Thursday, May 3, 2007

My first post

Hi, my name is Lorenza and I live in Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico with my mom, my grandma and my grandpa. I was born November 2th, 2005, and my mom got me December 23, 2005. I was very sick and I had to get lots of shots and pills to get well. Finally I did it and I am live and well.

I have been reading lots of dog blogs for a while and I wanted one for myself so I asked mom to create one for me and here we are. I have to confess that my mom is not the best with computers so we willll see how we do it, ok?

I also have to tell that my english is not pretty well (neither moms) so I hope you understand what I try to tell with my posts.


Peanut said...

Hi there. I think your english was great in this post.

hana said...

Hey Lorenz, no worries about the English! We all speak dog anyhow!

hana said...

Oops... sorry about your name there... I thought I put an "a" at the end!