Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanks friends!

It says "Lorenza"

I can do it!
A card!

Look! A cell phone, a robe toy and a blankie for the Princess!

Today, the mailman came again to deliver a parcel for me. I wish you had seen his face! My grandpa had to explain to him about my DWB friends. I am sure at this time he is still thinking about it! My grandpa also told him about the Christmas Card Exchange so.... be prepared my mailman friend!
Ok! My friends Ricky, Lucy, Chloe, Sophie, Teddy and their mom and dad sent me birthday presents! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!. My mom helped me to open the package and... OMD!!!.... there is a very nice red cell phone, same as my mom's but they squeak different!. A pink and black robe toy and a beautiful pink blankie that says "Princess"! It matches with my princess t-shirt!. Since I use to drag my blankies to the right spot, my mom has decided that this one will be only for my bed... you know the one she thinks belongs to her but we all know its MINE and I allow her to sleep on it!
Thanks friends, I am so blessed to have great friends like you all.
Have a good night


Maggie said...

Hi lorenza!! How do you do??
well you got a pink and black scratchy!! looks like mine! but mine is rainbow colour...its good to chase right??? :)
Happy holiday too !!

Bogart said...

Lorenza - hope you had the best birthday ever!!! I think the pink Princess blanket is PERFECT for you!!!


Pugsley, Buster, Cricket & Daisy said...

Good grief, what the heck is it with the postal man? Surely every pup gets mail. Your friends be very thoughtful.

xoxoFour Pugz

Noah the Airedale said...

We love your postman stories Lorenza. We're sure eventually he will get the message that doggies can have friends too. Our postie just shakes his head whenever we get anything.
You got some brilliant gifts too. Enjoy them.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah, Willow, Tess & Lucy

Comet and BLU said...

Lorenza, those are some very nice gifts. We hope you enjoy them. By the end of the year, you should have your postman trained to deliver mail to you without questioning it.
Comet and BLU

Spencer said...

Hey LOrenza, You're going to need your own mailbox for all the packages you're getting! That blanket looks very comfy!
Wags, Spencer.

Lacy said...

woofies tried to tell me mama dat me fought her nose wuz a nots shure she understood it...heehee dat postman iz gonna b surprised..and dat pink blankie iz purfect fur u...

b safe,

Asta said...

This is gweat !! now we can talk on the phone all day..plweez call me on youw new cell phone..I don't know my #, but just ask fow Asta I'm suwe it will wowk.
Those awe such vewy nice pwessies..i love you toy and blankie vewy much too!
smoochie kisses

Ruby Bleu said...

Just wait for all those cards to come in Lorenza...that mailman will be real busy!!! I bet you are gonna get more mail than anyone in your neighborhood!!!! BOL!!!

Sweet dreams sleeping on that pretty new blankie!

Lots of licks, Ruby

Snowball said...

That pink princess blankie looks great and that mobile phone is just awesome so now you can even call your friends from all around the world.



Hi Lorenza,
Well that mailman is going recognise you soon with all the parcels and mail you are receiving. That pink Princess blanket is beautiful and very suited to you! We went over to visit your friends - one beagle and 4 daschunds! That would be like putting us together with you. Now that would be fun.
Jazz and Dixie

Amber-Mae said...

Lorenza, those pressies are great! Especially the Princess blankie, soooo sweet...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Katherine and Pippa, said...

What lovely presents. You are a lucky girl Lorenza.


Verdi y Gaucho tibetano en Madrid said...

hola lorenza..
que buenos regalos ein
la mantita tiene una pinta muy bonita.,..
que pases un buen finde chamaquita

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

oh yes, Lorenza the blankie is just fit for you, Princess Lorenza!

Happy Weekend!

love and licks, Marvin xxxx

Amber said...

Hey Lorenza, pawsome pressies! The pink blanket is just right for you.
Amber :)

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Lorenza, you have such great presents! Everydog loves you so much! We are glad you are our friend too. Your mailman is going to go crazy delivering a hundred cards to you!

Roxie, Sammy & Andy
The Dachsies


Lorenza, l m so happy for you, so many presents, u are so popular.

Caz said...

you lucky thing toys and a blanket, that was a nice surprise.
Love the pics. You certainly suit pink.


Ricky Pepper said...

We are glad you like your pressies, Lorenza! Happy Barksday (belated), tee-hee!
Ricky and family

Peanut said...

Those are great presents. I hope our mailman will be prepared for all the christmas cards also.

4xBs said...

Hi Lorenza, you got some really nice pressies. we especially like the cell phone. now you can call all of your friends and send us text and picture messages. how cool.


Hana said...

Oh my dogness! You are such a pawpular princess. I am glad to know you.

That was so nice of your friends to send you so many presents. That blankie sure looks comfy!

I would think by now the postman would know who you are and that you get mail from all your friends all over the world now. Still, I bet he is telling his family about it right now. He's a silly mailman, isn't he. Wait 'til he finds out that you blogged about him!! Is your grandpa gonna tell him about that?

Maggie & Mitch said...

Those are awesome gifts! You'll have that mailman trained in no time at all, Lorenza!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Seadra & Zoe said...

Isn't it the greatest thing belonging to DWB's? We just love it!!

Love, Seadra and Zoe

Sparky said...

Hehe, your mailman must have been pretty surprised!

Those are great presents!


TH said...

Olá Lorenza!

Eu gostei do brinquedo da cordinha, mas o cobertor combina muito bem com você. O celular vai estar sempre ocupado, pois são tantos amigos DWB!


Two Wild and Crazy Guyz said...

What wonderful presents Lorenza! We bet you will really enjoy the blankie!

Ozzie & Rocky

Two Wild and Crazy Guyz said...

What wonderful presents Lorenza! We bet you will really enjoy the blankie!

Ozzie & Rocky

Agatha and Archie said...

Wow!! Your own cell phone!!! How lucky can a girl get!!! Love A+A

Clive's World said...

Holy smokes! Those are gifts fit for a queen! We may have to rename you Queen Lorenza!! Maybe if I get a cell phone I can call you. hehehe

Patience-please said...

Lorenza, you look just as soft and sweet as that pretty pink blanket. It is a perfect match for you. You are very nice to share your bed with your human, too.
sleep warm-
the whippet waggle

Anonymous said...

What fabulous presents Lorenza!


Harry said...

Yes, I think postmen/mailmen all over the globe are going to be raising some eyebrows in the coming weeks!

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Pacco de Mongrel said...

i bet u will get more cards than ur family members


Dear Lorenza & your Mommy,

Thanks so much for all of the prayers and thoughts. The boys are doing well in their new homes & I still have my Mona with me. I am better & have gone back to work.

God Bless...the Mommy

Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

Hi Lorenza! We're back from our long road trip. It was fun! We sniffed over to see whatch up to and bow wow you have been busy and what pawsome pressies. Funny the post office didn't wanna give your parcel to your mommy... wow

Lots of Love Licks & wagging tails from us Tx Trio barking loud today!

Charlie dog said...

Hi Lorenza

You sure are a lucky pup, so many treats!

With all those chews it must be hard to find time to write your blog.


Charlie Boy

Frasier said...

Hi Lorenza,
that is a beautiful blankie !!It is fit for a princess

Deefor said...

That is a nice blankie. And a yummy looking phone. Your mail man should know your name by now!


Lacy said...

woofies Lorenza, me wood luv to exchange cards wiff u...

b safe,

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Lorenza,
They definately knew what to get for you. That PINK PRINCESS blankie rulez! :)

Ralph said...

Looks like you have nice pressies and great style. That mailman must be silly... our vet sends reminders addressed to us [the animals].


Asta said...

I'm weawing a snow suit..kind of like a pajama, but thickew fabwick and when it's snowy, I can go to the wun and play in it! if it evew snows that faw nothing
smoochie kisses

Stanley said...


You really ARE a princess, and now you also have a blanket to prove it. (Nice of you to let your mama sleep on your bed with you. Does she hog the blankets?)

Goober love,

Hui Min said...

the princess blankie is bootiful! and it looks really soft too :) be careful that your mom doesn't use it for herself :p