Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My ball!

Out of my reach...

Thinking... thinking....
Looking at my ball...

I want my ball!

Thanks mom!


Can we play again??

I have routines that I love to follow every day. As you know I spend the day with my grandparents while my mom is at work. When she comes home, I am ready for my walkie. Then I have my dinner and then I sit in front of my mom asking her to go home.
When we come home, she gives me a treat. While I am eating it, she turns on the laptop and puts it on the bed. She opens the door in case I want to go to my balcony. She changes her work clothes to her pajamas and starts reading your blogs.
Then I look for my pink ball and I bring it to her. She throws it and I go for it. Many times. The ball can go into the closet, into the bathroom or, like last night... outside to the balcony. My mom was so entertained reading that she did not notice that I did not come back with the ball. Until she heard me crying. She started looking for me and she could not see me. She went to the closet, to the bathroom, looked under the bed.... nothing. Then she remembered the door opened. She went there and saw me sitting there all sad. She asked me what was happening and I cried again. Then she noticed why. The ball was outside the balcony. There she goes, wearing her pajamas to retrieve my ball. She gave it to me, I came inside and we started the game again!
We play for about an hour until I get tired. I leave my ball in a safe place and go to sleep.
That is my every night routine!
What is yours??
Have a good night


BRUTUS said...

Hi Lorenza-

Sorry I haven't been by more often - I'm glad you are always sniffing around on my blog, so I want to return the favor! Now that I'm caught up, can I just say what a fashionista you are - so many dresses, so little time! I see you got ice cream too - think I'm the only doggie that didn't! Mom promised to get me some Frosty Paws soon since she's all worried that my tummy couldn't handle people food! Glad to see you are livin' it up!


The OP Pack said...

Aren't moms just the best thing around!!! You have yours as well trained as we do.

Play bows, the OP Pack

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Not as exciting as yours but I do have mine trained to let me out when I sit by the door and let me in when I let out one bark!

Have a great sleep tonight!


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Sounds like you have good days. It's nice your mom doesn't have to leave you alone all day.

DoDo and MoMo said...

We wish Dad&Mum play ball with us every day too!

Niamh said...

It is hard when your toys get away from you. Glad to see that your mom got your ball back. Have fun with your games.

Your friend,

Twix said...

Hi Lorenza! That picture of you asking your Mom pleeeease is pawesome! Now, if you could just train her to give you snacks every hour.
Love and hugs,

Hoover said...

Hey Lorenza,

You have a good human. Here the rule is "no ball in the house." Something about scratching the floor and ruining the carpets.


Hoover BPD

Dennis the Vizsla said...

I'm surprised that Jedi-style concentration didn't make the ball roll right to you!

Moco said...

You are so lucky to have your mom trained to get your ball.

Suzuki said...

Hi Lorenza
You are lucky top have sucha well trained Mum to fetch your ball fur you :)
Big licks to you
PeeS - I am still waiting on your bridesdogs collar to arrive and then I will send it to you.

Stella said...

Ah, you are such a sweet and dear friend, Lorenza, I loved reading about your daily routine.

My Mom is retired, she doesn't work anymore so we can do whatever we want to do! Fun things like mowing the lawn, or cleaning the backyard or just going for a good walk, like you. I am glad you have your Grandma and Grandpa to take care of!


Thor said...

Lorenza, que bom que você tem ótimos avós cuidando de você durante o dia e uma mãe maravilhosa que brinca de busca com você quando ela chega do trabalho:)
Thor xoxo

Cocorue said...

Looove your outfits.....must do a fashion meetup ( on cyberspace BOL )....TQ for visiting us

Chi kisses to my first dachshund furfriend,

chicamom85 said...

Lorenza that sounds like a fun routine. My Mom is always the last to go to bed, I never leave her side until she goes up to bed and then we snuggle all night. Sometimes she goes up and I am sleeping so she goes up without me and when I wake up I cry and she is sorry she did that.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

Martine said...

Oh Lorenza, Your routine sounds lovely... we do not have much of a routine! Except this, I am required to cuddle in bed with my mom before I get put in my bucket for the night!

xo sugar

Petey said...

Oh Lorenza, I once dropped a ball in the Hudson River (actually, I've done this more than once) and mean Mommy won't dive in and retrieve it for me. No fair!

Your pal,


ESNUPY said...

