Sunday, September 30, 2007


The lucky dress

My yummy kibble

Real size of my yummy kibble

New kibble

Real size

This weekend my mom forgot to put me my lucky Santos dress. And the team tied their game. Since the begining of the season, this is the third time my mom forgets about the dress and its the third time they tie, all the other games they have won!!
One the the things my mom had to do this weekend was to get my kibbles. During the week she called the vet asking for them and he said he was about to receive them, that this saturday for sure he will have them. So, we went to get them.... and oh-oh! he didn't have them. He gave my mom a very little sample bag!!! What??? Just a sample??? Enough just for two meals. He told my mom about another flavor and without any other option she bought it. I really hope this one will be good if not.... I am going to have a problem.... and my mom too!!! The vet said they are having problems to import to Mexico these kibbles. Can you imagine?? No treats and now no food???
Next, we went to a place where my mom has to get a new ID card. The government is asking people to change the old ones. There were like 2 million (?) of people there and we said... No way! So, she will go there next wednesday at 7 am.
Then, we went to the postal service office to ask about stamp prices. You know, thinking on the Christmas Card Exchange and to know if we can afford it. No luck. It was closed! Can you believe it?? So, another thing to do next wednesday!!
That was all we had to do outside. We came home and like all our weekends.... lots of sports. Santos game, Yankees, The Presidents Cup, Formula 1.
That was my weekend... and the best part was that I spent the whole 2 days with my mom! I really love weekends!!! I hope yours had been great too!
Have a good night

Friday, September 28, 2007


Looking for the perfect spot....
Here I go....

Left side...

Front view....

Fast movement....
Right side....

Ohhhhh! This is soooo good!

It's friiiiidaaay!!! So, in anticipation of the weekend I thought to have a "roaching" session. Just like Wally taught me! I am sure we all agree that he is a very good teacher! When I grow up I want to be like him! Ha!
Do you have plans for this weekend? My mom told me that she needs to run some errands tomorrow and she promised to take me with her... with the company of my grandma of course, if not, my mon won't be able to do anything.
So, whatever you do this weekend, do it with joy and with your family!!!!
Have a good night

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


New treats!
First a lick!

Then, to chew it!

More chewing!


My mom is always looking for things to make me happy. A fabric for a new dress, toys and treats. As I've told you, here we can't find a great variety of treats. Just some rawhides and dog biscuits. But, guess what? Today she went to a store and found new treats for me!!! She was so happy when she came home and told me about them! We went out for my walkie, then we came home and she gave me my dinner and then she opened the bag of the treats and.... she almost faint!! She said the smelling of the treats is disgusting! What she knows about yummy smelling??? Nothing!!! I'd say they have a strong scent but they taste yummy!!! She gave me just one and put the others into a hermetic container! I am thinking that the next one will be given to me outside at the patio!!! As long as I have it, I don't care where!!
Have a good night

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New balls

Checking them!
Wanna play??

Maybe with this one??

All mine!

I don't know which one is the best!
Today I had the chance to rest all day long. Those parties were too much!! We had lots of fun but now... back to normal life!!!
My mom bought me a bag of squeakie balls, in fact they are for human pups, but I don't care, I like them a lot! I entertain myself for hours and hours, sometimes I play alone or I ask my mom to play with me. But, there is a problem.... I like to squeak them in the middle of the night! Specially when my mom is deeply slept. So, as you can imagine, there are no balls around the floor after 9 o'clock! She puts them in the closet at that time until the next morning! In the morning I ask my mom to give them and start again the play time!
Any of your moms have the same problem??
Have a good night

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Resting and getting ready!

I am soooo tired!!!
Beauty rest!!!

Some more rest!!!

Getting ready

Dressed and with a bandana

How do I look???

Waiting for Ruby!

