Sunday, March 8, 2009


Thanks Bijou!
Bijou gave me this award! She and her brother Banjo are very nice friends. Visit their blog if you have a chance.
And I want to pass it on Joey because he is celebrating his 10th birthday and I love his blog too!

I told my mom about the Joey Palooza and that I needed to celebrate it with lots of tacos, pizzas, burgers, fries, ice cream and drinks. Her answer?? She gave me ONE, yes, just ONE treat to celebrate him! Hmmm....

Then, this afternoon I went out for a walkie....

These two dogs are crazy. They bark at their own tails!

This tree got a visit from its groomer!

Looking for the kitty I saw there 2 years ago!

I hope you all had a great weekend!


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Khongrats on your award!

What a great pal to pass it along to!

Another pretty dress fur woo!

Tank woo fur sharing your day!


Kess And Her Mama said...

Well done Lorenza! You deserve the award coz you have an awesome blog and you're a awesome blogger pal! Tell your mum you'll need two treats next time...

Abby said...

Hi, Lorenza...

Congrats on the Award...We all love your Blog...

I'm glad you passed it on to Joey...We all love his Blog, too...

Your dress is very pretty...

Abby xxxooo

The OP Pack said...

What a great award!!! And the little eyelet dress is beautiful - especially on woo.

Maybe woo only got one treat but it looks like a nice one - did woo enjoy it?

Tail wags, the OP Pack

Two Schnauzers from New England said...

Hi, Lorenza -

Congratulations on your award.

Mama had a good laugh about the dogs barking at their tails.

I (Hershey) got to walk with Mama three times this weekend - once yesterday and twice today. The weather was pawtastic.

Love -

Hershey and Kaci

Sweepy said...

Woof, Lorenza!
I'm only allowed to visit 5 blogs today so I went to yours first! What a great award, a pretty dress, a cool walk, and ten-paws-up treats!!!

Thor said...

Que ótimo dia você teve!
Você ganhou um prêmio, deu ele para um grande amigo, foi passear com um lindo vestido e além disso ganhou um petisco delicioso! Mmmm!

Thor, xxxx

Teddy Bear said...

What a fun weekend you had!

Teddy Bear

Petey said...

Lorenza, how is it possible that your dresses get prettier and prettier with each post? It's nice to see your Spring weather and leafy trees. Like a mini-vacation.

We love your blog, too, so we're so happy you won an award!

Your pal,


Charlie said...

Hi Lorenza,
What a pretty dress!Looks like the weather was very nice for a walk.

I love your blog too. The award was well-deserved.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lorenza! Congratulations on your award! You look so cute in that dress.

See ya!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Congratulations, Lorenza!

Coco said...

Congratulations on your award Lorenza! you sure deserve it!

Tail Wiggles & Pupp Kisses,

Coco - The Princess

P.S. Tessa & I would like to discuss the pattern(s) she uses for your lovely dresses. Please have your mommy email me. ::kisses::

Stella said...

It looks so pretty where you are, Lorenza, and I love your pink eyelet dress, it is beawootiful!

That was kind of you to pass the award to Joe since it is his 10th birthday.


Faya said...

Congratulations Lorenza ! I love your blog too ! Sometimes Dyos tries to catch his tail too....
Kisses, Faya

Princess Eva and Brice, the Duke of Destruction said...

I suppose we could say that one treat is better than none. But we want more!!!

Princess Eva

The Animal Doctor said...

hi lorenza,
wow, you always find something interesting during your walkies. those dogs must be jealous of you hehehe

lovelots, trudis

Suzuki said...

Hi Lorenza
Congratulations on you award :)
You must have a furry good memory to know where that kitty cat was 2 years ago!
Big licks to you

Bae Bae said...

That's a pawsome award. That's nice that you get a treat to celebrate Joey's barkday

~ Bae

Martha Basset said...

Hi Lorenza

Congratulations on your Award. It is very nice. We will stop by Bijou's blog and say Hi.
Your treat looked good although it would have been nice to go to Joey Paloozas. We were more jealous of seeing Joe Cocker! As always you had an interesting walk.
Imagine the trees get groomed where you are!
Did you see the little kitty cat when you looked?
Have a happy Monday.
Martha & bailey xx

♥玮倩 said...

Hello Lorenza,

congrats on your award! :] and your dress is really pretty!

best regards

Simba and Jazzi said...

Congrats on your award. We wonder if you will ever see that cat again?

Simba and Jazzi xx

DogzRock! said...

You are a gorgeous dog and I would love it if we could follow each others blogs.
Love Travis xx!!!
P.S love your dress!!!

Maggie and Mitch said...

Your mom is tough in the passing-out-treats department, Lorenza! hehe At least you tried! Congratulations on your award!
We love your pretty eyelet dress!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Ruby and Penny said...

