Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rawhide treat

Today I got two treats!!! It came as a surprise for me because my mom never gives me more than one over a day. First I got my usual cookie and then she gave me this rawhide treat! I don't know if I've told you but here we can't find a big variety of treats. Most of them are made by the producers of dog food (kibbles) and of course they are not the most yummy treats in the world, but being the only ones we can find, I eat them to please my mom.
Many months ago I liked a lot these rawhide treats but someday I stopped eating them. I don't know why. When my mom gave me one I grabbed it with my mouth and walked around the house looking for a place to bury it! The best place to do that was my toy boxes! Today my mom tried again and I liked it!! I hope I can have one everyday!!
Before I wish you good night, I want to thank to my friends who have expressed concern about our safety here with the hurricane Dean. We are not in danger because we don't live in a hurricane zone. Most of the times when a hurricane hits we only get lots of rain. And it is supposed to happen tomorrow. My mom's brother who lives near Cancun is safe. He said it was awful but now things are a little bit better for him and his family. Thanks again.
Have a good night


Deefor said...

Hi Lorenza
All day when I heard about the hurricane I worried about you. I am glad you are safe. Enjoy your chew.


Ben_Benjamin said...

Hey Lorenza baby, I thought thats a piece of yellow paper. My raw hide look different than ya.

ROSSI said...

Hi Lorenza... oh..i have the same raw hide too.. at first i thought it was some kind of a paper.. but i heard is good for our teeth n gum!

Golden Rossi

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Lorenza, that raw hide looks yummy. hee enjoy your treat

~ Girl girl

Goofy said...

hey, i thought tat were some kind of paper or cardboard..
hey, btw, i've tagged u

Simba said...

I hope the hurricane runs out of wind before it gets to you. Raw hide is very good for your teeth, so it doesn't count as treats.

Simba xx

Maggie said...

Did that rawhide last you more than 5 minutes? Mom won't let us have them because we sorta swallow them whole! I guess you can call us piggies!
I'm glad you're safe! We thought about you more than once!

Love ya lots,

Mona,Jacks & Toby too!! said...

Hi Lorenza,

We are glad you are safe. Mommy worries about everything but that's just the way she is.

We love the last picture of you holding your rawhide chew between your feeties....that thing ain't got a chance.

Love ya.

Rockford said...

Yummmm! They look yummy, but dad says I would explode if he gave me one - says because I dont have them regularly, he doesn't want me 'ploding all over the house! Stay safe and protect your Mom from the storm! Love Rocky

José Tan said...

Hi Lorenza,

Hey, it's the same for me. Sometimes i like rawhide and sometimes i don't. It depends on our mood, i guess. Maybe you could ask your Mom to get the shin bones of the cow or sheep. They are super delicious! And it will clean your teeth too!

Hope you stay safe during the strong winds and rain,


Frasypoo said...

Hi Lorenza
Glad you are okay!

The Husky in the Window said...

Your treat looks yummy. We will be thinking about you with all that rain and gald you will be safe from that big storm.

Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

PreciOus said...

Hi Lorenza,

I get rawhides too, but usually I'll finish it too fast and sista says eating too much of rawhide is no good for me, thus now, I only get it like once in a blue moon. Bummer.


Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

oh Lorenza, I am so pleased to hear you are not in the path of the hurricane, we have been thinking of you here in Bonnie Scotland.

love and caring licks, Marvin xxxxx

Keep safe and enjoy chewing!

Ruby Bleu said...

So glad your family is safe!!! Enjoy your treats...you look so happy!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Two Wild and Crazy Guyz said...

Lorenza we are so glad you are out of harms way. Hurricanes are so scary! Hopefully we will stay lucky the rest of the season!
Looks like you enjoyed the rawhide. We like those too, but we don't get them alot because we fight over them and it makes Mom mad. Thats just what boys do!


Ozzie & Rocky

Byron y Sinver said...

Hola me alegro que disfrutes de las chucherías de nuevo... Terrible lo del huracán, estupendo que esteis bien.

Ricky Pepper said...

Oh dogness Lorenza! I think we have your address...mommy will make our homemade biscuits and we will send them to you (as long as it is ok with your mommy)!


Sparky said...

I'm glad you're safe from the hurricane!

That raw hide looks good! I would like to try one. =)


Pugsley, Buster, Cricket & Daisy said...

The rawhide looks delicious. Our mean ol' mom won't gives us any.

