Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sun bath

Looks like the rain has gone for now. Today we had again a sunny day. Besides playing and playing until my grandma got really tired I thought it was a good idea to get a sunbath. I went to my railing and I stayed there for a long time. I took some naps, barked to the birds and to some people passing by my house. I watched the cars coming and going.
Later we went for "our" walkie. We met one of your neighbors who asked my mom who is my vet. Her dog has been sick for many days and the doctor who has been taking care of her dog hasn't been able to know what is wrong. My mom called my doctor asking him to come to see our neighbor and he was here like in 10 minutes. I hope it is not to late to help this little dog.
Now my mom is going to bake cookies for me. I hope this time she follows the receipe. I don't want to tell you what happened the last time!
Have a good night


Luckie Girl said...

Hi Lorenza,
I like finding a good sun spot and just suntanning my day away. I hope your vet can help that doggie.

Ruby Bleu said...

How's your tan coming Lorenza??? I don't think you need one, you look beautiful no matter what!

I hope your doggie neighbor is ok. What a great vet you have to make house calls!!!

Please tell me what happened when your Mom made cookies...if you'll remember my Mom didn't follow the directions once..what a mess THAT was!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

The Husky in the Window said...

Lorenza,you look so happy sun bathing. I'm glad I checked in, my Mom just posted our Cheesy Dog Biscuit Recipe. She made some today and they were yummy! Hope your Mom bakes you some. If she has any questions or problems, just ask my Mom, she loves helping other dog moms.

Holly said...

I would be baking in that sunshine! It has been very hot and humid here and we are all miserable. We spend most of the time in the house laying on the air conditioning vents. I hope your doggie neighbor gets well very soon!

Good luck with the treats!


Ferndoggle said...

Just like my bestest friend in the whole wide world...Penny. Penny suns herself from morning till night. She calls herself a goddess b/c she's shiny & brown. But I can't sun b/c I'm all white!!

No fair!

Hope you had a great sunny day!


Luckie Girl said...

Hey Lorenza, I just tagged you. :) Go check out my blog for more details.

BLU and Comet said...

We hope your neighbor's dog is ok. You have a very good vet to be able to visit, and so quickly.

What happened last time your mom made cookies? We want to know!
Comet and BLU

Boo said...

lorenza, you should be named LUCKY! hehehe. you sunbath like joey and tanner or t-man (the black poodle). they are so lucky and you too.

i hope your neighbour's dog is alright now. if possible, please update about the dog.

wet wet licks


Kerrio said...


extensive sunbathing makes you an honourary lurcher!!

Snogs from the dogs

Kerrio & co

ROSSI said...

hi lorenza... u shld be grateful yr mummy is so nice to make u cookies.. my mummy is super lazy.. she never makes me cookies.. the best she can do is mixing the ingredients (rice, ham, egg, vege)... n whoalla!!..she will ask u to eat just that!!

Golden Rossi

fee said...

hi lorenza, i love sunbathing too! can we see some pix of your mommy and you in your mommy and daughter outfit soon?


Simba said...

A little hot dog, mind you don't get sunburn.

Simba xx

Oscar Airedale said...

That looks like the perfect spot for sunbathing!

I hope the cookies work out this time, yum!

Oscar x

Maggie said...

My mom never bakes us cookies! She tells us she doesn't have time! What a stupid excuse! You're very lucky Lorenza!

Love ya lots,

Bella said...

oooohh it's really cold, stormy & rainy here in Melbourne at the moment - we so would love to have a sun bath - beautiful pictures thanks

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh Lorenza, you sure like the sun. Did you get any darker from the sun tan session?

~ girl girl

ToFFee said...

Hi Lorenza!

Did you had a good tan?

what happened when your mum made cookies? does it have the charcoal flava in it? mum can do that as well! hehehe


Katherine and Pippa, said...

I think you can add sunbathing to the list of things we have in common.


Pippa, off to go and lie in the sun now

Gaucho and Verdi said...

sol, mucho sol.
que bien..
pero aqui hace tanto calor que al sol no se puede estar
cariños amiga

Dachsies Rule said...

We love to lay in the sun too. Sometimes we get all warm and toasty and come inside. Mom pets us and has to pull her hand back because we are soooo warm. We are glad your rain is gone. We are still getting some every day but it's not too bad in the evenings when Mom is home.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Dachsies Rule said...

Oh, if you find out anything more about your doggie neighbor, let us know.

R, S & A

Amber-Mae said...

Oh man, I HATE sun baths!!! It really cooks me... *phew* I only like freezing cold water, air-conditioner & cold tiled floors. Mmmmm... Nice! Awww, I hope your neighbor's doggie will get well soon, poor him/her.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Peanut said...

Oh I love sun baths to. They are the only kind of baths I like. I wish we had a vet that makes house calls. You are one lucky doggie.

Frasypoo said...

So did you get a good tan ?I need to get some color but I just turn pinker!!

coco said...

ohmydog i can't believe your mommy makes special cookies just for you!! yummy!!!

Tadpole said...

Oh, I love the picture of you lying on your side in the sun! That's my favorite thing to do too!

How are the cookies?! :-)

Murphey said...

I love to lay in the dun, very nice.


Asta said...

what a nice balcony you have, I might have a doggy park, but no balcony, which is such a gweat place to see the whole world fwom...and a vet who makes housecalls, that's fantastic...I hope the neighbor doggy was able to wecover
smoochie kisses

Reina the Doxie said...

Oh, i love the sun too!
I am what the hoomans call a BEACH BABE hee..

Balboa said...

It must be so nice in that sun. AHHHH.

I hope your neighbors doggie is okay. LEt us know how he is doing.

FRenchie SNorts