Saturday, February 27, 2010

The handywoman attacks again...

Yesterday night when we came home, we got ready to read your blogs. Minutes later "we" got a phone call. Someone from the internet company told us that they were going to do some maintenance work, sooo we would be without service for some hours. Well.... we were not happy with that but at least they were kind enough to let us know.

My mom decided to fix another light. It took some time but she made it. Then, she changed a thing on the closet door and then she put a door bolt on the shower door. It was past midnight when she finished but she was happy with her work!

Are you sure you know how to do it, mom??

Making sure my toys would not be touched...

Making sure my treats were in the right place...

Come here and finish your mess, mom...

Have you finished?? Can we go to sleep now??


Today I spent all the morning with my grandparents while my mom was at home cleaning and using the monster machine. She moved all the furniture around to make sure every corner was free of dust to avoid the spiders could make homes. She did not see any spider so she thinks the one that bit me was not "living" in our house.


I hope you all are having a great weekend!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I am doing well...

Thanks a lot for your well wishes. I am doing pretty well. I take my meds and I let my mom to clean my "zipper" with hyrdrogen peroxide 3 times a day. The past 2 days were very cold and I am still naked. My Vet told my mom not to dress me because he knows I love to scratch my back against the sofas when I am wearing clothes soooo that could make my zipper to get open. And no walkies until next week. As you can imagine I am bored... very bored...

I have been doing lots of ZZZzzzzzzz....

And this... waiting... waiting...
My mom feels bad for me. And today she came home with a surprise for me...


Not as good as chicken jerky but yummy anyway!

I am going to finish them now...

Have a good night

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Almost wednesday.... almost wordless...

Do you think I am a happy girl??

Nope. Not now....

Life is not fair.... *sigh*


Last saturday, when my mom changed my pajamas, she noticed a little bump in my back. And she thought that something had bitten me, maybe a mosquito. I spent almost all sunday doing the "itchy dance" against the sofa. I heard lots of "No Lorenza", "Stop it, Lorenza".
Yesterday I did the same "dance" until my grandma checked me and she saw I had a big and red bump. She called my mom and my mom called my Vet and next thing I knew... I was at the Vet's office having a minor surgery!
He did it only with local anesthesia and I was a very good girl and I let him work. He said a spider bite me! Mean spiders! All of them!
Now, I have a zipper in my back and what is worst... I am naked... and it is cold here!

And that is the reason I could not visit all of you last night but I promise I will do it... now!

Have a good night

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday... sun day...

The weather here is very crazy these days. Yesterday was cold, cloudy and windy. Today was warmer and sunny...

As soon as I woke up and while my mom was making the bed, I went to my balcony for a sunbath!

Later I went out for a walkie (wearing my pajamas because my lazy mom did not want to change it for a dress!)

Suddenly... I saw a new neighbor...

And she saw me too...

Looking at each other...

And she was mean...

That was scary, right? Thankfully she was behind the gate if not....

Have a good night

Friday, February 19, 2010


Today morning my mom went to see her Dentist. He took away the stitches and now my mom can display an ear to ear smile! First thing she did after that was to brush her toofies in the way she loves to do it!

Then in the afternoon my mom called my grandma and told her to get me ready because she was coming to pick me up for a car ride! I was very happy to go in the car... until I see where we were going.... Yes... I went to see my Vet! Time for a pawdicure and butticure... Not funny but everything went well.

Later I went for my walkie...

Something got my attention...

A kitty with scary eyes...

Sniffing... sniffing...

Then... I saw a frog! It is not green but sure it is a frog. I wish Norwood could come to see it in pawson!

Then, I saw all those sour oranges on the ground! My grandma is always looking for them. She uses them to cook some yummy dishes and it is sad to see those get rotten!

Hmmm... time to go home and get my dinner!


The week is over and I am ready for the weekend!
I hope you all have a great one sharing a nice time with your families!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lots of HBO words wednesday...

Today was one of those days where everything was against us...
First the alarm clock did not work, soooo we woke up late. Then, my mom tried to turn on the tv and the remote control did not work. Then she opened the closet to get her jeans and when she tried to close it again... the door got stuck...

Here it is the door that refused to close....
Then, when we were ready to go, the light bulb of the scary stairs failed and it was very dark.
Then when finally my mom went out to go to work... a car was blocking her car! 15 minutes later, the owner of that car came to move it...

This afternoon my mom came with these things.
A new remote control, a new alarm clock and a light bulb!
And she was able to fix the door too!

Oh, boy! I think I had never heard so many HBO words in my life!


Have a good night

Monday, February 15, 2010

Paws crossed for Sitka!

I have my paws crossed and my mom is praying for you Sitka!
Get well soon!
The Scary Stairs!
The other day Ammy left me a comment about my stairs and she told me she wanted to see them...
Yes... they are scary...

When my mom goes up, I wait for her under the stairs...

If she does not come down soon... I try to go up... but then I hear a very loud NOOOOO!

OK! No, but come down now!

The stairs are very small. And the story goes back when my mom's "mini-apartment" was built. The contractor forgot to leave enough space for them! He did what he could to fix it and the result is... scary stairs!
Have a good night

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a sad week and we were not feeling happy. But then my mom told me that there are facts that we can't change and we have to cherish the good memories our friends have left in our heart. I guess she is right. And thinking of all my awesome friends around the world made me feel better.

My grandma made me a Valentine's dress and this morning I went out for a walkie. We saw some people and they said I looked beautiful and I was happy to see them smiling in this special day!




Friday, February 12, 2010


You are no longer with us in "pawson"... but you will be forever in our hearts
I love you Wally.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you, your Ma Ape and the Peppy Sheppies.
Have a good night

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Almost wordless...

Have a good night

Monday, February 8, 2010


Now that my mom feels much better we have enjoyed our long walkies again...

Starting my walkie and getting ready to sniff everything...

And while I was pointing my nose directly to the smells on the ground...

My mom was pointing hers to the sky! Funny clouds...

There were more dramatic, right?

This tree has interesting "ornaments"!

Looking at the birds going away...

And then the wind was blowing and it felt very cold so....we went back to home!
Have a good night

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My mom's luck...

Is changing for good!
I want to tell you the story...

I guess I need to start with...

This picture. It was taken last Christmas Eve. Those are the presents I got. And some of my mom's too. Can you see that little box at the top of the picture??

OK. This is a better picture of it. It is a Chocolate Truffle.

Well. My mom is not a big fan of chocolate so, she was not really excited about this present. She took it to our house and she left it on the desk until 10 days ago when she was going to have her dental surgery. She put it into her purse thinking on giving it to her Dentist's assistant who is very nice with my mom. But... she forgot to give it to her. When my mom went back for the check up... she forgot it again.
Today morning, while she was cleaning our house, she wanted to eat something sugary. Since my mom thinks that if she is going to get fat... it will be for something salty, she does not have candies at home but then.... she remembered the chocolate truffle in her purse! And there she goes looking for it... She was almost drooling while she was taking away the ribbon and when she opened it...

This is what she found!! Lots of money!

She was so surprised that she forgot about her sugar craving.
It was until she counted the money when she knew where it came from!It was my grandma's present for her!
Do you remember when my mom bought her treadmill?? Well. She told my grandma that she wanted to buy it but she did not had enough money. My grandma told her to buy it with the credit card and that she would contribute with a part of the payment but that could be until Christmas. My mom appreciated that and she bought the treadmill.
Then... Christmas came. And my mom did not get a present from my grandma (or so she thought!) which was very strange but of course my mom was not going to ask to my grandma about it. It was until today when she told the whole story and the only thing I heard from my grandma was a... "You idiot" to my mom!

So, what do you think?
I really believe her luck is changing... for good!
Now, she needs to buy a real Chocolate Truffle for Bertha and not forget to give it to her next time!


Have a good night