door! I am back!


My mom was tagged by Nessa's mom to play this fun game.
Here it is:
Game depends on which letter starts your name....
01. What is your name? Veronica.
02. A four letter word? Vote
03. Girl name: Vanessa
04. Boy name: Vincent
05. Occupation: Veterinary
06. Color: Violet
07. Piece of clothing: Vest
08. Food: Veggies
09. Item in the bathroom: Vapor (?)
10. Place/City: Veracruz
11. A reason for being late: (?)
12. Something you’d yell: Vamos!
13. Movie: Victor Victoria
14. Something you can drink: Vodka
15. Band: Van Halen
16. Animal: Venison
17. Street name: Victoria
18. Car: Volvo
19. Song: Volver volver
20. Activity that includes more than one participant: Volleyball


I had a lazy weekend. Yesterday morning I went to the Vet. He cut my nails and gave me a special shampoo. Then we went to check the shoe store. No luck for my mom. No new shoes for her. Then we went to check some chairs. My grandma wants to buy one for my grandpa but she could not find anything either. Next weekend we are going to go to another store.

Walkies, naps, cleaning... that was it!

Have a good night



Friday, March 27, 2009


They gave me this beautiful bunch of flowers for my 400th Post!
I love it!

I know what we are going to do this weekend....

Hmmmm..... Time for another closet cleaning!

This is a messy closet.... whereby we have to start???

I am tired just thinking about it!

Weekend! Weekend!
My mom told me this was a not so bad week for her. But she is ready for the weekend!
Did you see all the sandals and shoes there in the closet? Well... she says she needs some more! There is a new shoe store near to our house and she wants to go there tomorrow... just to see what they have! (Aha!)
It is also time to cut my nails again! So, I am going to see my Vet.

I hope you have a pawesome weekend too!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

True Colours Thursday!

This week.... BEIGE!

My only dress that has some beige in it!

My beige donut that Girl Girl sent to me!

A squeakie toy!

That beige thing where my mom puts her sandals

My beige toy basket....

A dark beige purse!

Thanks again Blue for this pawesome game!


Next week... Scarlet (bright red)


Have a good night



Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This is my 400th Post!

What I see?? A cat!

He came into this house....

Come out! I know you are there little cat!
Then, in the next street....

A new friend!

Bye bye.... I hope I can see you tomorrow!

My mom was about to upload the pictures from my walkie today and she noticed that this is my post # 400! I can't believe it!
I want to thank you all who come to visit my blog.
You don't know how important is your friendship for me and my mom!
We love you all!

Today while I was walking, I saw a cat! Being on leash and not having the fastest mom in this world, he ran away and I could not catch him. He came into a house, I went there but I could not see him. I did not want to go until my mom told me to forget him and made me go on walking. In the next street I saw a little chihuahua! I have not seen him before. As all the doggies, he was barking at me but when I came close to say hello he was happy. We sniffed each other through the gate.
I love to see doggie friends when I am outside walking. Too bad they are behind doors!

Have a good night

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sleepy sunday...

Our weekend went well. Yesterday morning my mom went to see her groomer and she has now a nice haircut. She feels better now.
When she came home she took me out for a long walkie. It was very hot but I did not care. I enjoyed it a lot.
Today I finally had my bath! I loved it! Then a walkie. Then it was nap time. While my mom was doing things I had a nap. But she was noisy so I had to change the place where I was sleeping. One of my favorite places (besides the big bed) is under a small table. Is very small and it makes me take weird positions but I like it!
No Santos lucky dress... they lost!

The weekend is almost over. I hope my mom will have a nice week at her work. She has decided not to let anything there to bother her. Lets see how it goes!
Have a good night

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Snowy and Crystal gave me these beautiful awards! They are beautiful!
Thanks my friends!

This doggie is my neighbor. He lives right in front of my house. I hear him bark all the time but this is the first time I see him! Seems like he is always in his backyard. Yesterday afteroon, when we went out for my walkie I saw him and we crossed the street to say hello! He is very friendly. He started crying when we said bye bye. The person who takes care of the garden in his house said that his owners feed him and send him to the vet when he needs it but they never give him love. He is always in the backyard where he has a doggie house. They never talk to him. Not even when he is barking and barking. I felt so sad for him.
Copying Joey's mom words... my mom had a CRAPtastic week! She is very happy that it is over. She is going to go to see her "groomer". She hopes that having a new haircut will make her feel better! And she promised me a bath! Wow! I am going to enjoy this weekend!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

True Colours Thursday!

This week.... GREEN!

My green dresses...

My green ball....

My green loofah...

My mom's favorite green drink...

Next week... BEIGE!
Have a good night

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What day is today?

Put away that camera and give me my dinner!

My long weekend came to an end and the funny thing is that my mom is very tired today.
We took lots of naps yesterday so, at night, when she turned off the lights to sleep, she could not do it. The last time she saw the clock it was 3 am. You can imagine her face this morning! The worst thing is that all day long she thought today is monday. Ha!
This afternoon we went for a walkie, then I had my dinner, we are going to watch Dancing with the Stars and that's it!
Have a good night