Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hat Contest

There are my pictures for the Hat Contest that Kobbie invited us to participate. I am not too good having things on my head and my mom is not too good with the photoshop. So, she looked in my picture's files and she found these. I know I have no chance to win but I like to have fun with my bloggie friends and this is a good oportunity to share.


I met another friend today! His name is Winnie. He is a mini dachshund who lives near my house. This is the first time I see him walking with his owner. He is 9 years old and these are his first walkies around the neighborhood. Can you believe that? His owner said that she always sees us enjoying our walkies and she wanted to do the same. My mom says that never is too late to start something and we hope Winnie can enjoy his walkies everyday!
Ok. Did you see my dress? Yes, is one of my new dresses that my grandma made me. But, there is something wrong. What day is today? Sunday. Then, what day is today?? Day of Santos game. Soooooooo, wrong dress! Yes, you are right.... Santos lost! In a very ugly way. With one of the worst teams of the league. Such is life!
Have a good night



Hi Lorenza

So you gots another dachshund friend. Winnie is very tiny. See what a good influence you Winnie & you can go on walkies together. Love your new dress...and me don't think you should blame yourself for the Santos loosing.

Love ya lots & lots...Mona

Chef said...

Hola Lorena. Just sniffed out your bloggie and I love it... hope we can be amigos.

It's always nice to make a new friend. Maybe you and Winnie can do your walkies together and you can show him around the neighbourhood. And wow, that's a beautiful dress your grandma made and you look adorable in it. Are you married! Hehehe

xoxo Chef

Holly said...

You look so pretty, I'm sure your new friend was titally dazzled by your beaufy!!


Girl Girl Hamster said...

You look cute Lorenza. I'm sure you have a fair chance at the contest too.. Winnie is cute. You look pawsome in the dress for Huskee's wedding

~ Girl girl

Patience-please said...

You make EVERYTHING you wear the most beautiful it could be!!! Your hats are darling, with you in them. (Don't tell the Santos about the mix up!!! We won't!)

wags from the whippets

Joe Stains said...

Sorry your team lost but you look very lovely in that dress. We met a little dachshund today too, check out our blog. You look great in your hats!


lorenza u just simply look pretty in all yr dresses, and those hat suit u just nice.......mommy is busy with my human sis's wedding so won't be having new dresses for a while...

Maggie & Mitch said...

We can't decide which hat we like best on you, Lorenza! You are one stylin' girl! Winnie is a handsome boy! We're so glad you found a new friend!
Happy St. Patrick's day!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

BenTheRotti said...

Wow.. you look adorable!! I think i'm in love!!

Ben xxxx

Byron y Xinver said...

Hola Lorenza.... Unos días fuera y nos hemos perdido algunas de tus noticias!! We are here again.
REspecto al concurso de sombreros, oh, no hemos visto nada pero la primera foto es tremenda. Nos has recordado a aquella serie: La casa de la pradera (The little house on the prairie ?) Es genial.
Tu amigo Winnie es una preciosidad, muy bonito y parece simpático de verdad.
Un abrazo.

Mack said...

Your new dress is dazzling!!

So sorry about your Santos losing.

Mom tried to take my picture with a hat on yesterday, but I was having none of the nonsense- I promptly chewed it up!

Is Winnie your new main squeeze!??

4xBs said...

hi Lorenza, you look very cute with your hats on. we especially like the first one, with the flowers.

and we really like that dress. it's pawsome. we're sorry the Santos lost. you have to remember to wear your lucky Santos dress when they are playing.

we like your new friend Winnie. he looks friendly. did you two make friends?


Little Miss Jada Kiss said...

Oh Lorenza, your dress is beautiful! Your grandma if super talented. Did you plan on wearing that beautiful dress to meet Winnie? He's a cutie ;)

Luvs ya!

Aniemother said...

You look very cute in your hats, Lorenza! We hope you win! And lucky Winnie getting walkies - we sure hope he keeps getting them. We're not sure how dogs will be happy without them, really...

The Wriggles

Anonymous said...

We think you have a shot at the prize with the little pink number (pic #3) Lorenza. It's quie a lovely shade of pink and goes well with your lovely coat.
We have a new cousin dachshund named Snooks. She is a black and tan dachsy - we haven't seen her in person yet, but our mom's brother just sent her picture this morning - very cute just like you Lorenza.
And thanks for the kind words about our brother Fritzy's passing on Saturday. We appreciate your thoughtfulness at a dark time in our household. We miss the little bugger...and he was a bugger, but we loved him. Thanks again
Abby, Rosie, Jack and Gidget

The Husky in the Window said...