Hola Lorenza, me encanto que me hayas escrito. La Gorda es una amiga mia, solo que cuando nos conocimos yo empece a llorar, pero creo que lo supere. Sos muy bonita Lorenza. Saludos

Boo Casanova said...

hmmm... lorenza, maybe your mom can seal the gate with some mosquito net or something like that so no ball ball flying off the balcony. :D just a suggestions.

wet wet licks


Painter Pack said...

Woo is just the prettiest!! We do not really have a nighttime routine. My mommy makes sure we all go out one last time, then she hops into bed...and I hop right with her!!!

Mya Boo Boo

TwoSpecialWires said...

Lorenza, we love your routine. Unfortunately, I, Jake, don't get to play with balls before bedtime, because I tend to get just a wee bit too wound up. And Fergi? Well, she hasn't quite learned how to play with a ball yet. But stay close to Moma? Now THAT's part of our routine!

Nite nite.
Jake and Fergi

Koobuss said...

Oh boy, Lorenza! Don't you just hate it when that happens. At least you have your mom well trained enough to go get the ball for you. Next, you gotta teach her not to through it on the other side of the railing.

I like your routine a lot. I like your mom's routine a lot, too. Sounds like lots of fun to me.

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

Mochi and Mommy said...

Sounds like you have a fun routine before bed! I don't play with balls too much. I'll fetch it 1-3 times and then I get bored. :) I usually like to chew on my rope toy or cuddle with mom at night! :)


Teddy Bear said...

Moms are the best at knowing what we want. It's so great that you get to be with your Grandparents every day. You must love them very much. My nightly routine, after dinner we wait a good 45 minutes before our walk. We come home from our walk and Sierra and I play for a long time. Sometimes Mommy and Daddy join in on the fun. Then we do tricks for treats and then it's last call for the potty and then it's night night time.

Teddy Bear

Tracey and Huffle said...

When it is time for bed, I sit next to the couch and wait for dad to play with me and the red dot for a few minutes. Then we go upstairs and I play with Mr Mouse on the bed for a bit, while mum and dad brush their teeths and whatever. Then Mr Mouse gets put away and we all go to bed.

Huffle Mawson

Maggie and Mitch said...

We're so glad to hear that your mom rescued your ball for you in her jammies, Lorenza! She's the best!
Our mom reads blogs after dindin too only I'm resting, not playing ball like you are and Mitch is most always hanging out with dad!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Two Schnauzers from New England said...

Hi, Lorenza -

Your post brought back some memories for Mama. Bosco (my older sister) loved to play ball like you do. Mama would throw the ball from the living room into the kitchen and sometimes Bosco would do a body slam to get the ball. If she didn't do that she would sniff where the ball bounced until she brought it back.

Your Mom rocks!

Love -

Hershey and Kaci

P.S. I (Hershey) am the frisbee queen and Kaci loves to kick around mayonnaise jars.

The Great Rock Eater said...

It's nice to have a routine!! Mine has been a bit off lately since our internet has been down at home and the laptop is acting funny. So mommy has to catch up on all the blogs at work and not snuggled up on the couch with me.

C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

Hi Lorenza! What a great routine! Your mom is pawesome to throw the ball to you for so long, and to go outside in her pyjamas to retrieve it! My dad is good at playing like that too.
Hope you're having a great week!

Pedro said...


That's a nice routine you have! My mom says routines are very comforting. My routine is to jump up and down on my mom when she gets home until she picks me up and gives me all the attention I was deprived of all day. Then I pee all over the yard. The I go to sleep on the couch with her.


The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

so sweet!

Mango said...

Hi Lorenza,

I like having a routine too. I am not happy when things do not happen in the order that they should.

Master usually gives me supper at around 4:30 so that by the time momma gets home from work I am all digested and ready to practice my mastiff moves in the yard.

I think that playing ball while your mom works on the computer is a good idea. Then you can both get things done. She must have a very good throwing arm to get the ball that far. Good thing she saved it for you.


Life With Dogs said...

Just out of reach - not fair!!

SEDONA said...

Hola Lorenza, I think you must have some retriever in you :-) I liked hearing about your evening routine. What a devoted human you have, to go out in her PJs to get your ball! I think you should keep her :-)
I don't really have a routine...sometimes I go on a post-dinner walk but I'm usually so tired from expending all my puppy energy during the day that I'm ready for my comfy crate bed.
Your pal,

Paco....Milo and mom..Simona said...