Penny and Lola's party was awesome!! We have lots of fun. We were dancing, eating, drinking, gossiping and everything else you can imagine!!! I can't remember if we had a designed photographer.... I hope one of our friends had the pictures of the party and will post them. Thanks Stan for the ride!
Today, I've been resting all day. I watched the Yankees game, and later Santos game too. Both teams won!!! Then some more rest... you know.... to be ready and full of energy for Asta and the 4 B's cowboy's party!!
We were reading Asta's blog and we saw there all the delicious food we will enjoy at the party. Oh my..... sure we will have a great day meeting all our friends there! My mom is sooooo jealous!!! She says I've been going to more parties than her in her entire life!!!
Well, now I am ready! See you there at the party!
Have a good night

Friday, September 21, 2007

Penny and Lola's Party!

We will go to Penny and Lola's party! The theme is the 70's.

Here I am waiting for Ruby. I wasn't prepared for this party and I couldn't find the right outfit! So I decided to wear this silly dress (my mom says its more 80's but..... who cares???)
Penny and Lola did not say anything about bringing something to the party, but I wanted to cooperate.... and this is what I chose....

Some steaks


And of course.... yummy treats!!!!

I can't wait! Sure we will have fun! It is a shame that Sherman will no be there, but we will tell him about the party when he comes home!
My mom is a little bit worried because we will not have parental supervision since Jenny and Scott will be at Merryland, but I told her not to worry... we all know how to behave and we just want to be together and have fun!

See you there!
Have a good night

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Vehicle tag game

MayaMarie tagged me for the cars game. You have to pick a vehicle that according to its characteristics best describes your personality. My mom knows zero about cars (among many other things!), so the only option we had was to find a car that resembles me. And a limousine was the best we could find. And pink of course because I am a girl and I love pink color!

I want to tag Fee, Five Happy Hounds and Frasier.

Have a good night



Monday, September 17, 2007

Lots of sports

Too many parties effect!

Today I am still feeling the effects of partying too much! First it was Chilli's party, and then when I came back was El Grito party! Then yesterday I woke up earlier to watch the Formula 1 race, where Kimi Raikonnen won! Then we watched a soccer game. Later we went to buy our lunch (chinese food again!). Then we watched Tiger Woods winning The Tour Championship and the Fedex Cup at the same time! Time for my walkie. Then Yankees and Patriots won too! Soooo, this "Randay" was full of sports at my house and we were happy because our favourites won every event! I hope your weekends were great too!

As you know, I was nominated by Hana for the Awesome Blog Award for this month. As much as I am a dreamer.... I know I don't have the chance to win, but I want to ask you to go there at the Bone Zone and cast your vote! There is also the Photo of the Month Award.... so whoever is your favourite please go there and vote!

Have a good night

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Independence Day

Today we celebrate Mexican Independence Day. Its our 197th year Anniversary. We are also celebrating 100 years of the foundation of our city Torreon. So, the government has prepared a lot of activities (none for dogs of course!). It has been raining all day, and all the activities are planned to be at open air, so lets see what happens. We will watch the ceremony of El Grito (scream) on tv. The main ceremony is held at Mexico City. At 11 pm, every city of Mexico, where every governor or mayor screams "Viva Mexico" and then you can see lots of fireworks and the party begins!!!


Have a nice day



Friday, September 14, 2007

Chilli's Party!

I am ready por Chilli's party at the DWB Beach!!!

We were looking and looking and we couldn't find a bikini for the party. Then I decided to wear this dress that is kind of tropical. Then I thought that maybe I could go there wearing only this collar with flowers, but I felt soooo naked!!! Then, I told to myself that nothing is as important as having fun there at the party.... dressed or naked!

Now, I am just waiting for Ruby to come in her Aire Ruby Jet and pick me up! I can't wait to see all you there!

Have a good night

Thursday, September 13, 2007


I am bored!
So bored!

I need to find a job.... let me check the newspaper.
Nothing interesting for me! So, I had a talk with my grandma this morning about what can I do. She gave some ideas....

I can be a top model

A food taster....

A watch dog....

A toy taster

A baby sitter.....

I really need to think about all those options. As you know, my mom works all day long and I stay at home with my grandparents. My grandma plays with me, but always has something else to do. My grandpa sleeps more than I do so he is not always available to play. Then, I need to do something to spend all the free time I have. This is a hard decision so, I will accept your suggestions!
Have a good night