Sunday, October 14, 2007


Let me see....
This one?? No....

This one!

An old black cat

A big yellow dog


I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine... was normal. Nothing very interesting.
After many sundays, today I had a big pancake for breakfast. My grandpa can't have them yet, but my human cousin came from Saltillo and he likes pancakes, so my mom made them! For lunch they had grilled chicken which I didn't have the chance to taste it! But my grandma gave me a marrow bone and it was delicious! Problem was that I ate it on the carpet and you can imagine the mess I did.
Later we went out for a walkie. My mom says that is very funny when she tells me "Vamos?" (lets go) because I run to my closet to choose the dress I want to wear and everyday I choose a different one. Today I liked this pink with flowers.
While we were walking a big yellow dog was barking and barking. Thankfully he was behind a gate! Then I saw an old black cat. I got to be very close to him and he ignored me! Then we saw a sign that says "Coby is lost". Coby is a schnauzer who lives near to my house and I used to say hello to him everyday. I have to say that he is the only one who never barked to me while I was walking. I really hope he can be found! My mom says that she doesn't know what she would do if I get lost one day (touch wood)!
I love the weekends and the only problem I see its that they are very short! Now, its time to go to bed to start a new week!
Have a good night


Ralph said...

Hi Lorenza-

All of your outfits are very pretty, you are so stylish. I hope your neighbors find Coby- I know how bad it is to be a stray.


Deefor said...

All those pretty dresses! How do you decide? And they all look great on you. Here in Denver they make me walk around naked.


Poppy said...

That is so neat how you get to pick your own dresses each day. You have quite a closet. And I loved your "Hip Movements" movie!


Momo :) said...

Lorenza, you had an ideal weekend! Had a big pancake, had a nice walk, met a buddy... I can't ask more. :)I love all your outfits. It's nice that you can pick the ONE for the day.

Momo xoxo

Holly said...

Wow Lorenza, you have sooo many pretty dresses. I think you have more than my human woman does!


Scruffy said...

O my doGness! Lorenza you sure have a lot of clothes. I hope your friend Coby will be found soon.

The Mighty Scruff

Scrappy and Pebbles said...

Love your wardrobe of dresses they all look so very pretty.

Scrappy and Pebbles

Amber-Mae said...

WOW! Your got soo many nice dresses to wear everyday Lorenza! I notice that each post, you will wear a dress when you're out. Hehehehe! My weekend was sooooper dooooper fun! Read my new post. I hope that Schnauzer will be found soon. Poor fella!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh, you have so many pretty outfits Lorenza! And you got to eat pancakes? That's so yummy

~ Girl girl

Maggie & Mitch said...

I always wondered what the inside of your closet looked like! Now I know! You keep everything so nice and neat!
I hope your friend is found soon!

Love ya lots,

Chloé said...

Hola Lorenza!!! He visto que has pasado un buen fin de semana!!! Hay un regalo para ti en mi blog, es un juego que me ha pasado mi amigo Sparky y yo entre otros te lo he querido pasar a tí... Espero que te guste...

Love, Chloe

Anonymous said...

That is so funny how you choose the dresses Lorenza - and it must be a hard choice with so many beautiful ones to pick!!

I have tagged you by the way - check out my blog.


Verdi y Gaucho tibetano en Madrid said...

lorenza amiga, todos esos vestidos son tuyos??
un abracito

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

oh my, you have such an amazing choice of clothes there! Even more than my Jeannie!! I hope you don't take as long to get ready though!!

Ferndoggle said...

What a pawfect outfit for a walkie! You have more dresses than my Mom does.


Sir Chance-Lot said...

Today is Bloggers Unite for the Environment! I can't wait to see everyotherdog's post and contributions

Asta said...

I wish the weekends wewe longew too!
You have lots mowe clothes than my Mommi even! and they'we all bootiful!
I suwe hope they find the little schnauzer! My Mommi would die if I got lost!
smoochie kisses
pee ess.the baguette was cwunchy fwesh! yummmm!

Clover said...

Lorenza - I love love love all your dresses! It is so cool that you get to pick out the one you are going to wear each day. I wish my mom would get me a dress too, I want to look as pretty as you!
Love Clover xo

Verdi y Gaucho tibetano en Madrid said...

lorenza corazon. la mama de billy se casa el dia 25,, ha prometido luego que billy volvera a postear.
fijate en el blog de opy en el lateral estan las noticias de dwb.. hay sale...
a mandar...

Charlie said...

Pancakes make for a very nice weekend!
- Charlie

wally said...

Oh! Look at all those lovely dresses. I bet you are the talk of the town!


Ruby Bleu said...

Lorenza, I think you have more clothes than my Mom!!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

TH said...

Quantos vestidos você tem, Lorenza! Minha mamãe não tem tanto assim. Espero que seu amigo Coby seja encontrado logo!

Ike said...

My mom thinks your dresses are very pretty. I think Martha would like that one, too.

4xBs said...

Hi Lorenza, you really do have a nice collection of dresses. we're worried about your schnauzer friend that is lost though. we sure hope he can be found. we don't want you to ever get lost. don't go away ever, okay?

you can start checking your mail for your package in about a week or so. mom took it to the post office last saturday so it's on its way to you. you will have some good treats to munch on!

Two Wild and Crazy Guyz said...

So many dresses...however do you choose Lorenza?

Ozzie & Rocky

Miss Reina said...

I love pancakes too!

Haven't got one for sometime now though.

Have a good night!


Momo :) said...

Lorenza, my friend! It's me again, Momo... Just wanted come by and say thank you so much for sharing my happy moment which is my anniversary.

Momo xoxo

ROSSI said...

oh wow.. Lorenza..

u really have a great wide range of cloths.. my grandmama is trying to make us some cloths too.. but i think it will takes time.. cause we are giant..!hehehe


Joe said...

I cant believe how many outfits you have, I think you have more clothes than my mom!!

Simba said...

You have more clothes then my Mummy and thats a lot.

Simba xx

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Lorenza,
Oh my... you have your very own cupboard with all your beautiful dresses?!! I am so envious...

Gorda said...

Hola Lorenza, cuantos vestidos!!
Se nota que tu mami te cuida mucho.
Veo que tuviste un buen fin de semana.

Spencer said...

Hi Lorenza,

Wow, that is a lot of dresses! You are very lucky to have that many and you always look so nice in them.

Snowball said...

Hi Lorenza,

I always envy you for all the nice dresses you have. You are so lucky!


Chloé said...

Hi Lorenza!!! Are you ready for Halloween??? I´m ready!!!!

Party, party!!!

Love, Chloe

Putter said...

WOWO Lorenza!

So many choices on the cloths front!!!! That is so coolest ever!!!!

Your Friend,

Putter ...:)

Asta said...

Hhi Lorenza
Which dwess did you pick today??I wish I had so many bootiful choices.
Hope you had a gweat day!
smoochie kisses

Isis said...

i dont like when weekends are over, all my hoomans go back to their routines and i find myself lonely sometimes. Even though mom is home with me and plays with me, she still has to do housework.

I want her to play moose!

I hope colby is found soon... i'll be hoping and thinking about him.

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...


You have so many dresses. I bet they must be all so pretty. I must get my mama to see your collection. That will convince her to buy me more dresses.

Boy n Baby

the Corgi Girls said...

BOL, we love your closet!

Patience-please said...

we're sorry you didn't get some chicken.. pancakes are better than nothing. We will send positive thoughts that your friend finds his humans very soon. We know how lost they are without us.

the whippet waggle

Girasol said...

veo que tienes varios vestiditos, el rosado te cae muy bien.

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Lorenza,
We sure hope Colby is found soon. His parents must be frantic wondering where he is. Hope he is safe.
We think it is so cute that you pick our your own dress each day for your walkies. Have a great week!!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Hana said...

Lorezna, you are probably known as "the doggie who wears dresses." What a fantastic wardrobe you have!! Me, I only have 2 ribbon collars and that's it. I am hoping my Mom makes me a Fall necklace so I can wear it for Halloween. Do you have a Halloween dress?

Dolly & Zoopy said...

I am have so many nice dresses!!!


Lacy said...

woofies lorenza, u gots sooo manys bute ti full cans u decides which to weer...hmm dat big doggy musta been jealous of u...heehee and our old big yellow cats dont pay me attentions a pancake, me not get manys of dos..u a lucky girlie!!!

b safe,

Jake of Florida said...

Hi Lorenza,

What a wardrobe you have. All we have is a collar and a harness and a few bandanas and a few hats. We actually prefer goin naked, but it would be nice to have some dress-up clothes for pawties and things.

Will you be going to Koobus' pawty? We'd like to get to know you better and share some scary stories for Halloween.

Jake and Just Harry

Mojo said...

wow Lorenza! So many dresses! You are the superstar of dog fashion. I don't have any, but that is because I would only go swimming in the canal in them and make them all muddy in no time at all.

My Dad calls 'Vamos' when he wants to make me run and it works every time. And he doesn't even speak Spanish. I think my parents have been watching too much tennis and cheering on Rafa Nadal.

Hope the schnauzer turns up. Hearing about lost dogs always breaks my heart.

Lili said...

Hi Lorenza!
I really love all the clothes you get to wear! Does your mamma make them for you?