Awwwwwwwwwww sweet Lorenza....
We're very very happy that your mommy gave you the ball again...
we love reading your perfect day description!!!!!
We haven't a routine day....
Mommy and dad working in hispital and they are shift worker...so our days changed every time!!!!
Sometimes we can stay with mom or dad only and lots of time we can stay with both of them!!
We're very very lucky becaus mommy and dad tried to have opposit turn so we aren't alone hardly ever!!!!!
We love playing with the balls or stones...and bathing in our pool....
but we love most of all Have our mommy and dad at home with us!!!!
Sure have humans near us is rìthe best thing in the world!!!
What do you think about that???
Have a great week sweet friends!!!
We love you a lot!!!!
Sweet kisses and licks

The Army of Four said...

Whew! I'm sure glad your mom got your ball for you!

Mack said...

We hate to hear of you crying Miss Lorenza!! Luckily this story had a happy ending!

hero said...

Hi Lorenza, that's a great routine to spent the evening with mom... my routine is pretty similar, always need my play time before going to bed... makes me sleep better.


Amber-Mae said...

Please come over to my blog & vote for the short film I acted in called FLASHES!!!! Thank you!

"Famous" Solid Gold Actress

Fred said...

So glad your ball is OK! I like your routine. Here's mine in the evenings:
Mr. Jason takes me for a walk. (Old Girl does that in the mornings.) We all have supper. They rarely share. Then I take a nap while they study or watch TV or somethings. Old Girl goes for a run, and I start stretching. When she comes back, we play growl and chase and stuff until I get tired. Then I go out one more time, and then it is time for sleep! Very exciting, you see!

Daisy said...

Your mom is nice to fetch the ball for you, Lorenza! My favorite part of the day is at night when the teevee is turned on and I get to sit in my Mommie's lap.

Anonymous said...

You looked so sad when you couldn't reach your ballie! Glad you got it back! YAY!!! Our nightly routine is...King to sit as close to Dad as possible and keep touching his arm. Pandora bulldozing her head into Mom (if Mom's laying on the floor watching TV), and me??? Well, I'm a total MOMMY'S GIRL and have to be on her lap at all times, unless she's getting bulldozed.


Clive said...

Lorenza, your Mom is great! I spend the evening with the little man - wherever he is, I am and when he goes to bed, I go and sit on the floor beside him and protect him for the night!

Take care

Jake of Florida said...

Training our humans -- that's what we dogs do best!!!

Wirey love,

Jake and Just Harry

Thoughts said...

LOL, Lorenza you are too cute. We have a nightly routine of getting walkies after dinner, then taking up our places on the leather couches with the humans watching TV or playing with our toys in the den while they are on the computer/ Sometimes we sit outside on the deck and relax and sniff the air while the humans talk and read the paper.

We loved your pictures in this post! Your pink bally is very cute!

Benson and Gibson

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Lorenza
What a great way to spend the day & evening. You have your mom well trained. Just like we do.
Love Ruby & Penny

Princess Eva and Brice said...

You have your mom so well trained! And I'm sure that your grandparents are too.

Princess Eva

Lenny said...

That is a great routine, Lorenza! I can see why you are such a happy dog, with such a nice family.

Your friend, Lenny

GoldenSamantha said...

That sounds like a fun game, as long as you can get the humans to figure out that you can't get the ball hehe!
Hugs xo

Brownie said...

Wow, you have the best mom! My momster would have just said, too bad, get daddy to get it for you. Sniff.

My nighttime routine is din din at 6:30pm, then I watch the parentals eat their dinner (which is always so much more tasty looking than mine!) then we lay around watching TV for an hour... that is until I ring my little bell to tell 'em it's time to get off their derrieres and give me a walkie! When we get back from my walkie we go to the bedroom where I do my zoomies and momster reads her magazines. And then, it's lights out!

JB's Big World said...

I like to follow my routine too! Glad you got your ball.

Caz and Ludo the cool dude said...

Thats a cool routine but fancy your mum not noticing your ball was out of reach. \perhaps a bigger ball so it does not go between the bars.
Have you had any new clothes lately Ive not been around to see.

ludo the cool dude.

Maverick the Pirate said...

Harrrrr Lorenza
That is such a cool game Harrrrr. I like to play with my tennis ball then i put it away harrrrr.
Cap'n maverick the pirate

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

You poor thing. That ball escaped.. You need mom to keep a better eye on it..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Abby said...

Hi, Lorenza...