Hi Lorenza
Congrats on the award.
We loved your dress, you looked so pretty out walking.
Love Ruby & Penny

Southbay Girl said...

Lorenza, Congrats on your award! You deserve it!

And how exciting that you got a yummy taco!!

I like your pink dress but those doggies shouldn't be barking at you! That is rude!!


Niamh said...

Your blog is great Lorenza and we appreciate your fashion sense too. Your mom should give you pizza and tacos. I'd like some too.

Your friend,

Amber-Mae said...

What's that you chewing there?

Butt sniffs,
Solid Gold Dancer

Tee said...

Congratulations on the award .... what lovely dresses you own!

My human can't help admiring how pretty you look ... I can sniff where that line of thought of headed ...but this TOP DOG is NOT wearing ANY DRESSES!

Licks and Wags,

Tuffy of Dog Woods

Daisy said...

Lorenza, your dress today is very delicate and feminine! I have a dress with eyelets, too. I like it a lot.

Congratulations on your award!

Ludo van puppy said...

Congratulations on your award!
I like your pretty dress, but I must say you look very sniney and beautiful in the fur too!
~lickies, Ludo

Jake of Florida said...

Hello Lorenza,

We haven't been to see you for a long time -- and almost forgot how beautiful you are.

How sad you got just one treat to celebrate Joey's birthday palooza -- but one is better than none, we suppose.


Jake and Just Harry

Agatha and Archie said...

ONE????????????? JUST ONE????????Geesh that stinks.......oh well at least you got to wear your adorable pink dress..Love A+A

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Ah Lorenza, is it your spring dress, it's lovely just like the one who wears it!

Hector and Lola said...

Hi Lorenza! Sounds like you had a fun day! That's funny that you were looking for a cat that you saw 2 years ago!! We don't like cats. They scratch!! -Hector and Lola

Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

Congratulations Lorenza on your award, truly desrved!

I lurve the sunny pictures and the leaves on the trees, we still have no greenery yet, spring has yet to come here!

lotsaluv, Marvin xxxxxxxxxx

Constança Lucas said...

lovely dress

Tu andas sempre bonita :)


Constança Lucas said...

Congratulations on your award

Fred said...

Glad you had a good weekend! Mine was busy but fun!

Lady Kaos said...

We only got a few small treats for Jopey Palooza, too!! I wonder how we can make our Mom's fully realize the exact way and the importnace of the way Joey Palooza is to be celebrated.

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Great award..
Mom is just worried about your girlish figure...

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus, Louie and Callie

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Congratulations Lorenza on your award. :-)

Holly & Zac...XX

Doo-Doo & Paul said...

(this is from Honey the Great Dane - had to use my human's Google account to post coz I couldn't use my own Wordpress blog account!)

Hi Lorenza,

I've been seeing you on other doggie blogs and I thought I'd come over and say hello! I love your pink dress - I wish they make those cute dog clothes in XXXXXL size!!

Do come over and visit me sometime!

Honey the Great Dane

Simona,Paco e Milo said...

Well done!!!!
what a cool award!!!
You deserve it coz you have an awesome blog and you're a awesome blogger pal!!!!
we love you...and your wonderful give happyness to our life with your stories!!!!
lots of love and kisses...

Raising Addie said...

Hello Gorgeous Doxie!!

Congrats on your award!

We LOVE your pretty pink dress!

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie and lucie

Pearl and Daisy said...

Congratulations on your award Lorenza!

And it's smart of you to look for the kitty even though it's been awhile. You never know when he'll come back!

Pug love from,
Pearl & Daisy

Joe Stains said...

Thank you so much for the award!! I sure wish your Mom would have let you celebrate Joey Palooza better!!

♪Tobi♪ said...

congrats for the awardy!! yaay!! i have a new friend!!

Jemma and Tofu said...

Congrats on the award and what a pretty dress! You have good memory to remember a kitty that was there TWO years ago, too.

NESSA the hovawart said...

Congrats on you award, Lorenza. And you look so pawesome in your always.
Love you,

umekotyan said...

Good evening lorenza
Congratulations on award.
It is necessary to maintain the tree.
And, I am not good at a high place.
Wonderful scenery of the stroll is the enjoyment of every day. :D

from loved ume tyan

Matilda said...

Hi Lorenza!
It looks like you had a nice spring walkie! That is great! We are still in the snow here.

CoCo said...

You have such good memory in remembering the two kitties from two years ago! Were they still there?



that's a nice pink dress......l like it Lorenza.

Moco said...

Lovely and gracious. A wonderful combination.

Pedro said...


You sure have a loooooooong memory!
Congratulations on your award.


Selba said...

Awwwwww... so cute! The dress is so pretty!

I also have a dapple daschund named Adele :)