We would vote for the first one with the flowers. So to us, you are still a winner. You have such a great wardrobe.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Harry said...

How nice that your walkies have led to another dog getting walkies, excellent!

Sorry to hear about your team, boo.

Toodle pip
Harry x

Petra said...

I'm glad that Winner's mom decided to take him for a walk. And he's another friend for you!

Your hats are lovely, Lorenza -- my favorite is the first one!

Ricky Pepper said...

Winnie is so cute Lorenza! He needs an outfit too, or at least a hat!


Amber-Mae said...

BOL! I like the 1st hat! Too funny & you gave me some ideas...I don't know what hat I should wear for the competition, honestly. Wow, his 1st walkie ever? Must have been really exciting for him especially to meet you!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Asta said...

Winnie looks like a nice new fwiend..I hope he leawns to enjoy his walkies !

I love youw dwess, but you'we wight you should have saved it fow a nothew day..Santos needs you!

You look gweat in youw Eastew hats!!! I'm suwe you'll win!
Happy St.Patwick's day!
love and smoochie kisses,Asta

Deetz said...

You look so sexy in those hats and the wedding dress is very sexy....I don't know if it is my age or what, but I keep getting these tickly feelings in my tummy, I am confused about it.

Gus and Louie said...

beautiful hats and we love your dress..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus and Louie

Pacco de Mongrel said...

oh...his a boy with a girl's name...

hope u can show him around the neighbourhood and tell him where is the place with most interesting sniff-out...

CoCo said...

I cannot imagine how many pretty dresses you have.


Charlie said...

Nobody wears a hat as well as you do, Lorenza! You look great!!
- Charlie

Boo said...

hey lorenza, sorry been missing your blog. wow, your wedding dress for baby & huskee's wedding is soooooooooo pretty i think u stole the scene!!! lol

wet wet licks


bosco said...


you got such pretty dresses. grandmama is a talented lady.

licks & kisses,

Xsara ... said...

Yes, I thought of you the second I heard about the hat contest. I knew your pictures would be the best, you have such great taste in fashion. I also love the dress, it suits you perfectly!
I don't understand how can a person have a dog and not take them for a walk every day. But you are right, it's never too late to start so I hope your new friend will enjoy his walks from now on. And it's thanks to you, because he saw how much fun you were having on your walks. So you did a really nice thing :)

holly said...

Wow, looks like Winnie has a halter sturdy enough for an elephant!

You look beautiful as always. What an incredible seamstress your grandmother is!!!!!!!

Behr Behr :)

Simba said...

Hope you had a good weekend. Trying to catch up on all the blogs.

Simba xx

Ferndoggle said...

Hmmmm, I can't decide which I like better...the pink hat or the flower hat. They both look great though!

Winnie looks like a nice old fella. And your dress, of course, is fabulous! No wonder he came out on a walk to say hello.


Moco said...

You are lovely in pink and flowers. Your new dress in darling. Your Grandma had great talent. Grammie doesn't have a clue about photo shop either. She barely is able to work the camera.

Two Schnauzers from New England said...

Hi, Lorenza -

We love all of your hats - it's hard to pick a favorite. So far I (Hershey) am glad that Mama and Papa have not tried to put hats on my head - not sure if I would like this.

Your dress is beautiful. It's too bad that your team lost but the colors of your dress are of the American flag and you not only look beautiful in your dress but patriotic too.

Love -


Hi, Lorenza -

I can't imagine why your friend Winnie never had any walkies in his life. At least my surrogate Mama takes me for walks when I visit Hershey in Connecticut.
We hope you see Winnie more walking with his owners.

Love -


Thor said...

Lorenza, você ficou bonita com aqueles chapéus! E aquele vestido te deixa encantadora.
Seu amigo Winnie parece legal. Aposto que vocês vão se divertir muito passeando juntos.

Tenha uma boa noite.

Ralph said...

You are so pretty in your hats!


ChaChi Lu said...


Your hats are adorable. I think I like the flowery one the best. You are so cool to influence Winnie's owner to get out and walk. Fresh air is good for everydog and human! Way to go!

~ChaChi and JET

Sparky said...

You look great in all of your hats, Lorenza! Simply stunning!


Dino & Family said...

Aww!!! Lorenza, you look so lovely in your different hats! I just want to give you a hug!

happy said...

You look really stylish in the hats, Lorenza! Love that new dress too!

Maya and Kena said...

Hi Lorenza!
Wow, we are behind on all these posts!!!
Winnie is so cute!! And we're happy to know that he's started going on walks because they saw you having fun!! That must feel so great fur you!
Sorry to hear about the Santos!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena