Saturday, August 4, 2007

My Auntie

My Auntie Claudia

Today we had a great visit. My Auntie Claudia came to have lunch with us. She works in China and she came to spend her summer vacations with her family. I met her last December and at the begining I barked at her a lot. Later when I got used to her I wanted to stay next to her all the time. She is very nice and my mom loves her a lot. Three years ago she was looking for a good job and her best option was to go to China. She is a Montessori teacher and found a good job there at an international school. She said that at the begining it was very hard to adjust herself to the culture and customs there but now she is like a fish in the water! The best part of this day was that while she and my mom were talking I got lots of tummy and ear rubs and I even sleept on her lap!

I hope you all had a great day!




Ume said...

Hi Lorenza,
dats a great picture of Auntie Claudia!

Pee.S: i think your grandma makes gorgeous dresses! they're so much pwettier than those sold in S'pore.

Boo Casanova said...

wow lorenza, you get to sleep on the lap huh? that's so sweet of you. my mom would kill to get me sleep on her lap. kekekeke.

wet wet licks


Amber-Mae said...

Oh, your aunt looks like she adores you alot!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

ToFFee said...

Hi Lorenza!

your aunt looks very nice.. I'm glad you had tummy rubs and got to sleep on the lap..

your grandma is very talented! I heard it's very hard to do knitting!


Kien said...

Wooo... pretty girl!.. ooops sorry Aunt Claudia.. she look like a very nice aunt to me.. I always look forward for someone to visit me.. that's when i get to play and kisses from them..

Golden Rossi

Balboa said...

I can tell your aunt is nice, because she has a beautiful smile.

Plus she's a teacher like my mommy, so she's super nice.

Frenchie Snorts

Roxie, Sammy, Andy and Shermie said...

Lorenza, you have a very pretty Auntie Claudia! We can tell she loves her dachsie niece very much ... of course, her dachsie niece is very easy to love because you are so sweet and pretty. And you are so lucky! A lap to sleep in, tummy rubs and ear rubs! That is our vision of Heaven!

Peanut said...

Your auntie is very pretty. I bet you all miss her when she is in china.

the many Bs said...

Awwww, it's so nice that you like your Auntie now. She looks really nice!

Pugsley, Buster, Cricket & Daisy said...

Your aunt be very beautiful. Glads you having a great visit.

Pugsley, Buster, Cricket and Daisy

Khady Lynn said...

What a nice Auntie to come visit you from so far away! I'm glad you got lots of cuddle time!


Luckie Girl said...

Hey Lorenza,
I can tell how much you enjoy spending time with your auntie. So she's a teacher huh? My auntie is a teacher too!! She teaches those little kids at school.

Ruby Bleu said...

Wow she works all the way in China!!! You and your Mom must miss her a lot. So glad she got to visit and YOU got tons of belly rubs!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Suki & Joey said...

CHINA?!? Really? How cool! And how nice of you to have such a special visitor, Lorenza ;)

Puggy kisses

Ben & Darling said...

The lap is the best bed ever !!

Emily and Ike said...

That's super cool that your aunt can teach in China. My mom is jealous because she gets kind of bored in Minnesota but I don't think China could handle me.

Hana said...

Wow, it sounds like you love your Auntie Claudia almost as much as you love your Mom! Do the dogs in China speak Chinese? How long will your Auntie be visiting you?

Urban Smoothie Read said...

ur aunt work in china??
help sent my regard to her..

'ni hao ma?'

Unknown said...

Wow your auntie gives you sooo many kisses! What a great gal!


ycling said...

Hie lorenza.
Thanks for dropping by my blog! I would love for us to be friends! whee!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh your Auntie Claudia looks so pretty. Does she likes working in China?

~ girl girl

Girasol said...

She looks nice. Careful with the toys from China.

Gwyn Valentine said...

Hi Lorenza,
Your auntie Claudia looks like a nice person! I always thought being a teacher is a wonderful job!
Enjoy your time with Auntie Claudia!


Charlie said...

Your aunt looks like a very fun person, Lorenza! It looks like she even let you give her dog kisses!!
- Charlie

Ferndoggle said...

Your Auntie sounds very smart!! You'll need to teach her to sneak you cookies when Mom is not looking!!!


Koobuss said...

Hi Lorenza,

You are lucky to have such a very nice Aunt Claudia. You can see she really loves you.

Teaching school in China must be very interesting. i don't think my mom would want to to that. Teaching here is hard enough. Hurray for Claudia!

Lots of Koobuss Kisses,
Your friend,


coco said...

oh your auntie claudia is very pretty! i bet you miss her lots and lots when she is in china. she sounds like a wonderful person with a very important job! and i have a feeling she loves visiting you as much as you love having her there!!

loves all around, coco

Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Your auntie looks very nice and I'm sure she spoils you with lots of treats and stuff! J x

Stanley said...


China is very lucky, and so are you! Your Auntie Claudia must be very clever to maneuver through life there. Hope you get lots of tummy rubs and booty scratches while she's home visiting.

Goober love,