Pugsley, Buster, Cricket and Daisy Mae

Koobuss said...


Glad to hear that your family and your mom's brother are safe.

As for doggie stuff, I don't like raw hides as much as bully sticks. Do you have bully sticks? Let me know. They are really good.

Lots of Koobuss Kisses,
Your friend Koobie

Tadpole said...

Sometimes my sister likes those rawhide things and sometimes she doesn't. She says it's a woman's right to change her mind a lot. Whatever that means. *shrug*

Good to hear that Dean is leaving you alone - and that your mom's brother is safe!

Also - I think the souvenir hat is CUTE on you! Hee hee!

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Lorenza,
I love chewing on rawhide too and I finish them up really fast. :( Mom isn't too happy but she says it's better than me chewing her stuffs. So okay..good for her.
Do you need more treats? I could prepare another goody pack for you!! :)

Holly said...

I like those rawhide treats too! We don't get them anymore cuz Samuel is allergic to them.

I am glad you are safe from the Hurricane! My human has been thinking of you and watching the track of the storm to be sure you are not in the way! She also knows some dogs in Mexico City and they are getting lots of rain too, but are safe.


Momo :) said...

Hi Lorenza, we were actually talking about you and your family when we heard about Dean. I am glad you're safe. Still we're hoping that everyone & every single animal are safe.

Momo xoxo

In Pug We Trust said...

Two treats in one day! That's excellent, Lorenza. Mommy and I are glad to hear that you and your family were safe from the hurricane. She has been watching the Weather Channel religiously to track nasty Dean.


P.S. I'm with you on the rawhide treats. Some days I can't do without them. Other days I bury them and forget about it. :)

Asta said...

Lorenza, I'm so happy to heaw you and your family awe safe...so many howwibly stowms..did you see Butchy and Snickers...they lost a bunch of twees and Koi too, but thank dog ,they're OK
enjoy your tweats
smoochie kisses

Boo said...

lorenza, only 1 treat per day? no wonder you keep your figure nicely. but i better don't let mom reads this!

wet wet licks


Joe Stains said...

we are very glad to hear you are safe from Dean! Did you guys think about buying some treats on the internet, I bet you can get some variety that way!!

triple B's said...

Hi Lorenza, We're glad you are safe from the hurricane. Enjoy your yummy rawhide chew.

Stanley said...

Lorenza Girl!

I am so relieved you are safe.

And, it's very considerate of you to eat the rawhide because you know it pleases your mama (even though you don't like it that much).

Stay dry and keep out of that rain!!

Goober love,

ToFFee said...

Hi Lorenza!

I thought it was cheese! I love cheese!

I sonetimes chew on my rawhide and sometimes I get tired of it too..


fee said...

wow, that's good news, lorenza! are you planning to turn this two-treats-a-day thing into a daily routine?

go go go!


Ume said...

Hi Lorenza,
your rawhide treats look quite different from mine! but i guess they're juz as yummy!

Pacco de Mongrel said...

glad 2 hear dat ur not in d hurricane zone....

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are all safe from the hurricane.

Enjoy those rawhides they look tasty!


wally said...

Hi Lorenza!

I don't like rawhides--I like to "bury" them, too! When she'd give them to me, my ma ape would find them in the laundry, in the bed, in her backpack, wherever!


ps. So glad to hear your family is safe!

Isis said...

Rawhides! I love rawhides!

But they make me oops on mommies rugs.... and she doesnt like that...

So i get a bunch of toys instead. Ohhhh boo.

I wanna eat some rawhides.

give one a little nibble for me!

Clover said...

Hi Lorenza! Glad to hear you are safe from the hurricane. Your rawhide treat looks great! I hope you get one every day too.

Love Clover xo

Blue said...

Sorry, I haven't commented for ages, but you've always got so many, but I do visit most days...
Anyway, hope you don't mind but I've tagged you to play the DWB 's game "Middle Names". Please see my blog or Marvins [he tagged me!] for full details.

Pasts to you

You always look soooo smart!

The Airechicks said...

Lorenza -

GREAT treat action...

We also tagged you for the

Stay dry girlie....

Amber-Mae said...

Ooo, chewy rawhide. I love those rawhides too...They got a nice taste. Oh, hope you're okay.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

Hola Lorenza,

Stay dry. I like to bury my treats too.

xxx Asta down under