I'm glad your Mom got your ball for you before some other doggie took it home with them...

My nitely routine is just about the same as yours...

Abby xxxooo

Doctor Dre said...

some humans can be well trained like that. they especially love to throw balls. all we have to do is bring it back & give it to them. and they just keep throwing it! unfortunately my humans are not so smart, so they only do it a few times and want to sit down.


Gorda said...

Hola Lorenza, disculpa esta larga ausencia. a veces se hace difícil.
Muy linda tu pelota rosa, sobre todo me gusto el color... mi rutina nocturna no es exactamente jugar a la pelota...nunca pude entender de que se trata ese juego.
Con mi mami y la gatita jugamos a corrernos y estamos las 3 corriendo por toda la casa, jaja es muy divertido!!
Patita amiguita

Snowy and Crystal said...

AWWWH Lorenza, you looked so adorable looking at the ball and then the story of how you ended up being there...(Snowy: psst Lorenza, if your ball ever got stuck somewhere again, give me a WOOF and I will come to rescue it)

Playing ball is in our daily routine too - thats for sure ^_^

Maltese Paws



That's funny> i loose my ball too and sit were it is stuck until mom helps me. Silly humans..

Cocorue said...

Hey Lorenza,
We had a great QUIET Wed and you know how hard it is for me to be 'wordless'....

We have to exchange notes on training hoomans esp mum who's still not as well behaved as I'd like BOL....don't you tell her or I'll be supper for some hungry doggs....


Chloe and Libby said...

Lorenza, you have a fun routine! We can't have toys, yeah, I know its a bummer, but mommy and daddy says we fight too much and no one wants to end up in a cone, so we can't have them.
My nightly ritual consists of staring down my daddy whenever I want to go outside for a bit, eating my sardines that I get at night, and waiting up for my mommy to come home from work before we go out to tee one last time, then off to the bedroom we go and I snuggle up close to her and go to nighty-night.

C said...

oh my...we are not allowed to say the word "ball" around our dachshund friend because she is obsessive...we have to spell the word or she will make us play fetch for hours....she has given several people arm aches.

sadermaxx said...

Good thing you go your ball back Lorenza, some dogs are absolutely lost without their ball!

Joe Stains said...

That sounds like a very nice way to spend the night to me! Our house is not always the same, but always dinner when Mom and Dad get home and then some baseball!!

the Corgi Girls said...

Awww! Glad you got your ball back, we hate it when our toys roll under furniture or just out of reach!


Deefor said...

Your mom is very good to you. My routines are kind of lazy lately. Sleeping under the table. Sleeping at the top of the stairs. Sleeping on the couch. Sleeping under and on the bed. And waking up and starting all over again.


Yogui said...

Princesa... una pelota es casi nuestra mejor amiga... ¡me gusta el rosita!

Selba said...

We love playing with ball!

Adele, Vincent & Bella

Ludo van Doggy said...

Wow the power of thought got your ball back.

I just goes to sleep at night, I still pretty young so all the stuff I does during the day wears me out pretty good.
~lickies, Ludo

Stanislaw said...

I have an AWESOME stuffy that's a tree stump with stuffy squirrels that go into it. Every night I stare at my dad until he puts the squirrels into the stump and holds it so I can work them out. Then I prance with them all about the apartment and usually discard them in the office. Then it's back to staring at dad until he starts the game again!

I'll try your ball game next time. It's SO FUN to annoy our folks!

Petra said...

It's a good thing you know how to talk to your mom, Lorenza, to let her know that your ball needed to be rescued! Your mom sounds like mine; as soon as she gets home from work, she changes into her pajamas unless she knows somebody is coming.

the 4 Bs said...

hi Lorenza, that's a good routine. it sure was nice of your mom to go outside in her pajamas to get your ball. i, Bailey, get my ball in places that i can't reach all the time. but that's a mom's job - to get our balls for us!


Simba and Jazzi said...

You taught the humans how to fetch, well done.

Simba and Jazzi xx

Lady Kaos said...

You get to play fetch until you get tired? I only get to play until Mom gets tired! You are so lucky!!!

Dory's Backyard said...

What an awesome Mommy you have!! You have a great daily and evening routine! My Mommy and I almost always go to bed first and then Daddy and then finally Bilbo!!

Happy Weekend Smileys!

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

aww, that is so sweet. Sounds like you have a lovely life and mum Lorenza. :-)

Holly & Zac...XX